Let's Talk About Freelance License Abu Dhabi

by Zaara 14, Oct 2022

Everybody—be it a full-time employee, a business person, or an unemployed— would have wished to be a freelancer at some point in their life. It is because of the benefits and the autonomy it provides. Work from home has been a culture of late and people have started noting the potential of a freelance worker. However, a freelancer has been enjoying the leverage since the dawn of time, and a freelance license in Abu Dhabi is now trending.

More to Abu Dhabi Freelance License 

Gone are the days when to work in UAE, one must be a full-time employee with a contract visa, and losing your job meant vacating the country. With the changing times, UAE started recognizing freelancers and the guide to obtain a freelance license in UAE is now quite simple. 

Significantly, the Department of Economic Development of the nation’s capital, has extended the freelancer license program encouraging budding entrepreneurs and business owners by making it easy to get Abu Dhabi freelance license. 

Abu Dhabi Freelance License Activity List

Abu Dhabi's freelance license activity list has been framed in effort to enhance the economy. The list includes both activities and some consultancy services.   

Fashion design Calligraphy Procurement Fine art Fitness
Clothing Drawing Technical installations Architectural drawings Artworks
Flowers arrangement Statistical consultations Green buildings Maritime services Sculpting
Photography studio Agricultural guidance Information technology Lifestyle development Handicrafts
Event Photography Marketing operations & management Economic feasibility studies Marketing studies Printing services
Videography Computer hardware & software Human resources Parliamentary studies Photocopying
Event management Property Tourism Banking Gardening and landscaping
Gift packaging Legal consultancy Heritage Tax consultancy Printing on textiles, clothes
Jewelry design Public relations Entertainment Marketing services Plastering
Web design Standardization & quality management Administrative studies Energy Engraving
Project design & management services Pest control Food safety Space Decoration
Translation Project development Goods designs Logistical consultations Soap making


Advantages of Having a Freelance Licence in Abu Dhabi

Just like any other business license, having a freelance license in Abu Dhabi has its own advantages

  • Widen the prospects for non-residents, retired, students, and homemakers 
  • Allowing freelance work will help boost income and start a side hustle for the employed
  • Provides you with the freedom to work from any part of the globe
  • Businesses can work with freelancers for short time commitments ad can also cut costs and recruitment efforts by doing so. 
  • Work permits can be obtained easily without relying on company sponsorship. 
  • Allows applicants to apply for a residence visa
  • Enables you to open a corporate bank account
  • One of the cheapest licenses to acquire in Abu Dhabi
  • Facilitates sponsorship for family members

Things to Consider Before Getting Freelancer License in Abu Dhabi 

To everyone’s consensus, UAE is a nation that offers so many benefits to its entrepreneurs and employees. A freelancer license in Abu Dhabi excites every self-employed and people who are looking for a side hustle.

These are some of the visible attempts to fulfill the Abu Dhabi economic vision 2030. Now, officially start your freelancer journey, but before that, there are some aspects to keep in mind.   

Points to Remember While Applying for Freelance Business License in Abu Dhabi

If a freelance business license in Abu Dhabi is on your bucket list, then note these down.

  • To get a freelancer’s license, you must have the potential and skill sets related to the job that you can present. 
  • Employer approval is mandatory in case of working with a public sector
  • When working with the private sector, no approval is required until your freelance activity does not imbricate with your current job. 
  • In case your chosen activity is different from your regular job, employer approval is not required.
  • A minimum of three-year experience in a particular field or either professional or academic expertise is required before proceeding with a license
  • You are not obliged to provide an office location for your license 
  • The license, once acquired, is valid for two years and then requires an annual renewal

How to Get an Abu Dhabi Freelance License?

There are certain procedures that you need to follow for getting an Abu Dhabi freelance license. You can contact the Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi to proceed with your freelance license or even visit the official website of Abu Dhabi Business Centre (ADBC) and create an account

Abu Dhabi Freelance License Cost

Apart from the above, the Abu Dhabi freelancer license cost is something that everybody wants to know and would always be disappointed with a generic answer. Nonetheless, we are here to spill accurate data. It cost around AED 530 

To Finish it With

With all the information on how to apply for a freelance license in Abu Dhabi, its merits, and procedures. The next step to expand your career can be by starting a firm with your passion. We can help you get there. We at Commitbiz, with years of experience in setting up businesses across the middle east, are committed to making your entrepreneur dream a success.  We offer various services starting from business set-up in UAE to all the nuances involved. Contact us for immediate assistance. 


Do we require a local sponsor for a freelance license in Abu Dhabi?

No, it is not required.

Will I be able to hire staff after getting an Abu Dhabi freelance license?

A freelancer license does not provide you with authority to recruit.

Can a spouse visa holder apply for a freelancer license?

Yes it is possible.

Can an employment visa holder apply for a freelancer license Abu Dhabi?

Yes, applicable.

How much does a freelancer get paid in Abu Dhabi?

It depends upon the individual’s expertise and experience.