A Guide to Start Logistic Consultancy in the UAE

by Zaara 08, Dec 2021

Logistics is both the art of transporting objects, resources and knowledge in and out of an entity. It covers aspects of the supply chain in a sector, including inventory management and the transport of goods. Any business will encounter various benefits by getting to grips with logistics and doing it more effectively, but with tighter funds and shorter margins. Concentrating on these potential cost savings that could mean all the difference between make or break is especially crucial for SMEs.

The UAE is sponsored by government grants and has a healthy market climate. The UAE has many lucrative and enticing locations. Indeed, one of these is the logistics sector and any operation connected to it. It is undoubtedly one of the UAE's most profitable businesses. There is a tremendous market demand that induces rapid growth in domestic and global transportation regularly. It refers to both multinational shipping administrations on an expansive scale and local wholesale deliveries of various goods. One of the most profitable firms in the UAE is the logistics sector. There is an endless logistics company in UAE, primarily in the Ras Al Khaimah and Free Zones areas.

Starting a Logistics Business in the UAE

Investing and opening a logistics business in the UAE would have countless advantages; taking into account the country's laws and company guidelines. The demand for the services of logistics business indicates that there is no lack of companies within the Emirates that can provide these services. The UAE has thousands of logistics operations, primarily in UAE and Ras Al Khaimah. There is an exclusive free zone in UAE reserved separately for the logistics industry, i.e. Logistics City in Dubai.

In the RAK free trade zone, the logistics sector is a universal transport hub that consolidates both airport cargo transport and freight shipping. Additional operations in the industry are also provided by the free trade zone, some of which include the inspection and packaging of products or final assembly.

The Free Zone draws together the most relevant distinctive styles of transport administration, as well as a trained faculty and an effective corporate structure. Logistics firms will focus on viable and strengthened supply chains thanks to excellent conditions and a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies.

The region of a free zone is physically restricted due to which you will not be able to cover the entire market. Still, a foreigner can get full ownership of the company, while in mainland you have complete access to the UAE market but you will need a local sponsor to have 51% of the shares in the company.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in the UAE

  • Taxation advantages
  • No minimum capital requirement exists for
  • No trading place limits
  • The UAE is the world's fastest-growing economy.
  • Benefits from the free zone
  • Infrastructure in the First Tier
  • Act together with government departments
  • There is no limit to currency restrictions.
  • Low duty to import
  • More options for company operations.
  • The number of visas does not have any restrictions.

Plan Your Own Logistics Consultants Company in UAE

Running a logistics company is a challenge, but it is doubly challenging to start a company where your goal is to help others operate their own more effectively, such as a logistics consultancy. To be able to extend assistance to your targeted customers, you will need sufficient knowledge of the field. You would be the one to direct clients to businesses that can help them meet their goals or requirements. It's a great way to start by offering your services to the area where you live, but you should not restrict your services there. You may bring additional customers from other countries as a logistics and supply chain consultant. Therefore to tap into the global market, you will need to build a company website.

What Does a Logistics Consultant Do?

Logistics consultants analyse information for their customers to identify and address any logistics and supply chain process issues. A logistics consultant allows businesses to improve their customer service activities and mature, cost-effective supply chain, warehouse, material processing, and delivery solutions.

Manufacturing firms are assisted by logistics consultants to improve efficiency, minimise extra costs, implement up-to-date technology systems, and provide improved customer service.

Logistic Consultancy in the UAE

The demand for logistics consultancy has risen dramatically over the past ten years, with the increased number of people purchasing goods online and foreign trade expanding rapidly. In the overall transport market, this is one of the fastest-growing sectors, as more businesses are assimilating technology into their activities. As such, it is essential to demand experienced guidance on the growth of transportation set-ups.

One of the things about owning and running a logistics consultancy company is that from coordinating shipments to customs brokering and international transportation of goods, they can work in several different capacities. The initial costs associated with the new consulting firm for logistics are very modest.

Career Information for Logistics Consultants

Consultants in logistics work with consumers to coordinate and optimise material goods production and physical delivery. They provide oversight to increase the productivity of production processes, quality control, transportation and other aspects of the distribution of goods.

Logistics markets in the UAE have gained immensely from significant investments in physical structure, with industry estimates of $30 billion in size. As more and more companies strive to incorporate technology into their activities, logistics consulting is one of the most exciting and fast-growing facets of the overall transportation industry.

The demand for higher investment returns, coupled with the need for real-time monitoring for all shipments to be integrated, has created a strong demand among logistics consultants who can provide the service. It can be a lovely business opportunity for an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the transport logistics industry, even if the individual is going to work as a sole consultant practitioner.

Criteria to Become a Logistics Consultants

A Bachelor's degree and three years of expertise is the minimum degree for Supply Chain Management and Logistics or Business or Economics. Since consultants need to have a high degree of field experience, after acquiring sufficient knowledge and experience by working in logistics, experts in the field could work for consulting firms. Companies usually provide new employees with comprehensive preparation, teaching them to communicate with customers excellently and handle numerous projects.

Documents Required for Establishing a Logistics Consultancy Business

  • A passport size image with a white background is required.
  • Shareholders' passport replica
  • Tourist visa or residence visa carrying the stamp of entry
  • CV
  • Plan for Company
  • The owners' service bill
  • Contract Tenancy
  • Passport copy for a local partner
  • The Regional Partner's Emirates ID
  • The Regional Partner's Family Book

Obtain a Logistics Consultancy License in the UAE

Suppose you are eager to open a consultancy in the UAE for logistics. There are several licencing processes and permissions need to be received from different authorities. It is a tedious task, setting up your company hassle-free by hiring a consultancy in the UAE.

How Can We Help?

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Is the logistics business profitable in UAE?


What qualifications are mandated to work as a logistics consultant in the UAE?

The qualifications mandated to work as a logistics consultant in the UAE are a Master's in Global Logistics or a Master's in Business Administration.

Why is it required to become a logistics consultant in the UAE?

Becoming a logistics consultant in the UAE assists manufacturing companies in increasing production, lowering costs, bringing up-to-date technology systems, and providing supe

How long does it take to establish a logistics consulting firm in the UAE?

 It takes about 15 days to establish a logistic consultant firm in the UAE.