All About the Requirements for Every UAE Startup

by Sweta Bose 01, Feb 2023

The process of launching a UAE startup has been refined through time and is now quick and simple. It still necessitates an understanding of the procedure and local business customs.

Documentation is one of the key elements. Without the proper documentation, your company may violate the law, incur fines, or even have its license revoked. 

Correct documentation can also speed up a variety of other procedures, including the hiring and firing of staff and the protection of priceless intellectual property.

Essential Documentation for the Startup Companies in UAE

Let us have a look at the necessary documentation for starting a business setup in Dubai & UAE.

UAE Trade Permits

Any business that conducts business in the UAE needs a license. These permits can be classified as commercial, industrial, professional, and more. 

Depending on the category they belong to, licenses vary. The majority of licenses are multi-page agreements that contain a number of important facts about the business. 

Along with information about the license's issuance, such as the license's validity dates, this also includes the company's legal name and type. These licenses also include a license number, business information, including the location and contact information, manager data, and a brief summary of the activities of the business. 

They have to also provide information on any other proprietors or business partners. Names, nationality, ownership of shares, and financial resources of the company are all included.


Inadequate performance is always preceded by poor planning. The significance of corporate bylaws stems from this. The roles, obligations, and responsibilities of the firm's essential personnel are outlined in the bylaws, which also describe how a corporation is to be controlled. 

The board of directors and anyone with substantial authority are included in this. Naturally, as the company expands and changes, these positions and duties will also alter.

By extension, bylaws are also subject to modification. The procedure for amending bylaws must be specified in detail, nevertheless. 

This should contain information on who may update documents, how changes may be made, and when changes may be made. These bylaws include a number of important documents for the UAE. 

They are the Articles of Association (AOA) and the Memorandum of Association (MOA) (AOA).

Immigration Identification Cards

The immigration establishment card is another prerequisite for every UAE company, whether it is located on the mainland or in a free zone. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs accepts applications for this card, which permits the holder to secure visa approvals for any foreign employees they choose to hire.

Companies cannot apply for employment visas or hire anyone from outside the GCC if they do not have this card. For mainland businesses, immigration establishment permits are good for three years; for organizations in free zones, they are valid for one year.

Establishment Cards Issued by the Ministry of Labor

Similar to the cards mentioned above, Ministry of Labour establishment cards are only needed for mainland businesses. Essentially, a corporation can request worker authorization from the MoL against its quota using an establishment card from the Ministry of Labour. 

Depending on its size, legal makeup, location, and type of operation, each free zone company has a cap on the number of foreign nationals it can sponsor. Free zone businesses can easily obtain approvals for foreign hiring while making sure they stay under their quota with the help of a Ministry of Labour establishment card.

Since Ministry of Labour establishment cards are good for the duration of the business, just one application is required.


In the fiercely competitive business environment of the UAE, NDAs are a useful weapon. This legal document helps corporations to conceal important information, trade secrets, pricing plans, business strategies, and much more.

It encloses your company, its employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, and other authorized third parties in a rigorous, legally enforceable bubble of confidentiality. In this setting, it is much simpler to plan, communicate, and work together to develop new concepts, goods, and services without running into the danger of leaking information to the general public.

Letters of Employment and Contracts

A competent and diversified talent pool is drawn to the Emirates from all over the world. Consequently, the hiring procedure here might be very difficult. In this situation, a prompt and thorough acceptance letter might make the difference between keeping a new hire on board and losing them to a rival.

A thorough and transparent contract will also help guarantee that their employment goes without a hitch once they have officially joined your business. All pertinent information and terms of employment, such as reporting relationships, responsibilities, and obligations to the organization, should be included in employee contracts.

It should also offer information on how and when employment can be started, modified, and extended.


The protection of trademark and brand registration in Dubai & UAE is a crucial but frequently disregarded component of business ownership. Many business owners and entrepreneurs think that all that is necessary to prevent a company name from being used by others is to register it. This is incorrect, though.

You must also submit an application for a trademark registration certificate provided by the Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economy to ensure exclusive ownership of your company name, catchphrases, branding, and other elements. This procedure could take a year and be very drawn out. You may begin your application, nevertheless, before forming your firm.

You will have exclusive rights to use your business name (or other trademarked property) in the UAE after your trademark registration certificate has been issued. If your company name or branding is not protected by a trademark, third parties may use it without fear of legal repercussions. 

Not only is this likely to confuse your customers, but it could also harm your company's brand and its bottom line.

Asset Protection

The safeguarding of assets is crucial for all business owners. However, there is an even greater need to organize your affairs with clearly defined estates and succession plans if you are an expatriate business owner.

It is crucial that you create a will and testament that outlines your wishes in the case of your passing or incapacity. Your will should be drafted in a way that is legally enforceable in the UAE, your home country, and any other country where you have substantial assets.

Your business interests and other assets could be allocated against your intentions if you don't have a will in place.

Hire a Professional for Your UAE Start-Ups

As you can see, starting a business in the UAE entails a number of crucial processes. Even though the procedure has been designed to be quick and simple, a skilled eye is still needed. In response, we are here.

Our knowledgeable team has extensive expertise in assisting business owners in this region of the world as they launch, expand, and succeed with their ventures. With business licenses, visas, and a variety of other firm papers, we can assist you as well.

So, get in touch with us right away if you want to have a business setup in UAE.


What paperwork is needed in the UAE to renew a company license?

You must submit a new Memorandum of Association with the required changes in order to renew your trade license, as well as a Real Estate Regulatory Agency-issued certificate of authenticity for the leasing contract.

How long does it take to launch a company in Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai Mainland can be completed in less than 72 hours with Commitbiz Management Consultants, but you must have the necessary paperwork on hand.

We can create enterprises in the UAE in just three days since we are dependable partners and have been associated with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for more than 15 years. In UAE free zones, forming a company might take three to ten days.

What kinds of business licenses are offered in the United Arab Emirates?

When founding a company in the UAE, there are three important business licenses that are accessible. Commercials, professionals, and industrial are these.

You can select these licenses based on your line of work. For instance, trading companies may obtain a commercial license, consulting firms may obtain a professional license, and manufacturing organizations may obtain an industrial license.

What do pro services entail?

Every company establishing up shop in the UAE needs a public relations officer's services (PRO). The processing of official paperwork and permissions, such as trade licenses and visa applications, falls under the purview of PRO services.