All About the Tourism Industry in Dubai

by Zaara 13, Aug 2019

All About the Tourism Industry in Dubai

Dubai is the land of tourist, between all the Middle East. Dubai is massive eye candy for tourists based on its rich culture and fantastic skyline. The nightlife of Dubai is a lure for tourists; the attractive lights and infrastructure of a city is what people love to witness. This has attracted many investors to engage them in the tourism industry.

Dubai’s primary attraction is on shopping. Dubai has the best market for Gold, jewellery, clothes, and many electronic products. Dubai has a perfect combination of ancient and modern attractions. The economy rate of the United Arab Emirates has increased drastically due to the growth of the Tourism industry of Dubai. 

In the UAE, Dubai ranked as the world's 1st most visited city by international tourists. This survey was recorded recently in the year 2018. This study of Euro Monitor was recently made for all countries in the world. A survey made in the year 2016, this city of skyscrapers has witnessed 14.9 million overnight tourists. This statistic is expected to reach 20 million by the year 2020 and 2021.

The Tourism Industry in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is boosting in its economic rate. The travel and tourism industry of Dubai is the most contributing sector of the economy. The mesmerising ancient culture and the beautiful heritage sites and made Dubai even more popular among the visitors. The global connectivity gives easy access to visitors around the globe. The wide range of luxury hotels is like cherry on the cake for the visitors.

The government has introduced various policies to give motivation to all the budding entrepreneurs to set up their travel and tourism business in Dubai.  This sector can be called as the immortal industry across the globe. The tourism sector around the years will be at its peak in the coming year 2020. The tourism industry has one of the easiest business setups, which make it more attracted by entrepreneurs. 

Dubai government has invested a lot in new tourist spots, for instance, the Dubai Frame. It is situated in such a way that when the visitors look, it will represent the landmarks of modern Dubai one side while on the other hand, can also see the older parts of the city. The tourism industry shows some of the major tourist attractions of Dubai are World Trade Centre, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Deira Clockwater, Palm Island, Dubai Creek and Dubai Aquarium, Ski Dubai, Dubai Marina and Global village etc.

Dubai has easy access to all the people around the world with more than 120 airlinesthat operate from Dubai International Airport. These airlines are connected to more than 260 destinations, making it one of the world's busiest airports. The home base of Emirates Airline, the international airline of the UAE, is Dubai. This international airline operates scheduled services to more than 100 destinations across the Globe.

Setting up a Tourism Business in Dubai

With the Expo 2020, the tourism industry is on the outbreak. Several investors and entrepreneurs are looking forward to setting up their tourism company.  Dubai, with a vision of 2020, is all set to expand its tourism sector, welcoming around 20 million visitors in the year 2020. The revenue of the tourism industry is directly proportional to the number of visitors. The ratio for the year 2012 was 10 million visitors contributing almost 12 billion Euros. This ratio is expected to get doubled in the year 2020, adding nearly 36 billion Euros.

This is the most remarkable opportunity for all entrepreneurs to invest in this sector. Dubai gives options to select a location for your business. You can set up a tourism company in both mainland and free zone. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For both the places, the approvals are to be taken by the concerned authorities.

Conditions to be Followed while Setting Up of Tourism Company

  1. Type of tourism company and the activities should be noted
  1. Obtain the tourism license by the location
  1. Establish a company 
  1. Decide on the location whether to set up in mainland or free zone
  1. Complete all the formalities as to company set up with proper trade name
  1. Verification of Documents by the concerned authorities should be done
  1. Approval of Document by the authorities.
  1. Prescribes fees to be submitted.

The license will be approved by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). With the required qualification documents, the license will be approved by the DTMC. The license will be granted depending upon the type of business activity you are planning.

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