Abu Dhabi’s Best Move in Artificial Intelligence

by Zaara 26, Jun 2019

Abu Dhabi’s Best Move in Artificial Intelligence

Technology has become the wings that have been continuously allowing the world to fly further and faster. The birth of artificial intelligence has transformed the human lives remarkably, playing a significant role in the personal and professional lives of people. To leverage the benchmark to its next level, Abu Dhabi has come up with its first artificial intelligence news anchor. By this, we can imagine the scale that artificial intelligence has penetrated the human lives. Apart from bringing a spotlight to the media industry, innovation has also paved out various opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to investing in the technology sector. If you hold the same, then it’s the best time for you to give a push. Before initiating the process, you should possess an idea regarding the market scenario. Let’s have a look.

Artificial Intelligence Growth in the UAE Market

 Being one of the best grounds for business establishment, the UAE keeps no stone unturned when it comes to artificial intelligence. The number of business investors have been continuously increasing in the region and has got a potential market when it comes to the AI industry. Dubai, the heart of the UAE, holds Rank No.1 when it comes to FDI Technology Transfer for AI & Robotics. The technology demand is increasing day by day in the Emirates. To serve the business entities, a separate free zone has been designed named as Dubai TechnoPark Free Zone that focuses on building strategies and serving companies, to provide a flexible environment to businesses dealing in tech-front.

AI News Anchor- The Future of UAE Media Industry

Crossing all the possible limits, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced the UAE Strategies built targeting the AI Industry, to sink with UAE Centennial 2070 Objectives. To start with, an announcement was made at the Abu Dhabi Media’s Headquarter, that an AI news anchor will be seen presenting news in Arabic and English. Such innovation was backed by the strong partnership between Abu Dhabi Media Company and Sogou Inc., a Chinese Internet Industry Company. The anchor is expected to support ADM’s effort to deliver diverse content matching the international standards.

Artificial Intelligence- A Booming Platform to Invest

The ground of AI has become a game changer when it comes to the business world. Implementation of robotics and autonomous techniques, computer vision, virtual agents etc. have made this domain as a booming changer that unlocks numerous business and job opportunities. It turns out to be a perfect platform for investment as it is the World’s First AI Minister. According to research, it has been stated that AI will have a vast effect on every single sector. The UAE is continuously driving its way to becoming the ultimate AI Hub, backed by the focus of building a Smart City.

Impact of AI in the Emirates

The alarming call for the Fourth Industrial Revolution has provoked the Government of Emirates to shift their focus towards AI and Advanced Technologies. They are left with no choice other than accelerating their limits in the technological field, which have evoked them to come up with a news anchor backed by AI. The country is expected to gather US$320 Billion by 2030. The magnitude of the impact is humongous in the region that attracts millions of investors worldwide. 

Moreover, the growth of the AI industry is expected to reach heights. With the advancement of AI, in the next five years, we might come across technologies and companies which we haven’t even heard of. The market would demand more innovative techniques, which will turn out to be a big challenge for the rest of the world to accept it. We also know that IoT(Internet of Things) is booming up in the market. There might be a point where all the technological dots collide together and end up bringing a massive change that would change the entire business scenario. If you are a tech-freak and is searching for a platform to transform your dream into reality, then UAE is the ultimate ground for you.

Benefits of Starting A Business in Abu Dhabi

By starting a business in Abu Dhabi, you will able to avail the following benefits:

  • No personal tax
  • 100% Repatriation of capital invested and profits earned
  • Flexibility to incorporate a business in different locations like MainlandFree Zonesand Offshore
  • Booming business market to be captured
  • A Gateway to enter other Middle- Eastern Countries

In the end, can see that the transformation has been taking place at a rapid speed, transforming the entire business culture to collaborate worldwide. This change turns out to be a significant boon for business investors who are looking for an opportunity to dive into the technology sector. To start the business establishment process alone turns out to be a tedious and time-consuming process. To process it in a hassle-free way, the business owners prefer to get in touch with business experts who can give a complete set of solutions about the incorporation process.

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