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All About the Dubai Investment Park

by Zaara 05, Mar 2019

Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is one of the UAE's largest commercial, residential & industrial complexes, covering an area of 23 square km. A city within a city, the DIP focuses more on the environment and is designed in such a way that it could be one of the most environmentally friendly developments.

Today, it is a booming community, accentuated by over 12,000 residential units, 90,000 residents, 20 million square feet of office space, 25 showrooms, six schools, and three hotels; besides 20 residential buildings and a large of staff accommodation forms a one-of-a-kind complex which redefines the concept of living and working together.

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Why Choose Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali?

It is located close to the International Airport in Jebel Ali Free Zone and is easily accessible by the key business centers in Dubai. DIP is considered to be one of the premier business parks and is a preferred headquarters for various companies in the region. 

It is not only a commercial zone but also provides residential facilities. The various other facilities in the Zone are:

1. Security

DIP gives a paramount amount of importance to public safety. As part of the security spending, numerous CCTV and moving PTZ cameras are installed all over the complex. 

They also have their dedicated police post, which is linked to the Jebel Ali General Station. In addition to this, they have security personnel and vehicles patrolling the entire area.

2. Healthcare

The healthcare benefits offered by the center include two state-of-the-art hospitals located in the residential and near the staff quarters, respectively. They also have hospital ambulances patrolling the city, so in case of an emergency, they can reach you very quickly.

3. Education

There are six devoted plots for schools within the premises. Out of these, five schools are already operational, while the other is under construction. 

Among them are some of the city's most acclaimed names, such as Greenfield Community School, British Colombia Canadian School, the International School of Choueifat, Dovecote Green Primary School, Al Nibras Private School, and Bright Riders School. They not only provide excellent academic standards but also offer a great learning environment with all the necessary facilities and up-to-date equipment.

4. Shopping

Dubai Investments Park boasts four shopping malls and five shopping centers. From haute couture handbags to the late-night grocery run, the range of stores available at these malls ensures you are never stuck for a retail fix. 

From the most exclusive luxury brands to the latest in hi-tech gadgets, the shops are equipped with everything that one may require.

5. Fitness & Leisure

Each residential complex/community center boasts its own exciting features giving you a superb choice in fitness clubs, swimming pools, spas, and sports facilities. A total land area of 38,000 m2 has been used to construct the sports facility, which is located near phases 1 and 2 of the accommodations in DIP.

6. Accommodation

DIP is the perfect location for hotel development. It has eight dedicated plots for hotel development, and so far, two of the world's leading hotel brands - Marriott and Premier Inn - are already present. 

In the coming months, a broad selection of hotels by the best international brand will exist in the complex for both business and holiday travelers.

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Zones in Dubai Investment Park

DIP has different zones that offer you the benefits of both commercials as well as residential aspects. The three zones in DIP are:

1. Commercial Zone

Within the Commercial Zone, companies can design and construct as per DIP standards and customize according to their own requirements. The Zone offers amenities for international and local investors, providing a range of:

  • Spacious offices with architecture ranging from contemporary to futuristic
  • Showrooms with a superb location and excellent visibility and excellent providing easy access to both residents and visitors
  • Excellent retail spaces provide ample parking spaces and are suitable for residents and visitors alike.

2. Industrial Zone

As this is the key Zone in the DIP, it provides the best and state-of-the-art infrastructure and impeccable facilities, which are customized according to the requirements of your business. There are various facilities provided by the center:

  • Pre-built light industrial units in sizes of 500m2 and 1000m2
  • High-tech Industrial Zone provides a suitable space for the development of high-technology industries and high-grade light manufacturing activities
  • Ideal road networks which provide connectivity and quick access to the markets
  • An adequate supply of water and electricity
  • Efficient waste management and recycling systems
  • Modern cooling plants
  • Advance communications network
  • Brand new staff amenities.

The Zone also provides wide-range warehousing and storage facilities and logistics solutions with a devoted area for warehouses that can be tailored according to your suitability.

Light and Medium Industries

Another ground where the Dubai Investment Park focuses is uplifting the light and medium industries. Dedicated complexes covering an area of 500-1000 square meters have been built for businesses dealing with sectors that include perfumes, light manufacturing, soaps, furniture, marble, and packaging materials. 

The DIP has taken a step forward to create an eco-friendly environment. In case you are dealing with the above industries, and planning to start a business with minimal capital, then you can count on the DIP.

b. High Tech industries

Adequate spaces have been built to boost the high-tech sectors to leverage the tech industry to the next level. Activities like high-grade light manufacturing and industrial activities can be carried out in these zones in a hassle-free way.

c. Warehouse Zone

Customized and extensive warehouses are made available at the Dubai Investment Park to deliver substantial facilities when it comes to business activities. It provides a significant house for storing goods and raw materials and also is well-equipped with massive logistic solutions, which helps in the smooth flow of products and services. 

One of the significant benefits when it comes to DIP is that it is located close to the Jebel Ali Free Zone, which stands as one of the major free zones in Dubai. Close attention has been given to building a well-framed network to ease the business processes and activities accordingly.

3. Residential Zone

DIP is recognized as a high-quality, environment-friendly, and cleverly planned complex which is unique in every way. From studios to one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments, there is an incredible selection awaiting residents in ingenious and beautifully designed complexes. 

All have been built according to international standards in terms of design, quality, and space and are equipped with world-class facilities.

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Chief Industries in Dubai Investments Parks

DIP has attracted multiple companies, taking the total number of companies within the 2,300-hectare development to nearly 4,500. Some of the major industries in DIP are:

  • Building Materials
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture
  • Plastic
  • Power & Utilities
  • Printing Press
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile
  • Oil.

Benefits of Setting up Companies in Dubai Investments Park

Even though DIP is not a free zone, it offers many advantages. If you want a business setup in Dubai Investment Park, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Ownership, taxation, repatriation benefits
  • Limited liability company with 51% shareholding for UAE nationals
  • 100% return on capital and profits
  • No personal income and corporate tax
  • Cheap energy
  • Low lease prices
  • World-class structure
  • Lowest tariffs in the region
  • Low-cost of living
  • Ready/easy accessibility of raw material
  • Strategic location.
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How to Incorporate Companies in the Dubai Investment Park?

To form a company in Dubai Investments Park, you can follow these steps:

Submit the Application Form

Complete and submit the application form, which is issued by the DIP authority.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

  • Submit a feasibility study of the project and an anticipated schedule for its completion with the relevant plans and drawings of the project attached
  • Submit an incorporation or registration certificate from the relevant authority in the country where your business is formed
  • Submit board resolution of the competent authority authorizing a representative with Power of Attorney duly notarized and legalized.

Get the Documents Certified

The above documents should be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and the UAE Embassy in the country of origin.

Obtain a Trade License

You also need to acquire a trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai, which would require a local sponsor

So, if the above-mentioned reasons have got you all excited to set up your business in Dubai Investment Park, then look no further, as our advisors at Commitbiz are here to help you. We will take care of the hurdles which come on your way while forming your business and would be more than happy to assist you. 

In case of any queries, do contact us – we'd be happy to help.

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List any five reasons that need to be considered while investing in Dubai Investment Park?

The reasons one should look at investing in Dubai Investment Park are,

  • Multiple business options
  • Robust Connectivity
  • Strategic Location
  • Easy Availability of Business License
  • Availability of Numerous Business Zones

Does the region of Dubai Investment Park grab the attention of international investors?


What are the multiple business options in Dubai Investment Park?

  • Food and Beverage
  • Building Materials
  • Furniture, Plastic
  • Printing and Press
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Whether Dubai Investment Park suitable for real estate investment?