A Guide to Obtain Spa License in Dubai in 2019

by Zaara 11, Nov 2019

A Guide to Obtain Spa License in Dubai in 2019

Dubai is among a couple of metropolitan communities of the actuality where one can observe an amazingly exclusive expectation of living. The corporate way of life includes going to meetings, parties, conferences, and continually connecting with the global group and tending to the global market. Due to this, the general population of the Emirate and even the general population speaking to remote objects want to put their best self forward. This exclusive expectation of living turns into a clear explanation behind the accomplishment of the spa business in Dubai.

The Spa business can be opened either in the Dubai Mainland or any of Dubai free zones. Usually, the mainland is an ideal choice as you can easily attract more clients. And the way that Dubai operates, it clearly indicates that there is a bundle of demand for such business activity. Currently, a large number of spa license in Dubai are already operating in different corners of Dubai, but there still is a big room for others as well due to the arrival of expats and tourists and their choice of interests in fashion.

The government of Dubai as estimated an increase of 20% per year in the spa industry. No wonder, it is an investment that will never suffer and in turn, generate more revenue at a good speed. However, if you decide on investing in the spa business, there are a few basic requirements that you must know for hassle-free business incorporation.

Procedure to Obtain a Spa License in Dubai

Spa and beauty salons are managed by the Health and Safety Department that has set a series of guidelines and regulations which every applicant has to conform to get the Spa License in Dubai.

Things to Consider Before Obtaining a Spa License in Dubai

  • Type of Spa – You must decide on whether you require an urban spa or if you will be providing additional services like pedicure, hair straightening etc. Also decide if you want to open a spa for male, female, or both
  • Business Options – Decide whether you desire to build your own spa from scratch or wish to buy a hair spa franchise or buying an already established spa. A legal structure is also important, i.e. whether it is a sole proprietorship or a partnership
  • Finances – Estimating the overall cost is important. Like the cost of rent, equipment, beauty products etc. Also, plan on how you will be securing the finances for your spa business and its development at a later stage
  • Hunt the Location – If you decide on setting up your spa from your housing premises, then you need proper permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED). If not, then you can come across setting up your business in a reasonable location
  • Licensing and Permit – Before officially commencing the business, make sure that you have all the local permit as well as license, no objection certificate and other such approvals

Requirements for Spa Business in Dubai

  • The site must be approved by the planning department of Dubai Municipality
  • The furniture in the spa must be sparkling clean, and there must be appropriate lighting
  • To keep the towels and cosmetics, there should be enough cupboards
  • There has to be a water heater for client requirements
  • Near the area of facial treatments, there has to be a washbasin
  • For beauty treatment like manicure, pedicure, waxing, henna application, there must be a separate area
  • The height between the floor and ceiling of the spa must be more than 2.30 meter
  • A signboard with the spa name must be placed in front of the shop

Coming to the crux of the matter, to obtain the spa license, follow these steps.

  1. Submit the visa and passport of the owner of the business
  2. Select a trade name and get its approval from the DED
  3. Draft a Memorandum of Association from the local service agent
  4. Sign a rental agreement and get an agency contract for your business installation space
  5. For health and environment of the spa, get approval from the Dubai Municipality
  6. Submit all the required documents and get your Business License

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