Advantages of Setting up a Company in KIZAD

by Zaara 30, Sep 2019

Advantages of Setting up a Company in KIZAD

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and has been ranked 20th on the most stable economies in the world. Abu Dhabi provides a mix of rich culture and a modern lifestyle. The strategic location and the various incentives offered by the government of Abu Dhabi makes it suitable for setting up a business for entrepreneurs and people in business all over the world. One such beneficial place to set up a company in Abu Dhabi is KIZAD or Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

The KIZAD project was brought into light in November 2010 by the officials of the Abu Dhabi Ports and began its operations in September 2012. The main aim of setting up KIZAD was to attract companies in the logistics, manufacturing and the trading domain which want to have a presence in the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Middle East. It is considered as a free zone and spans 417 square km. The huge size of KIZAD allows companies and businesses in various domains to setup up in the area. This free zone is divided into two different parts, namely:

Area A

This area is 16 sq. Km in the area and it will consist of a business park, District and local centres. Area A will focus more on the businessmen who are interested in people in business and entrepreneurs. This area will serve the needs and wants of almost 50,000 people, both employees and visitors.

Area B

This area will span an area of 84 sq. Km and will focus more on the commerce and logistics-based companies. The companies established here will include light, heavy and other logistics companies, retail stores, residential complexes and other infrastructure.

Due to its strategic location, connectivity to marketplaces and easy access to goods and raw materials, KIZAD offer a very lucrative place for setting up a company. Let's have a look at some of the benefits KIZAD offers to entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Advantages of KIZAD

From state of the art technologies to well-developed infrastructure, are numerous advantages which are offered by KIZAD such as:

1.Excellent Connectivity

KIZAD has easy access to four international Airports and can access almost sixty seaports via a seaport. It has a well-knit system of railways and also possesses a four-lane highway. There is also a separate Hot Metal road which is only utilized for transportation of liquid metal. KIZAD is the first free zone which is connected via Etihad Railways.

2.Developed and Strategic Infrastructure

KIZAD Free Zone possesses various state of the art infrastructure such as hot metal roads, modular paths, developed port services and many required and feature filled buildings and warehouses. The modular roads and the hot metal roads will allow free movement and without any restriction.


KIZAD free zone comprises of all the new facilities and is embracing digitalization with open arms. Digitalization of the various processes will help in quick and easy acquiring of the various licenses and smooth and easy registration of companies in the free zone.


Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) offers a dual licensing regime. The companies set up in KIZAD, do not need to have a separate physical space, and there is also no need for a local service agent. KIZAD also has an option of forming a low-cost branch company in the Mainland.

5.Costing Advantages

There is no personal or corporate tax and the companies set up in the zone need not pay any customs duties on the goods. The free zone also has competitive lease rates and logistics costs. The companies' setup in the free zones can trade with the neighbouring GCC countries duty-free.

6.Supporting the Investors

According to the World Bank, Dubai is ranked as number one in the middle east for the Ease of Doing Business. It also allows for 100% foreign ownership and even complete repatriation of capital and profits. It is also ranked number 1 for safety in the middle east, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit.   

7.Advantage of Location

This free zone is located midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is less than 1hour flight from the capitals of all the emirates. The free zone caters to the indigenous population of 55 million and due to the easy connectivity, can be accessed worldwide.

The benefits, as mentioned earlier, are not the only benefits. There are various other benefits which can be availed by a company by setting up in KIZAD free zone. These benefits make the free zone a very lucrative place to set up your business.

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