Advertising Opportunities in the UAE

by Zaara 18, Feb 2022

Under the favourable policies and tax-free jurisdiction of the UAE, the UAE has effectively encapsulated the attractiveness of both large and small brands, global corporations and emerging start-ups are interested in bringing their business to new heights. All these businesses need an advertising agency within their respective target audience to create their product or service in the competitive industry. It is undoubtedly a promising prospect to open an advertising agency in the UAE.

In recent years, the use of the internet has seen a boom like never before. It is the most effective way to advertise any company at the moment. The United Arab Emirates has not left behind, as have the partners in the GCC group. Many statistics position the Middle East and Africa among the fastest-growing regions when it comes to digital marketing.

Advertising Agency in UAE: Services Offered

Witness to the rise in the advertisement and marketing industry in UAE has elegant promotions for different firms.

The KHDA offers the means of advertising promotion:

  • Print Advertising
  • Billboards
  • Ads for radio and television
  • Advertisements for multimedia
  • Campaigns by email

Before you set up an advertising agency in the UAE, the following conditions levied by the KHDA in the UAE must be adhered to by all marketing and advertising companies:

  • Respect the religious convictions
  • Respect people's privacy
  • Non-offensive contact with one another
  • Include the name of the parent company
  • The organisational climate must be unbiased.
  • Transmit accurate information

It is possible to offer a mix of advertising activities via an advertising agency in the UAE. A company is selected considering the prerequisites and budget.

The following advertising activities are listed in three categories:

1. Commercial advertisements

2. Professional advertisements

3. Advertising Industrial


It depends on the business that requires an advertising licence for which category of advertising they should approach.

Free Zones Incorporate Advertising Activities

Dubai Media City – The Highest Potential for an Advertising agency set up in Dubai

Starting a company in Dubai Media City, which specialises free trade zone, addresses the following;

  • International ownership of 100 per cent
  • Repatriation of earnings and capital 100 per cent
  • For all the media players, an optimal business climate.
  • For different government services, one-stop-shop
  • Free duty on personal taxes and imports
  • For the next 50 years, Zero Income Tax.
  • The working climate of a cluster that enables the media to communicate and cooperate

It is essential to select an appropriate jurisdiction before establishing an advertising agency in the UAE. An ideal choice for this company in Dubai Media City’s free zone with a special economic status.

RAK Media Free Zone

The media free zone in Ras Al Khaimah is another free zone dedicated to the media and advertising. It was created in the year 2006. It is considered to be the direct competitor of Dubai Media City. Because the UAE is a comparatively expensive city, it makes this area a beneficial choice for investors looking for a cheaper investment. Economically speaking, in the past few years, RAK Media City has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Its business-friendly regulations on the environment, favourable to the media industry, have made it an excellent destination for developing the media and entertainment sector. The media companies are given full freedom to produce their films, radio, and TV shows.

Like any other free zone, RAK Media City company incorporation has procedures that people should follow to have a UAE business setup.

Besides the main advantages offered by any free zone in the UAE, this free zone’s business setup includes a few more benefits.

  • The vast and cost-effective range of media activities
  • The setup procedure for an easy and hassle-free company
  • For SMEs and start-ups, premium value-added packages
  • Dedicated and friendly professional support team to help you register and provide continuous business support all the way through

Twofour54 Free Zone

The twofour54 Free Zone of Abu Dhabi serves a variety of advantages primarily for publishing, media and related industries such as animation, graphic design, music production and talent management businesses. This free zone provides entrepreneurs with a rare opportunity to set up an office in the vicinity of some of the leading media and publishing sectors, including the Financial Times, BBC, CNN, Fox, Sky, and National Geography, etc. It controls the more official matters of the free zone, such as the licensing procedures and regulatory development.

Ajman Media City Free Zone

The Ajman Media City free zone is also in Ajman and caters specifically for creative and media enterprises.

Benefits include:

  • Special packages for creative companies
  • Quick and easy registration

Fujairah Creative City

Fujairah Creative City, located near Fujairah International Airport, is the state’s media hub and complements the area’s media clusters.

Advantages include:

  • Ownership at 100 percent
  • Scalable company solutions
  • No Auditing
  • No compulsory rental of offices

Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City Free Zone specialises in delivering innovative media and creative industry services.

Advantages include:

  • Corporate tax of 0 per cent for 50 years
  • No annual audit or paid-up capital of shares
  • International ownership of 100 per cent

Opportunities in the Advertising Industry

The advertising world has led to the emergence within the advertising profession of many new roles. Advertising goes beyond its conventional approach to the new edge of the ad world. The industry needs well-prepared individuals who can develop innovative and creative new ideas for the non-conventional and traditional advertising approach. For the industry, flexibility and competence are essential because the ad world is highly creative and dynamic.

