AI Everything Summit Kicks Off in Dubai

AI Everything Summit Kicks Off in Dubai

by Zaara 24, Dec 2019

Dubai was the host for the first ever ‘AI EVERYTHING SUMMIT’. The summit was organized by the UAE National Program for Artificial Intelligence in association with Smart Dubai.  The summit took place at the World Trade Center under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE as well as the Ruler of Dubai. The National Program for Artificial Intelligence was launched by the Minister of State for AI.

What the Summit seeks to achieve

The aim of the AI Everything Summit is to promote collaborations, breakthroughs, partnerships, and innovations in the Artificial Intelligence Industry and maximize its potential and for firms, companies, governments, enterprises as well as the general public.

Smart Dubai is the strategic partner of the summit. Their role is to create an environment where various international organisations can interact with respect to emerging advanced technologies in the global perspective thereby augmenting Dubai's ‘Tech Hub' status and for building the smart cities of the future.

What the Summit Focused on

The summit showcased the explorations into innovations based on AI across various fields like healthcare, energy, government, travel, tourism, security, telecommunications, and a few others.

The Director-General of Smart Dubai Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr who was also part of the summit said “It is clear that Artificial Intelligence has grown into a bonafide sector of its own – and a rapidly expanding one at that. AI is gaining tremendous momentum around the world. Recent studies have predicted that AI will account for 45% of the world economy's total gains by 2030 – that's $15.7T – and as much as $122B to our GDP here in the UAE by 2030,"

Her Excellency further ended on a note by saying “We are here today at the AI Everything 2019 Summit to find the ideal formula for all of us to work together and launch initiatives, R&Ds, and partnerships with AI at their core. Our shared objective is to affect positive change and support governments and businesses to embrace technology for the good of mankind,”

The Assistant Director-General of Smart Dubai and CEO of the Dubai  Data Establishment His Excellency Al Nasser attended the launch of a report titled ‘ Convergence in the Smart City'. This report dealt with the importance of how upcoming technologies should converge, for example, the Internet of things, block chain, etc. which made creating a fragmented web rather than one that is centralised an urgent need

His Excellency Al Nasser also attended the launch of another report compiled by Smart Dubai, Google and the Economist Intelligence Unit which examined the possible effect of AI from the economic perspective. He then spoke about speaking about the key factors in the functioning of Artificial Intelligence.

His Excellency Wesam Lootah, who is the CEO of the Smart Dubai  Government Establishment participated in a panel discussion which was titled' Welcome to the Future City of AI' which went into detail taking into account the idea of using AI for the benefit of society and improving humanity.

The Highlights of the Summit

Smart Dubai further went into its perspective of the Artificial Intelligence sector highlighting the Ethical AI Toolkit, which was launched primarily to formulate a set of guidelines on how to use technology ethically whereby a decentralized web would enable entities to set its own guidelines and thereby provide the same to governments which would enable the latter to come up with laws and regulations for AI Industries.

Smart Dubai showcased its very own AI Lab initiative which in partnership with IBM aimed at utilising the impact of machine learning and coming up with practical solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens and visitors in Dubai.

The main aim is to provide the required tools and the follow-up support where AI-based applications and services could be used by private and government sectors within their respective fields.

Smart Dubai also introduced its ‘Rashid’ initiative, which was launched in October 2016. An AI platform that is to answer questions posed by the community with respect to procedures, documents all in accordance with the database of Dubai's DED.

The program further got an update with the ‘Living in Dubai’ feature to provide the general public, tourists with all access to all information to go on with their daily lives and to complete transactions without any difficulty.

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