All about Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

by Zaara 02, May 2019

Dubai provides one of the best opportunities in the world for merchants to import, manufacture, export, and re-export large number of products. It is a hub of trade between different markets on national and international level. It has been ranked among the world’s highest per capita spenders on beauty products.

It is currently stated to be growing into one of the top beauty and personal care markets in the region. Due to which the government of Dubai issues a mandatory regulation regarding the cosmetic product registration. The regulation applies to all types of cosmetic products manufactured industrially and placed in the Dubai market wherein the manufacturer, packaging, distribution, and trade of cosmetic products should be first registered with the Dubai Municipality.

Benefits of Registering Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

It includes,

  • Label protection
  • Brand protection
  • Import and re-export rights
  • Hassle free trade inside and outside the UAE

Before discussing the procedure to register your cosmetic products, let us first understand the requirements listed by the Government of Dubai that must be followed before registering your product.

Guidelines for Cosmetic Products in Dubai

Firstly, let us understand the procedure and practices that must be followed before cosmetics registration:

  1. The portable equipments and utensils must be cleaned and sanitized and must be stored and located at an area that protects them from exposure to liquid, dust or other contamination
  2. Weighing and measuring of raw materials should be checked by at least two people and containers used for holding the materials must be properly classified
  3. Raw materials and primary packaging materials must be stored and handled separately to prevent mix up, contamination with micro organisms or other chemicals, or decomposition from exposure to excessive heat, cold, sunlight, or moisture
  4. Manufacturing and control procedures should be established and written instruction (i.e. formulations, processing, transfer and filling) for process control methods etc. are being maintained
  5. Water used as a cosmetic ingredient is tested regularly for conformance with chemical analytical and microbiological specification
  6. Good Warehousing and storage practices must be implemented through below written SOPs in raw material and finished goods
  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Cleaning
  • Temperature/humidity monitoring
  • Damaged/expired products
  • FEFO/stock rotation
  • Traceability
  • Calibration

Let us now go through the premises and equipment requirements

  1. Rooms and halls shall be in a good condition as well as floors, walls, ceiling, windows, doors etc
  2. Good Ventilation and lighting must be provided
  3. Equipment and utensils used in processing, holding, transferring and filling are of appropriate design to prevent corrosion, build-up of material or adulteration with lubricants, dirt or sanitizing agent
  4. Utensils, transfer piping and cosmetic contact surfaces of equipment should be well maintained, clean and are sanitized at appropriate intervals

Cosmetics Registration in Dubai

The major purpose of cosmetic product registration is to control the entry of chemical-based products into the market. It is a matter of fact that municipality is framing policies for a long run and would focus on inspection and random testing, in coordination with companies, factories, as well as with distributors. Mentioned below are the common steps that one must follow while registering their cosmetic products at the Authorities.

  1. The applicant before registering the product must have a Certificate of Free Sales (CFS) from the country of origin and issued by the health authorities or recognized bodies
  2. The company must also be officially registered at the Dubai Municipality (DM)
  3. Once the above points are check listed, you can fill the product registration form that is available in the DM as well as on the official website
  4. Once the form is filled taking into consideration the instructions available through the e-form program, you can submit it with a copy of valid label assessment of the product that needs to be registered
  5. Once the formalities are done, a registration report of the consumer product is made. However, the update on application status will be shared continuously and consequently; the original certificate will be issued once the report is ready

Documents Required

  • Certificate of Free Sales
  • Analysis Report on the product- This document provides all the necessary data regarding ingredients, chemical; and as well as physical properties of the products
  • Laboratory Test Report
  • Company registration certificate

Cosmetic License in Dubai

The cosmetics holder must have a valid trade license. If you are operating in the mainland, the license is issued by Dubai Health Authority or Department of Economic Development. If you are operating in a freezone the license is issued by Trakhees Commercial Licensing Division available for the approved activity and establishment should comply with the license activity.

You must know that you have to compulsorily register each cosmetic product in Dubai Municipality before placing it in the UAE market. The process will ensure the safety of the consumer and it will help to understand the purpose of the product, with standard label guidelines to be followed during the assessment procedure. If you are still in doubt- we at Commitbiz are here to help you. Contact us today and get to know more about Cosmetic or any Product Registration guidelines and process.


Which are the Top 7 Dubai makeup brands?

These are the 7 brands with top-selling cosmetics in Dubai -

  • Glossy Makeup
  • Lash Dubai
  • Herbal Essentials
  • The Camel Soap Factory
  • Shirley Conlon Organics
  • Hammami
  • Huda Beauty

What licenses are required by cosmetic companies in UAE?

Cosmetic companies in Dubai or anywhere across UAE will need to acquire a license from either the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the Department Of Economic Development (DED) on the mainland. 

Whereas for a Freezone, the companies will have to acquire a license from the Trakhees Commercial Licensing Division for the particular business activity.

What is the scope of the cosmetic industry in UAE?

In 2020 the cosmetic industry in UAE generated more than $370 Million in revenue. And by 2030, the cosmetic market is expected to touch a valuation of more than $750 Million.

This proves that the beauty industry in UAE is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Which are the 5 newest Dubai makeup products launched in 2022?

  • HoliFrog - Powder
  • Saltee - Sun protection products
  • Carbon Theory - Skin care cream
  • Cheeky Tint - Skin Cleaning product
  • TQ Serum - Skincare product (hydrates, nourishes & protects the skin)