All you must know about the Virtual Office in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Oct 2020

All you must know about the Virtual Office in Dubai

Dubai is an expanding financial and commercial destination in the Middle-East. It is hustling its way to become an economic and business hub and the first choice of investors for starting a business. Bearing in mind the startup scene is quickly growing in Dubai as in the rest of the world, the concept of virtual office was implemented by many business centres for enterprisers seeking to have a presence in Dubai.

Let us dive deep into understanding what exactly a virtual office is and how it can be set up.

What is Virtual Office in Dubai?

A virtual office is a business address where foreign investors can get advantage from the same services as in any other conventional office, but with much few expenses. A Dubai virtual office will enable the business owner or the more than one employee to work remotely. However, in a Dubai virtual office, a businessperson may also appoint a third person to carry out a few specific activities like mail collection, answering phone calls, receiving and sending out the mail.

Most of the times, those who use Dubai virtual offices are those with small companies and even freelancers who do not have ample space requirements for staffing. It provides the company owner with a business address, but they do not have to worry about the cost of leasing a conventional space.

Advantages of Virtual Office in Dubai

Here are a few advantages of setting a virtual office in Dubai.

  • Virtual office in Dubai doesn’t need to have any physical space, which means you don’t have to set up your office. You just have to pay a leased price, and you’re all set.
  • Virtual offices are the most flexible type of office space. Here, you have the business hours at your hand. You can run your business 24/7 without any limitations.
  • You can save a lot of investment by using a virtual office. The cost of furniture, internet services, electronic, tech equipment, etc. is not required in a virtual office.
  • The virtual office can be modified from the services point of view at any time. Therefore the costs can be reduced even after obtaining it.
  • You don’t need to delegate or relocate employees from the company to work in the virtual office.

How to Register a Virtual Office in Dubai?

You can set up your virtual office in both Dubai Mainland and Free Zones. The process of setting up a virtual office in mainland and free zone places are different, so the document and authorities are also different. The cost involved in registering the virtual office depends on the type of business activity you’re performing in the region. Apart from this here are a few pointers for your understanding.

●Virtual Office for marketers

Only offers a business address with the name “Dubai” at the time of marketing. Apart from this, physical workspace, residence visa, and bank account are not provided.

●Dormant Virtual Office

 It offers some additional facilities, like employees, telephone and fax number. This type of office space is mostly used by web-based businesses.

Investing in Dubai real estate has immense advantages, but there are situations where before making that kind of investment it is best to do some market research. Due to which many investors will first choose to set up a Dubai virtual office from where they can keep in touch with business partners and clients, as having a business address Dubai eases communication between the parties.

The virtual office in Dubai is also an inexpensive solution to the traditional office, as mentioned above. Still, the better part is that the address of the virtual office can be in a renowned business centre. Apart from that, the virtual office also authorizes for renting a conference room with prior notification.

Need help in Obtaining Virtual Office in Dubai?

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