Tourism Industry in Dubai

by Zaara 13, Aug 2019


Dubai is often called the ‘Gold City of the Middle East’. It is one of the most prosperous emirates and a favored destination for multinational tourists. And why should it be? There are several places to visit in Dubai. And simultaneously, the government is taking several initiatives to uplift Dubai’s tourism industry.

Tourism Industry in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is boosting its economic rate. Dubai’s travel and tourism industry is the most contributing sector of the economy. The mesmerizing ancient culture and the beautiful heritage sites and made Dubai even more popular among visitors. Global connectivity gives easy access to visitors around the globe. The wide range of luxury hotels is like the cherry on the cake for visitors.

The government has introduced various policies to motivate all budding entrepreneurs to set up their travel and tourism businesses in Dubai.  This sector can be called the immortal industry across the globe. The tourism industry has one of the easiest business setups, which makes it more attractive to entrepreneurs. 

When we look at the economic impact of global travel and tourism, we can see a significant rise in GDP percentage, global employment rate, and the number of new jobs created in the tourism domain.

Business Opportunities in Tourism Industry in Dubai

Now, while addressing the business opportunity, we can never ignore the connection between Dubai and Tourism. Holding the background of an oil-based economy, the nation has successfully transformed itself into an international tourist spot.

With so much of opportunities in the tourism industry in Dubai, one can be a 

  • Tour guide
  • Become a solo travellers guide
  • Become activity organizers
  • Inbound travel operator
  • Open a travel agency
  • Become accommodation and travel partners

Conditions to be Followed while Setting Up of Tourism Company

  1. Type of tourism company and the activities should be noted
  1. Obtain the tourism license by the location
  1. Establish a company 
  1. Decide on the location, whether to set up in the mainland or the free zone
  1. Complete all the formalities as to the company setup with the proper trade name
  1. Verification of Documents by the concerned authorities should be done
  1. Approval of the Document by the authorities.
  1. Prescribes fees to be submitted.

Tourism Industry in Dubai - Projections

The first half of 2022 itself witnessed more than $5 billion in revenue from tourism globally, where Dubai airport alone handled 27.5 million passengers and welcomed 8.1 million visitors between Jan to Aug 2022. 

Dubai’s tourism industry is projected to contribute 20.9 billion dollars to UAE’s GDP in 2026. To put it in better words, the goal of the nation is to uplift Dubai’s rank in the tourism sector at an international level.

The government is making so much effort, including the national tourism strategy – 2031 launched by the nation’s Prime Minister to elevate the industry further.

Enter the Tourism Industry in Dubai with the Help of Commitbiz

The points mentioned above make it a clear way for us to understand how investing in the tourism industry in Dubai can turn out to be profitable. However, starting a business in a foreign land is complicated initially. 

The process involves multiple layers of legal involvement, which might be an issue if you don’t have a clear idea regarding the legal proceedings. To do the same hassle-free, business owners prefer to choose professional consultants to help them in the proceedings. Contact us today


How are the activity organizers benefitted in Dubai?

It can be socially and economically advantageous to throw welcoming parties, private gatherings, and mixers. An activity organizer can create communities, forums, and content to connect travellers with locals.

Which services are managed by a travel agency in Dubai?

Multiple services, such as visa provision, accommodation services, holiday and pilgrimage packages, personalized packages, etc., are managed by a travel agency.

How can one start small in Dubai guided tours?

Those willing to start small can build a website and blog around a central theme such as food or art and give a guided tour of their city based on their chosen niche, visiting central locations.

Is it easy to penetrate into the tourism industry in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai has a huge scope in the tourism sector and has many opportunities.