Advertising careers are diverse, offering positions in creative departments, production, media, and research, and can run across various departments. The ultimate goal is to meet the purposes of the customer as much as possible to increase sales. Public relations services often engage with and can help companies, governments, and institutions make effective decisions. Students of an advertising school may choose to pursue a career as a:

  • Advertising Media Planner
  • Media Researcher
  • Creative Department
  • Copywriter/Illustrator
  • Account Planning
  • Production Manager
  • Director of Advertising
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Artists

Advertising Media Planner

Media Planners assist advertising agencies in choosing the best outlet or medium to reach the client they want. In print media (newspapers, magazines) or outdoors (billboards, kiosks and bus panels) and in time, they plan, schedule, book and buy space (TV & radio, internet). The media planning activity may also involve performing some targeted brand or need-specific research to evaluate a campaign's recall and viewership/readership. With numbers but also skilled negotiators, they have to be good. They will work with budgets and be responsible for wisely spending the cash of their customers.

Media Researcher

The Department of Research is attempting to assess the efficacy of the ad campaign. Research offers a scientific and observable basis for sharply focussing their approach to the media planner and imaginative. These experts come from various fields, but share a similar comfort level with mathematical or statistical modelling, psychographic and sampling techniques. Job titles include researcher in public opinion, research supervisor, project lead, assistant director of research, research director, and executive research director.

Creative Department

The Creative Department designs the commercial and conceptualises it. It consists of the department of copywriting and the art department. The Department of Copywriting works on text for advertising and campaign themes. The department of art visualises the campaign.


A copywriter writes down the entire written words of a campaign. Making a storey board (Layout of Ad) on TV ad paper and planning the theme and jingle in radio ads. The person is liable for all texts/words used in advertising.

Account Planning

It is a position at the senior level in the Department of Operations. After communicating with the consumer and internally with the creative team, the media strategy department and, if necessary, the market research firm, it includes designing the overall strategic plan, including the budget, choosing the appropriate media and zeroing in on the communication message. The communication kit’s various elements are merged into a logical whole within the brand’s context and its desired positioning in the market.

Accounts Executive

An account executive who serves in the customer service department oversees all monitoring deals. He should be mindful of the most successful way to sell the consumer's product or service, i.e. the media and their cost-effectiveness. Account managers should also have an understanding of evaluating demand and target audiences. Assistant account manager, account executive, senior account executive, and account supervisor or account manager is the career ladder of position titles in account services.


Visualisers work on the visual concepts and decide how the ad will ultimately look. They do the whole message layout, including illustrations, sketching, etc. Visualisers have to be creative.

Essential Skills Needed For A Successful Advertising Career

A promising advertising career is possible for naturally motivated, ambitious, imaginative prospects and can simultaneously manage several projects. Human skills are crucial since the task involves knowing what a client wants and, as a result, making appropriate choices. An advertising school/institute can assist students in training and growth, and professionals in learning skills such as:

  • Strong connections
  • Competitiveness of Imagination
  • Acting under stress and pressure
  • Management of presentation
  • Persuasive
  • Faith
  • Being a player for a team
  • Learning to interact online effectively
  • Highly flexible

The advertising industry is very complex, and to produce an effective campaign, many different types of professional people are required. For talented people, good at writing, innovative, inventive, and more than logical, job possibilities abound.


In general, the advertisement makes volume purchases possible as far as the economy is concerned, thereby dramatically reducing prices. Thinking from the competition side, it increases competition, contributing to changes in service quality, allowing new entrants to the retail sector to have more incredible customer options. It helps to grow new markets and developing economies and supports research and development. Advertising has a substantial social and economic effect that could lead to bringing people together and improving lifestyles. The ad aims to build the right image of the service offered and promote its use.

If you are willing to lift your Dubai advertising agency, please contact us at Commitbiz Management Consultancy and any advertising business inquiry set up in Dubai. Let us help you with our years of proven experience in business set up in Dubai.


What are the means of promotion by the UAE advertising agencies?

The means are print advertising, ads for radio & television, billboards, campaigns by email, and advertisements for multimedia.

What are the advertising activities in the UAE?

They are commercial advertisements, industrial advertisements, and professional advertisements.

What are the top careers one can pursue in the UAE advertising industry?

The top careers are advertising media planner, media researcher, creative department, illustrator/copywriter, account planning, accounts executive, visualizers, etc.

What are the essential skills required to build a career in the advertising industry?

The skills are competitive imagination, strong connections, acting under stress & pressure, persuasive, presentation management, faith, highly flexible, being a team player, and effective online interaction.

What income tax benefit do we get if we incorporate a company in the Dubai Media City?

 We can avail of the benefit of zero income tax for the first 50 years.