Advantages of Choosing Entrepreneurship over Job

Advantages of Choosing Entrepreneurship over Job

by Zaara 25, Aug 2020

Dubai's economy in the emerging market actually makes it an ideal beneficial place for start-up entrepreneurs. With the constant rush of various entrepreneurs from the different parts of the world, various new markets are constantly emerging in Dubai. And with the development of these markets, the Dubai government is playing a major role in supporting the foreign entrepreneurs in setting up their business in Dubai.

Is Entrepreneurship for you?

Before going to the pros of choosing entrepreneurship over a job, one should understand the concept of what entrepreneurship is. You need to be always be prepared when you go for entrepreneurship. You are going to be responsible for everything from financial costs to marketing as well as promoting your company. You won't be working from 9 am to 5 pm instead you will always be working for making it worth it.

However, these risks should not make you apprehensive for choosing entrepreneurship as your path. Dubai has enormous growth for entrepreneurs from all over the world. One of the ways by which the Dubai government is supporting the young entrepreneurs is by way of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for the young business leaders and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation as well.

Deciding a career path can be one of the most crucial tasks that you have to do for your life. You would always want to choose a career wherein you are successful as well as wherein you enjoy every aspect of doing it. But do we actually explore every aspect of it before taking a decision for the rest of our lives?

Below mentioned are the major advantages which you will be getting when choosing the entrepreneurial path:

1.You Steer The Ship

One of the major advantages in the entrepreneurial path is that you are your own boss and that you won't be working under any other person. You will be having a great degree of control and agency on what is happening in the process of starting your own business. You will be the one who'll be building the team, setting the goals, deciding the various aspects of the company, deciding on where the company is going.

Hence you will be going to be the one who'll be calling the shots. Apart from the basic aspects wherein you'll be steering the ship, you will be going to be your own business leader and will be contributing to the local economy and will be providing jobs to the people.

2.Freedom is All Yours

The word entrepreneurship itself depicts freedom. Entrepreneurship involves being your own boss. Independence comes with entrepreneurship. There is going to be no one who will be advising or ordering you to do a certain task. You are free on making your own decisions in your professional as well as personal life. Working hours will be decided on your will. You can either stretch the working hours, or you can take a break all is on you. This independence also extends to the employees working for you to earn money.

3.Chance to Discover

The world of entrepreneurship is a bit different from the general 9-5 job you are not stuck with a job that you hate when you are working as an entrepreneur. Instead of worrying or concerning over the fact that what is going on in the office, you will be giving time to the quality of ideas that you'll be implementing in the future. Entrepreneurship will let you think and explore a normal job won't let you do that. Here you won't be trying hard to get a promotion. Now you will be trying hard to improve your company's status rather than your personal. So if you have ever thought over the fact that what you are spending your time as an entrepreneur will make you feel everything you always wanted to do or pursue.

Chance to Discover

4.Opportunities to Build Wealth

The entrepreneurial path involves major risks as well, which a job doesn't. However, the significant advantages of this path are the ability to earn more. There are significant opportunities available to build your wealth. In the case of a job, the employees are constrained or limited by a specific salary or specific incentives on an hourly rate. It doesn't matter if they work hard or not; they will be receiving the same salary every month. Whereas an entrepreneur owns the company outright. You are the one who will be receiving the highest share in the profit.

5.Excitement and Enthusiasm

Entrepreneurship is both dynamic as well as an exciting process. You if you love the excitement in your life and the boring 9 am to 5 pm job is not for you then entrepreneurship is undoubtedly for you. Every day in your entrepreneurship process is going to be exciting and if you love adventures, then definitely you are going to enjoy working being your boss. The company grows in a competitive business environment and adapts at the same time keeping everyone on their toes.

A huge growth area in Dubai, as well as the UAE, is the rise of young social entrepreneurs, who create companies out of all the risks and not just for profit but also to fulfil a need in society and to conserve the environment. We at Commitbiz support such entrepreneurs who risk and take significant steps to grow the business. Our experts provide end to end solutions for all your business related queries. So if you are planning to set a company, you are just a click away from us. Contact us for any queries. We would be happy to help.

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