Advantages of Setting a Service Business in Fujairah

by Zaara 27, Nov 2019

The numerous advantages of setting up a business in the UAE have helped in increasing the number of companies coming in the country. This move of the companies has definitely helped the economy of the country and also allowed for the incoming of companies that provide other complementary services. Be it small services (such as dog walking laundry or cleaning, etc.) or bigger services (such as finding an office or warehouse space or providing the receptionist for the company, etc.), the need of these services will grow proportionally in the UAE.

There has been an uptrend in the coming in of service-based companies in the emirate of Fujairah. The location of the emirate, the presence of a logistics park and also the upcoming WORLD EXPO 2020 form some of the major reasons which allow and attract entrepreneurs and businessmen all around the world.

Advantages of Service Business in Fujairah

All service-based industries have both pros and cons. It largely depends on how the company functions and what kind of services are provided by the company. Some of the advantages which the service industries provide in Fujairah are:

1.Access to a Varied Range of Businesses

A service business will be able to provide its services to a variety of businesses and industries. As more and more companies are being set up in the emirate, the need for these service-based industries has become essential. The presence of a logistic park in Fujairah Free Zone has provided these service-based industries exposure to international companies. These companies will also be served many different industries which will help them gain experience and expertise.

2.Access to Markets

The strategic location of the Emirate of Fujairah will help a service-based company to gain access to not only to the prospective customers but will also provide them with a platform to offer their services in the market to anyone which require these services. As the Emirate of Fujairah is gradually becoming a hub for the logistic companies, the services based companies have the option to actually provide services outside the boundaries of UAE and go international.

3.Lessor no Inventory needed

One of the biggest advantages of a service-based company is that it requires very less inventory or infrastructure. In many of the cases, all that is required is the skill of the person or the team providing any service. These service-based companies provide services such as financial-based services (accounting, audit etc.), HR services and various other services.

4.Easier Customization of Services

It is very easy to customize service in comparison to a product. In Fujairah, the service-based company will be having access to many companies in various industries. The service company will have to understand the business they are working for presently and then provide service to these companies accordingly. 

5.Setting timings According to our Preference

Providing services to a company is comparatively easy. The companies which were producing goods have the option of providing services too, be it only for a selected time or can even make a part-time offering. As there is no requirement of any infrastructure or inventory, a company can provide services without spending much of the funds.

6.Better growth prospects

The various factors such as the locational advantages, the advantages of the increasing technology and the various incentives provided by the government have made the business environment better and have also allowed for better growth prospects of a company.


The upcoming World Expo 2020 is also a very big reason for the growth of the service industries in the country. the Expo will be a 6-month long event and will be attended by numerous countries. Businesses of each and every country will try to exploit this worldwide event and will set up companies in the UAE. This means that the need for service-based companies will increase by a huge margin in the UAE.

The above-mentioned reasons make Fujairah a perfect place to set up a service-based industry in UAE.  If you are looking forward to setting up a company in Fujairah or any other emirates, do avail the services of Commitbiz. We will understand the requirements of the company and will provide solutions accordingly. We also provide a range of other services which will enhance the value of your company such as Intellectual Property Services, Asset Management, Etc. For more details on the services provided by us, do contact us – we'd be happy to answer your query.