Advertising License in Dubai

by Zaara 26, Aug 2019

Every company regardless of the sector under which it is running should concentrate on every possibility to promote the said business. Advertising one's business is one of the essential marketing strategies by which a company gets clients and profits. Dubai is under an era wherein, every non-oil and gas sector in the country is growing day by day. In the case of an advertising company, Dubai is watching substantial developmental growth. Therefore, in numerous circumstances, it is advisable for such a company to seek professional services in this matter.

An advertisement company in Dubai is in huge demand and can be easily set up for serving various businesses. The advertising business is a profitable business it is smoothly settled in Dubai wherein significant opportunities are available. In Dubai, the advertising companies are well regulated by KHDA, I.e., the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Even though there has been a healthy competition in relation to the advertisement business in Dubai, the demand for the advertisement services is increasing with the increase in business and real estate sector.

Dubai Media City

When Dubai was facing massive demand in the advertising sector, it was required to establish such a jurisdiction wherein free tax regimes could be implemented. Dubai media sector was thus established to provide the business investors or entrepreneurs with beneficial media requirements.

Dubai Media City is a free trade zone for companies operating in the media field. The media city also provides for the following mentioned benefits:

  • Equipment’s
  • Modern technology
  • Tax benefits
  • Smooth process

Services falling under Advertising business in Dubai

The advertising sector in Dubai is well developed, and now the entrepreneurs or business investors are provided with numerous activities which they can implement in their business. Thus, providing the business owners with several ways for conveying the messages and promoting the company that they work for.

The knowledge and Human Development Authority  has provided the following promoting activities:

  • Printed ads;
  • Billboards;
  • Radio and television ads;
  • Multimedia advertisements;
  • Email ads;

Advertising Licenses.

To make a business legal in the eyes of the law, one has to have the said business registered through a license with the proper authority. Obtaining an advertising license is one of the important factors underlining the legality of the company. The procedure of getting an advertising license is smooth and simple, but one has to keep an eye on all the major legal formalities in relation to the said business. Following are the steps which the business owners are required to follow for obtaining an advertising license:

  • The very first task the business owners have to do is to submit the relevant documents to the DED, Department of Economic Development. An Initial Approval Certificate has to be provided with the relevant documents including the passport copies of all owners to the DED.
  • After the submission of the IAC, a certificate called Trade name certificate (TNC) is issued after paying the required reservation fee.
  • The company's name requires an office rental contract. The minimum office requirement is approx — 200 sq./ft. The rent for the said office depends upon the location.
  • The final step is to obtain signatures of the partners on the memorandum in the court. After which the license will be issued.


  • Approvals form the Dubai municipality for using the content and images during advertising in Dubai.
  • Approval form Road and Transport Authority in relation to ads placed on pavements or advertisements at the side of the public roads.
  • Approval from National Council for the activities which are to be performed. A certain fee is required to be submitted for the same. Such fee ranges from AED 5000 to AED 10,000.  The process usually takes some 2-3 weeks. DED and NMC also ask for certain external approvals.
  • Approvals from DED is required after submitting all the necessary documents and after the final payment of the fee for procuring the license.

Advertisement Requirements

The certain requirement is imposed by the KHDA for all the advertising companies in the official gazette to maintain the proper marketing environment in Dubai. These are:

  • To show respect for the religious belief;
  • To respect people’s privacy;
  • Not to be offensive;
  • To contain the name of the agency creating them;
  • To be always impartial;
  • To present accurate and correct information.

Starting an Advertising Company in Dubai

If you are planning to start an advertising company in Dubai, the following essential aspects mentioned above are required to be adhered to in Dubai. The registration process of the advertising license is simple, but certain things are to be taken care while planning to set up the company and applying for the advertisement license. You never would want to end in trouble for not complying with a procedure. It's better to get the help of a professional business set up consultancy. We at Commitbiz provides business solutions to all type of companies. For any query do Contact us. We would be happy to help.


Which department provides approval for advertising activities in Dubai?

Dubai Municipality approves advertising content.

Does display ads on roads require approval?

Yes, permission from Road and Transport Authority is required.

Which is the best place to start an advertising agency in Dubai?

Dubai Media City can be a wise option.

What are the basic criteria to be followed to advertise in Dubai?

The advertisements must be

  • Religion and culture-sensitive
  • Unoffensive
  • Impartial
  • Reliable
  • Respect privacy etc.

How big must an advertisement agency in Dubai be?

It should be a minimum of 200 sq. ft.