Abu Dhabi's E-Government Strategy

by Zaara 22, Jul 2021

Abu Dhabi's E-Government Strategy

Abu Dhabi's eGovernment Strategy is centric-focused on achieving the rapid digital transformation in government services

What is the Strategy?

The E-government strategy would be most beneficial to Emiratis, tourists, potential investors and entrepreneurs who want to incorporate business in Abu Dhabi.

The strategy would stand strong as an initiative taken by the government entities willing to build a better quality of life and economy of the country.

When was the E-government Strategy Formed?

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority willingly participated in the Web Summit, which is considered as one of the world's largest tech events. The summit was organised and held at the Altice Arena & Fil in Lisbon, Portugal.

The summit lasted for four days, an official delegation of ADDA vividly talked about Abu Dhabi's experience in digital transformation. Further, the commission, which consisted of several executive directors and senior staff, threw light on how determined the country is to promote a culture of excellence and innovation in government work.

Aims of the E-government Strategy

By following a road map, Abu Dhabi's government has marked the beginning of their journey of becoming a fully smart government through a unified gateway.

The road map is designed and crafted in way to-

·     To accelerate the speed and capacity of absorption of additional government services.

·     It signifies the role of partnered government entities which would immensely help in the adoption and implementation of the new strategy in the realm of Services.

·     It focuses on the varied aspects of word-class Government services.

Objectives of E-government Strategy

The strategy has been formed to position the emirate's e-Government as the leading smart government.

The governmental works and services would be innovation-driven and dedicated to delivering innovative digital services. The strategy would contribute to building the foundation for an ICT-mature society.

The Abu Dhabi government have set their priorities in context to digital transformation efforts and are focused on-

·     Government services & solutions

·     Data & applied technologies

·     Governance

·     Ecosystem enablement

Initiatives Taken by ADDA

ADDA strengthened their verdicts by highlighting initiatives and programmes  taken by the department, which were centric as the critical driver to the emirate's digital future. All these efforts are taken to provide integrated service experiences, enable solutions and foster innovation.

ADDA has laid down the foundation of their plan and started to implement and execute initiatives and programmes.

To name a few, one of the most noticeable and remarkable steps taken by the department is the authority's flagship initiatives- TAMM.

TAMM Platform

It is a unique rather a first-of-its-kind programme which aims at providing an array of next-generation solutions. The department has

To accomplish the aim of TAMM, the ADDA have amalgamated 1,600 government services in the emirate under 80 end-to-end journeys under a single platform.

The TAMM platform comprises of varied services such as-

·     web portal

·     smart application

·     service centre

·     call centre

All these sub-services are possible because of a coalition with all of the emirate's government entities.

Association with Intel


The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) split the beans and revealed about the coalition between the government entity (ADDA) and Intel. The two entities have joined hands to expand their partnership for boosting cooperation exclusively in the task of hastening digital transformation in Abu Dhabi.

The MoU is driven to speed up cooperation at the stage of implementation of new initiatives and projects. These plans are mainly innovation-intensive and focus on future technologies, which would further share rich experiences, exchange of knowledge and conducting research and studies that will aid the initiatives of ADDA's 'Artificial Intelligence Lab'.

The Abu Dhabi Data Management Programme (DMP)

The programme is driven to construct an open data sharing ecosystem, which would help in unlocking the latent valuable potential of government entities' data sets.

 Moreover, it would also offer access to enormous data pool resources in a confined safe, secured and reliable way to both private sector and start-ups.

Abu Dhabi's government has high expectations and thinks DMP holds the potential for effective and efficient delivery of all the future government services.

In a Nutshell

The strategy helps the UAE’s government to achieve and fulfil its goal of a strong economy embarking a journey of digital transformation. It has persuaded potential investors to incorporate a company in Abu Dhabi’s developing sectors.

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