Advantages of Setting up a Cosmetic Business in Dubai

by Zaara 03, Dec 2019

We all know that setting up a business in the middle east region is very advantageous and about the various business opportunities, it presents to the budding entrepreneurs. With the increase in the population of the country and the increasing number, of footfalls from all over the world, the number of expats in the country is increasing. This has created a demand for the cosmetics industry in the area, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

There has been an increased focus on the beauty of a person which has opened up various avenues for the businesses such as skin care treatments, cosmetic businesses and different non-invasive beauty procedures. This has also allowed the growth of distinct lifestyle and beauty bloggers. All in all, setting up a cosmetics and beauty related business will be very beneficial for you.

In Dubai, the registration of any such business is mandatory according to the regulations set by the government before releasing the products in the market. The government has decided because they want to protect the residents of Dubai. Since the cosmetic products can be herbal or artificial and can affect the skin, health and also cost a lot of money, the government considers it to be their job to keep the residents safe from any consequences of such products.

Although the various cosmetics can turn out to be harmful sometimes, the chances of that happening are very slim.  There are multiple benefits of opening a cosmetic business in Dubai, such as:

1.Brand and Label Protection

The government sees to it that the brand name of the cosmetic company is protected and nobody other than the company can use the copyrights and trademarks.

2.Easy access to Markets of Dubai and outside the area

With easy access to both markets and logistics, Dubai is one of the best places to set up a cosmetic company. First of all, the cosmetic company can tap all the available markets in Dubai, and if it still has more products and has the ability to manage them, they can easily transport them to the GCC countries nearby.

3.Allows for export and import of goods and Cosmetic products

Setting up a company in Dubai will enable manufacture, import, export and re-import of the cosmetic products in the area.

4.Unhindered and 100% assistance of the Government of Dubai

The Dubai government will take care of the company by providing all the necessary services to the business and will also provide services to the cosmetic company without any hurdles. It will ensure the growth of the business. 

5.Lessor no Taxes

Dubai and middles east is famous for having less or no taxes. If a business is set up in Dubai, they will have to pay very less or no taxes, which will, in turn, lessen the financial burden of a company.

Current trends in the Cosmetic and Beauty Sector

Currently, the people in the UAE prefer French cosmetic products as these products are known for their quality and the people in the UAE trust these products to help enhance their beauty. Some of the significant trends in the Cosmetic sector are:

  • Increasing demand for natural and herbal products.
  • Grooming products for men (This includes styling, skincare and even gyms and health care products)
  • The products and services customized according to the requirement of the customer
  • Cosmetic and other enhancement surgeries which include various laser treatments for both the face and the body, Injections of BOTOX and other fillers of the body, Contouring (this can be injection-based or normal), injections for dissolving the fat around the neck, face and another part of the body).
  • Non Invasive techniques such as Liposuction and Facelifts which will leave no scar on the customer.

With the presence of so many business opportunities, it is easy and profitable for a cosmetic business to establish itself in Dubai. If you are looking to set up your cosmetic business in Dubai, you need to register yourself with the concerned authority. We at “Commitbiz" can help you with the registration and incorporation of your company in Dubai. Contact us to obtain the details of all the services that are provided by us – we will be happy to help.


Can I use the brand name of an existing cosmetic company in Dubai?

No, it is protected.

What is the cost of opening a cosmetic business in Dubai?

It depends on the location you choose, scale of your business etc. However, generally, it takes anywhere around AED 26000.

Cosmetic products in UAE are regulated by which department?

You need to register it with both Dubai Municipality (DM) and Emirates Authority of Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

Is the cosmetic business profitable in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai’s cosmetic market is predicted to cross $3 billion by 2025.

Do I need to get a health license for a cosmetic business in Dubai?

Yes, Public Health and Safety Department issues the license.