All about Adding Activity in Trade License Dubai

by Zaara 05, Aug 2022

To set up any business in Dubai is one of the primary requirements in obtaining a trade license. However, sometimes companies' concern would be - adding activity in trade license Dubai. They do not stop with this. Some might want to make many other changes or amend their business license. Therefore, the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai adopts a simple procedure to facilitate any changes that must be made to the License.

Changing/amending a trade license is a service during which one of the terms of the License is modified, such as (changing the business activity, adding or deleting one of the activities, adding a partner) and the customer, through a commercial license amendment service, can issue an annexe to an Articles of Association. You can easily add trading activity by applying for a change of activity through the DMCC portal

How to Add Activities in Trade License?

After getting their trade license in UAE or even after starting their business, entrepreneurs would want to expand their business. The first question that comes to their mind is how to add activities to the trade licenses. There are certain steps to be followed.

The steps are mentioned as under –

  1. Initial Approval

Get an Initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or Tas’heel Centre. To get initial approval to make the changes, here are a few documents required –

  • Registration and also the licensing application
  • Proof of the reserved trade name
  • Original License
  • Original Certificate of Registration.
  • Approval from the DED (for foreign company branches registered with the Ministry)
  • Board Resolution of Parent companies to change the activity (for branches of a foreign company not registered with the Ministry of Economy)
  • Office lease agreement copy
  1. Application Submission

Type BR1 form and get the Managing Director's signature and then submit at DED mentioning all partners' names.

  1. Non Objection Certificate

Then DED officer will write NOC for adding activity

  1. Agreement Formalities

Write Addendum to LLC Agreement from a legal translator and get attested from Notary Public at DED. If the agreement is only in Arabic, then no need for the Legal translator’s seal.

  1. Attend at Notary

All Partners of the company must attend to Notary to sign the Court Agreement. If any existing partner is outside the country, they can send a Power of Attorney (POA) authorizing other Partners to represent them at the Court.

  1. Submit the Documents

Submit the required documents and the attested Addendum at any branch of DED. They are as under –

  • Documents for initial approval (already submitted).
  • Amendment to the Memorandum of Association (MOA) regarding change of business activity
  1. Get your New License

Get the new license with new activity after the payment at DED

Freezing Trade License in Dubai, Trade Name Change in Dubai, Change Name on Business License -  All Possible

After renewing a trade license in Dubai, the most frequently requested changes are freezing the trade license in Dubai, trade name change in Dubai, and changing the name on the business license. For the changes mentioned above and for other changes also, there are certain steps to be followed. They are as follows.

  1. Fill out the registration form and licensing form.
  2. Collect some specific business activity approvals – if required. If any other government regulates your business activity, then you need approval from them. In that case, the Dubai Economic Department will advise you on approval from other governments.
  3. Submit other required documents which are required. The supporting documents include but are not limited to the following:
  • Addendum to Memorandum of Association and other legal documents related to the type of amendments like the new
  • Local service agent agreement or the company agent agreement, in case you need to change the current local service agent.
  • Documents related to partners or shareholders, or staff include;
    • Copy of passport and ID card (UAE national’s family book)
    • Copy of the residence permit/visa details (for non– GCC nationals)
    • No objection letter from the applicant’s current sponsor (for non-GCC nationals)
    • Official documents associated with the replacement of heirs and devolution of License or shares.
  • No objection letter from the parent company for amending the License and the authenticated documents required as per the legal form like adding a business activity for a foreign company branch etc.
  1. Pay all fees and collect your License.

After all these steps, you need to submit payment according to their procedure, in which you will need to use a voucher or transaction number as a reference when you pay. Finally, you need to make all the payments and collect your updated license, which was approved through various payment methods.

Here are various types of amendments to your valid business license or renewal. Today, we will discuss the kind of Amendment and groups which handle those Amendments.

Groups of Amendment

Types of Amendment










Ownership-related Amendments

Change a local service agent's nationality

Change a director's nationality

Change a director

Change an owner/a partner's name

Change a director's name

Change a local service agent's name

Change an owner/a partner's nationality

Delete a director

Replacement of heirs – License

Replacement of heirs – share

Devolution of a license

Devolution of a share

Add a partner

Withdraw a partner

Change a partner

Add a local service agent

Delete a local service agent

Change a local service agent

Add a director



Activity-Related Amendments

Remove a business activity from the register

Delete a business activity

Add a business activity

Add a business activity to the register








Other-Types of Amendments

Change a legal form

Relocation of a business location

Increase the capital

Reduce the capital

Merger of License

Freeze a business license

Mortgage of a license

Mortgage of shares

Change a company name

Change a trading name

Change a company's nationality

Assignment of License

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Is adding activity in trade license Dubai possible?

Yes, the government allows you to add or change an activity.

How to easily apply for change of activity?

You can apply through the DMCC portal.

How much will it be charged for adding extra activity in the JAFZA trade license?

If you have exceeded the maximum allowed activity, AED 500 will be charged per group.

Can one person run a business with many activities in Dubai?

Yes, you can do business with many activities under one license if the activities are related.

Can I do business without the activity being added in the license?

No, you can not practice a business activity without it being legally licensed.