Advantages of Setting up an Event Management Business in Dubai

by Zaara 07, Aug 2019

Dubai is one of the event capitals of the World. Dubai is significantly famous for its nightlife. There are many shopping destinations and tourist locations which make Dubai one of the most promising holiday spots in the World. The fascinating ancient culture and beautiful heritage sites make Dubai even more popular among the tourists. Event management business is one of the most promising business industries of the UAE.

According to a survey made in 2018, Dubai ranked 4th most-visited destination in the world. This cultural city has witnessed 14.9 million overnight tourists in the year 2016. The recent reports state that the city is expected to reach 20 million by the year 2020. Dubai, in the Paris convention, has won the bid to hold theExpo2020. This Expo 2020 termed as one of the significant milestones that can change the economy of Dubai.

Event Management Business

Event management business is a growing industry in the world. Event management means to organise or set up events, celebrations, ceremonies, conferences or seminars, etc. Many entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in the booming industry of event management.  Starting an event management company is an easy task if you have the right skills and a cool head in business ideas.

The event management industry is growing at an increasing pace. With the increase in several tourist and population, the number of events will also increase. The Event Management industry is one of the never-ending sectors of the world. The events are always organised and attracts a massive number of audience. The more are the number of visitors; the more will be the need for such event management companies. Event Management business is all about hard work, creativity, ideas and logical reasoning

Event Management Companies in Dubai

Dubai is the UAE’s most globally visited city. This capital city is not only great for the tourist but is also known as a business hub of the Middle East. The exhibitions and the activities organised in Dubai World Trade Centre alone can contribute around 3.3 billion USD to the economy of the Emirates. According to the reports, Dubai, between the years 2015 and 2021, will be welcoming approximately 25 million visitors. In these coming years, it will generate up to USD 23billions. An event management sector in Dubai has seen a growth of 25 per cent per annum, since the year 2013 and has been increasing since then.

In Dubai, you can set up your event management company in both mainland as well as in free zones. Both locations have their advantages as well as disadvantages. While setting up your business, you need to consider this and then decide in which place you want to setup you Event Management Business.

In the mainland, if you want to set up your business, then you need to have a local sponsor. Here local sponsor can be any UAE national or an Emirati. If you wish to set up your company in the Free Zone, then it has its advantages. You can opt for Free Zone and have 100 per cent ownership of the company set up.

The most important and beneficial thing to incorporate any company is to obtain a license. You have to get an event management company license. To obtain a license, you have to follow a straightforward and handy procedure. In the case of a company in the mainland, you have to obtain a license from the Dubai, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). While to obtain a license for Free zone, you have to apply to the concerned free zone authority with the approval by the Department of Development (DED). Setting up an event management company in Dubai is most advisable as it gives you a large number of clients due to its global popularity.

Advantages of Setting up a Business in Dubai

  • Strategic location.
  • Global Accessibility.
  • Connectivity throughout the globe.
  • Business-friendly policies.
  • Tax exemptions.
  • Tax-free.
  • Home to millions of expats.
  •  Business hub.
  • One hundred per cent ownership in case of Event Management Company set up in any Free zones.
  • Fifty-one percent ownership should be given to a local sponsor or a UAE national in case of a mainland setup.
  • Easy availability of office spaces.

Above mentioned are some of the advantages to set up a company in Dubai. Dubai is an open place for not only business purpose but also for leisure experience so individuals, worldwide prefer to choose Dubai among the top five destinations.


Here at commitbiz, we focus on helping all the budding entrepreneurs and investors to choose the most profitable business set up. Event management business is the most trending industry across the globe. Even though the process may seem easy, but if you miss a single step, it can complicate things, so it is advisable to take help from experts. For a hassle-free procedure or if you need any help, contact us - we are glad to help.


Is event management business profitable in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai being a happening city encourages a lot of events and is a highly booming industry in the UAE region.

What are the most beneficial services to offer in event management business in Dubai?

  • Wedding planning
  • Party planning

  • Corporate events

  • Tourism events 

Etc are some of the best services to offer.

How much will it cost to start an event management business company in Dubai?

It depends on the location you choose, the services you offer, the scale of your business, etc.

What is the growth of event business in Dubai?

After the expo 2020 Dubai is to witness a high boom in the event industry.

Is it good to invest in Dubai Event management industry?

The business is expected to contribute AED 68.9 billion. Thus, it is the right time to invest in Dubai event management.