All About Performing Startup Valuation in UAE

by Zaara 12, Oct 2022

Business evaluation is one of the most crucial aspects of corporate finance. In simpler terms, it is about the value of the company in terms of money and how the business is translated into currency. 

Company evaluation is an art and having a proper objective is vital. Simultaneously, there are several methods and approaches and every technique has its own purpose. Apart from this, the result also depends on the evaluator. 

However, startup valuation must seem redundant to you. With all the information at easy access and with the insights from your company’s cash balance, assets, and yearly revenue, you may—though not accurately yet vaguely—estimate the worth of your business. So, what is the necessity for a thorough analysis? Let me explain.

Small Business Valuation Importance

If you are a business owner and you think evaluating your business is of no use, then you are wrong. You arguably may not need it now, but you would definitely want it at any point in time. This is one of the many things to be kept in mind for budding startups.

Moreover,  small business valuation becomes essential in determining your sales value, tax proceedings, partner ownership establishment, and so on and so forth. 

Situations Reason

Acquiring Funding

Being a start-up, not only is it evident that you would get funding in different ways but also the investor or the funder would ask you for a valuation report of your business. So, keep it handy.

Merging and Acquisitions

Without knowing the accurate value of your company, deciding to merge it with other firms or sell it may lead to unfair estimation. So, evaluate and negotiate with confidence.        

Business Transition 

Every business is unique and you never know what’s next—transition, expansion, conversion. But aspects like not knowing the value details of the company should be a barrier to your transition plan.

Divorce filings 

Unfortunate circumstances in your personal life can also affect your professional life, especially your business. Having a proper valuation done can guide you in establishing fair marital asset distribution

Estate Planning

It helps you properly plan in dividing your interests and tax liabilities during transfer can be handled well. 

Start-Up Valuation Through Professionals

Startup valuation is crucial for so many reasons and there is a vast difference between you analyzing and drafting your company’s worth and someone unbiased without any emotional connection to your business doing it. Following a professional and efficient technique can help your start-up in numerous ways and one cannot stress the importance of business valuation.

  • Provide more accurate data
  • Detailed company value
  • Adds more value to your assumed growth projection or even provides a more explicit growth projection
  • All the obtained data gives you confidence while pitching your business to venture capitalists and investors—who would anyway analyze your financial reports.

The Process of Startup Company Valuation

As already discussed, valuation is not a 1 min process. Startup Company Valuation requires precision and several processes as it deals with the value of your business. Several factors have the potential to impact your valuation process and making it a positive impact is in your hands. 

Development Prospects The higher the potential of your business is, the higher the growth
Income History Extreme fluctuations in earnings can be a disadvantage in valuing your business
Company’s Location Choosing a perfect location depending on your business is crucial
Team A skilled and effective team can add more value to your business
Reputation The place you hold in the market and the hearts of your client matters more

Some of the Startup Valuation Methods

No two businesses are alike. Therefore, there is no definite method to conduct a valuation that will lead to the desired result. It could be one or even a combination. The intention for your analysis also is a factor in choosing methods. Though analysts mostly use the below three by the rule of thumb.

  • Asset-based method
  • Profit based method
  • Value-based method


By all this, I come to say it is good to evaluate your business as it is an added bonus before making any significant step for your company. However, when it comes to start-ups, there is no harm in taking extra effort to secure your business. 

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Is pricing and valuation the same thing?

No. They are two different things.

Is there a difference between business valuation and business appraisal?

Generally, there is no difference. Professional evaluators use different terms to evaluate the business. Check on the scope of the valuation and the perfection of reporting.  

What does FLP in valuation mean?

It is a separate entity set up to maintain the physical assets of a family.

How much does business evaluation cost?

It depends on your demands, the services you require and the firm you choose

Is startup valuation important?

Yes, any company regardless of its scale should conduct valuation as it determines so many crucial aspects of your business.