All About Becoming Auto Parts Suppliers in UAE

by Zaara 23, Sep 2022

The UAE is GCC's second-largest automotive market. Many entrepreneurs and investors want to be auto parts suppliers in UAE because it is a stable domestic and foreign business platform. Today, the UAE offers optimal conditions for business growth in several market segments making it the ideal location for business setup.

The emirate has regulations that provide a code of conduct for businesses. Professional service providers, for example, can only receive specialized trade licenses. The government controls service providers’ properties and marketing tools, such as websites and advertising, to ensure cultural and technical compliance.

Some professional trade licenses include the completion of additional training and tests. Auto spares component Trading Company Setup in Dubai On the contrary, the emirate has taken several steps to improve order and transparency in business application and efficiency. They've developed specific guidelines that identify the different types of businesses and their specifications.

Things to Consider for Auto Parts Manufacturers in UAE

The first thing to look into for auto parts manufacturers in UAE is taking the right jurisdiction for their company -

  1. A mainland business setup helps you open a business in any Dubai neighborhood and conduct local business.
  2. A Freezone business setup provides you with 100 percent ownership and allows you to conduct business exclusively within the Freezone. There is a separate free zone - the Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone in Dubai for this purpose.
  3. The offshore business framework enables you to conduct foreign business.

Procedure to Become Auto Spare Parts Manufacturers in UAE

Starting a business in UAE is no longer a time-consuming process; it is completed in less than a week. Before you become one of the auto spare parts manufacturers in UAE, you should keep the following things in mind -

Business Structure and Activity

Choose the structure and the activity you are going to operate with. The Department of Economic Development has compiled a list of over 2000 activities from which you can select the one relevant to your business.

Trade Name 

The name or company name is an essential aspect of the legal process. If it is a branch of an established corporation, the business’s name should reflect its nature.

Initial Approval

Fill out the application form to the relevant department for initial approval.


Submit all the necessary documents to proceed further. Make sure the documents are foolproof.

License Approval

Pay the required fees and obtain your license. Later start looking for office space, in this case, maybe warehousing space also.

Documents Required to Become an Auto Parts Supplier in UAE

The below documents are essential to become an auto parts supplier in UAE

  • Owner and partners passport copy
  • 5 Trade Name/Company Name Options
  • If you are a UAE citizen, you will need a letter of approval from your employer, and if you are a visitor, you will need a copy of your tourist visa.
  • Office lease agreement

Auto Spare Parts Manufacturers in UAE - You Have Many Benefits

Just like any other business set up in UAE, auto spare parts manufacturers in UAE also hold so many benefits.

  • The Dubai Free Trade Zone is a trading forum that offers international businesses favorable business conditions in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The growth of the automotive manufacturing industry is the primary impetus for opening an auto parts store here.
  • It's a significant international forum for companies that deal with cars, motor vehicles, and parts.
  • The government of the Emirate of Dubai promotes the growth of the car industry to attract significant investments.
  • The UAE's well-developed logistics and international transport hub is a bonus for organizing business entities.

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We assist clients with the start-up of their companies.

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How to become an auto spare parts supplier in UAE?

The procedure is,

  • Decide a trading name 
  • Get the initial approval
  • Documentation
  • License Approval

Which is the best free zone to start an auto spare parts business in UAE?

Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone can be a best option.

Is Auto parts manufacturing business profitable in UAE?

UAE is one of the pioneers in the automobile field and hence auto parts manufacturing business can be a good option.

How much will it cost to start an auto parts business in the UAE?

It depends on the number of activities, location, and scale of your business.

How long will it take to start an auto parts manufacturing company in UAE?

It will not take more than a week.