Abu Dhabi Obtains Saudi Dental Group Worth $136mn

by Zaara 23, Dec 2019

Abu Dhabi Obtains Saudi Dental Group Worth $136mn

Recently a news has been released that GCC country Abu Dhabi acquires a dental group of Saudi Arabia worth $136million. Abu Dhabi’s medical venture United Eastern Medical Services (UE Medicals) Group plans to buy more medical centers in Saudi Arabia this year. UE Medical has acquired a controlling stake in the Al Muhaideb Dental Clinics Group.

In a deal worth $136 million, UEMedical raised its asset to $812m, adding to its portfolio list which also includes Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi. The firm also acquires the HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centres.

Medical Giant Al Muhaideb Dental Clinics Group

Al-Muhaidib Dental Clinics is a Riyadh based dental group that has been serving its patients for the last 25 years. Ayman Al-Houthi, the general manager, of Al Muhaideb Dental Clinic, revealed that With the worldwide extension of the clinics over the past few years, the total number of clinics had reached 50 providing services for over 500,000 patients annually.

Along with two new branches in Jeddah and one in Makkah and nearly 1417 employees out of which 420 are dentists with multiple skills and qualifications. The clinics are fully equipped with 441 advanced dental chairs, Al-Muhaidib has gained its popularity in orthodontic services. Ayman has Announced that Al-Muhaidib has the most excellent resources and equipment to treat the patients. And it is now opening its branch in the Imam Saudi Arabia.

With the accession, UEMedical’s assets have raised to D3 billion, including Children Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women &, two IVF centers and seven specialized centers under HealthPlus Network of Specialty Centers and two pharmacies in Abu Dhabi, besides the newly occupied dental group, Al Muhaideb.

He added: “We are proud to say that we are one of the first clinics to be serving the downtrodden for free, and we don’t charge divorcees and orphans.”

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi, the CEO and managing director of UEMedical, said “This step is part of the group’s strategy to spread its expertise to neighboring countries and to diversify the range of specialized services the group provides to the community in the UAE and in the GCC,”

“As we further extend our geographic footprint in UAE and the region, our strategic plans include expanding our existing facilities, establishing new facilities; and acquiring facilities that widen our spectrum of services, working with key players in the region,” he added.

Benefits of this Significant Project

With the increasing demand for dental service, this is going to be a significant step for Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hanan Fadil, a dental perfectionist, has expressed her concern over elevating dental issues among youngsters. She advised children to brush their teeth twice a day and avoid any dental problems. Nowadays, dental problems are more frequent among any gender and any age group. In today's generation, craving for food is more so there are a lot more chances to get dental disorders if you don't take care of your teeth. So dental clinic is a much-needed thing that should be well developed.

Such a significant decision of Abu Dhabi is going to help to increase the revenue of both the countries. The citizens of Saudi Arabia will get benefited by the dental facility provided by UE medical, and the Abu Dhabi can increase its assets to be $812million. This major project will give a lot of vacancies across the country. That would be an excellent opportunity for youngsters.

When we give a glance to the population of Saudi Arabia, it is one of the largest oil producers all over the world. Business opportunities are even more in this country, so in this situation, taking over the dental clinic is going to make great opportunities in the business field. This will benefit both the countries Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Many business investors are investing in these countries because of its vast opportunities. To set up a dental clinic would need registration, licensing and many more legal procedures. Our company provides every kind of assistance for setting up a business venture. When we see the hospitality sector of GCC countries, these countries are not backward. The reasons for the growth of the hospitality sector is even more in these countries.


This major acquisition of dental clinic will be a significant advantage for both Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. This will hugely affect the economic criteria of the countries. People will be benefitted from the dental clinic. Whenever setting up a new business venture one has to go through many legal procedures so our company commitbiz will assist you in acquiring a license in a hassle-free manner. Contact us to know more about our consultancy and the services that we are providing to set up business in Dubai.

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