Ajman Government becomes the First Emirate to Adopt the UAE Pass

by Zaara 30, Jul 2021

Ajman is proudly the first region to become successful in adopting the “UAE Pass” for all its communication and official procedures between government organizations all across the Emirates. The Department of Digital Ajman has been successful in completing the linking of the “Al-Tarish” system with the UAE Pass. The Al-Tarish system UAE pass makes Ajman the first in the UAE to adopt the UAE pass in all its correspondence and official procedures between government entities all across the Emirates. This new system was due to launch by mid-October 2020 across all entities in Ajman.

How did Ajman Adopt the UAE Pass?

While announcing the system, The Director-General of The Department of Digital Ajman, Ohoud Shehail commented by saying “we managed to link Al-Tarish, the emirates internal correspondence system between government entities and institutions employed in Ajman, with the national digital identity, UAE Pass which has ensured a smooth workflow and raised the level of security and reliability”.

In Addition to this The Director of the Digital Transformation of the Department of Digital Ajman, Dina Fares also stated that by using the UAE Pass government entities and their customers will be able to access the unified entry system hence completely abandoning the traditional signature system.  The government is optimistic about the future of business in Ajman in 2021.

Fares further stated and explained that the project has gone through a number of vital stages which led to its success. They initiated and proceeded further with this idea and the project based on the needs and also the requirements of the users by studying their patterns, orienting the users about the benefits of a centralized mechanism of the digital signature.

What is the UAE Pass?

The Dubai Council came out candid with a public announcement regarding their 100-day plan for the ‘Government Development Track’ which aims to create ‘The Digital Future’ for the citizens of Dubai. The UAE Pass system encouraged the citizens to develop a digitized identity on government servers with their unique ID, passwords and digital signatures. All the government documents would be uploaded into the accounts of the citizens for data confidentiality and administrative documentation. Dubai has become a buzzing business hub of the middle eastern region due to the various advancements in infrastructure, technology, government subsidies, and beneficial economic policies that encourage entrepreneurs/business owners to set up business in Dubai.

Digital Ajman Initiative

This new system which has been initiated is considered to be a new success and also a new feather on the cap that is added to the many accomplishments and achievements by the “digital Ajman” in cooperation with all government agencies in the Emirates of Ajman it is aiming to activate the digital identity in the internal government systems by also opting to adopt the digital signature in correspondence, contracts and official documents instead of the traditional signature, with this procedure one can save time and effort, making it an easy and convenient system for both government departments and the other users as well.

Through this initiative one is able to easily update the Al-Tarish system, the main system for messaging and communication between government entities, meeting the needs of the users efficiently this update also ensures increased level of safety and reliability. The achievement keeps pace with the process of Digital transformation.

With having many successful initiatives and proposals like this before as well that made life in UAE much more convenient and easier with the digitalized procedures, now The Department of Digital Ajman is also supporting the UAE government in adopting the digital identity all across the board. Ajman’s digital strategy will favor the entrepreneurs to set up business in Ajman.

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Is it possible to register for a UAE pass without having an Emirates ID?


Is the UAE PASS required?

The Strategic Affairs Council has announced a decision requiring citizens and residents of Dubai to utilise the UAE Pass to access government services.

What are the advantages of having a UAE pass?

The advantages of having a UAE pass are,

  • Able to digitally sign documents
  • Able to use a single mobile-based login to access all government websites and services

Is UAE pass a paid service?

No, it can be used for free.

Is the UAE pass digital signature is legally valid?


What are the UAE’s different pass channels?

The different pass channels through which you get your UAE pass are,

  • Mobile application
  • The self-service portal
  • UAE pass kiosks

What is the cost of obtaining an Emirate ID?

The cost of obtaining an Emirate ID is around 100 AED.

How long does it take to receive an Emirate ID after visa stamping?

After visa stamping, it usually takes 7-10 days to receive an Emirate ID.