A Guide to KHDA Approval in Dubai

by Zaara 23, Nov 2021

A Guide to KHDA Approval in Dubai

Dubai has long been the educational hub of the UAE, relative to any other emirates, with considerably higher numbers of private and international academic centres. For this reason, the government of Dubai initiated the KHDA to ensure that companies provide a high quality of education. The KHDA has the power to audit schools, score them publicly, and even distribute fines to failing providers.

Dubai has long been the educational hub of the UAE, relative to any other emirates, with considerably higher numbers of private and international academic centres.

The development and quality of private education in Dubai is the responsibility of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). KHDA defined qualifications for teachers in Dubai's private schools following its commitment for quality. These criteria aim to protect and improve the standard of teaching and to learn in private schools in Dubai.

What does KHDA do?

The KHDA is the administrative unit for education in Dubai, responsible for the expansion, direction and standard of Dubai's private teaching and learning.


The purpose of KHDA is to ensure that the square measure of Dubai's non-public faculties is developed and operates following our legislation in compliance with the very best quality standards. Via regular checks and foreign reviews, our team ensures associate degree in progress superintendence of urban centre faculties.

What Are the Criteria KHDA Uses to Assess Schools?

A broad range of parameters exists - from academic achievement in core subjects to the standard of school leadership; from the behaviour of students to the degree of performance monitoring. It actively promotes Muslim and Arabic teaching jointly by discussing its conditions for fulfilment. One of the most relevant tools for the assessment of faculties is the KHDA studies, and an alternative model emirate should adopt a square measure. Within the openness during which it publicly publishes college success - or lack thereof - Dubai is several steps ahead within the field.

An instructor with relevant qualifications is a prerequisite for improving the standard of teaching and learning. Before an initial appointment is given, this condition must be fulfilled by the instructor.

The Initial Appointment allows a teacher at a school to teach. KHDA then proceeds to improve the quality of teaching and learning by motivating teachers to meet the criteria for the registration of KHDA teachers in the Educator Permit System.

The school applies for the teacher's initial consultation after a private school in Dubai chooses a teacher for an open teaching position. The Initial Appointment is mandatory for the instructor to receive a UAE work permit.

A teacher must have a degree in a specific field for the initial appointment, depending on whether the teacher is a class teacher or a subject teacher.

  • A teacher in the class must have an acceptable bachelor's degree or higher) in education (or equivalent qualification).
  • A subject teacher must have an accepted (or higher) Bachelor's degree relevant to the subject to be taught.

Upon receipt of the initial appointment, the teacher is expected to register with the Educator Permit System at a Dubai private school.

A teacher must fulfil the requirements to complete the registration,

  • Qualification of the Subject
  • Qualification for Teacher Preparation
  • Additional criteria for Certification
  • English Competence
  • Legal status
  • Fitness for Teaching
  • Strong Standing
  • Professional Development Mandatory

What is KHDA looking for?

The KHDA's inspections are comprehensive. It is an associate degree study of English, Mathematics, Science, academic development, teacher quality and leadership. More recently, Arabic teaching is being evaluated. Also, the scrutiny watches but the faculties square test self-evaluating themselves.

Why Establish an Educational Institution in the UAE?

Dubai, and the UAE more broadly, has a population that is increasing rapidly and values private education. It's a compelling opportunity for education and training providers, according to Alpen Capital's GCC Education Industry 2016 report:

  • Half of the schools in the UAE are private, and three-quarters of higher education is confidential.
  • From 2009 to 2014, enrollment in tertiary education institutions increased by about 9 per cent per year.
  • Annual fees for private schools vary from AED 1,725 to AED 98,649.

It is also important to note that GulfTalent's training and jobs website lists over 1,200 training courses in the workplace on its UAE website.

How to Acquire KHDA Approval in Dubai?

It's an online process to obtain KHDA approval, and there is a certain approval fee, but our consultant can assist you with any KHDA approval.

The following steps will need to be completed by any business that wants to set up as an education provider in Dubai.

1. Select Category of Education and Location

The KHDA accepts applications from early childhood care to private tutoring, on-the-job skills and management training for a vast range of education-related activities. Unsurprisingly, depending on the kind of action you hope to offer, the application process varies.

In terms of location, you will probably want to be based in the Dubai International Academic City if you are a provider of higher education. But keep in mind that providers of particular types of training in the workplace may prefer a free zone targeting the industry they cater to.

2. Complete your Registration Plan

In applying for KHDA approval in Dubai, this is the most significant and time-consuming step. You are expected to complete a comprehensive business) plan for registration. It must provide information on:

  • Introduction to your company-showing your aim and the value you offer
  • Analysis of requirements-demonstrating demand for your training form
  • Data about shareholders
  • Experience of staff, including applicable skills
  • Training services-in following the classification of the KHDA
  • Non-training services-the specifics of other operations
  • Certification-data on the kinds of certificates you send
  • Tools and equipment, including laboratories and classrooms
  • Marketing-showing how you want the word about your brand to spread
  • Recruitment process of customers
  • Enterprises-Detailed enterprises that demonstrate that you are aware of the relevant regulations
  • A list of training courses you are going to have and annexes

3. Complete your Application Form

Next up, you are expected to complete a permission form for education services. The way is relatively reasonably easy to assemble, but when performing either of these steps, it is often beneficial to have the guidance of a company forming specialist.

4. Collate the Appropriate Paperwork

You will need to collate relevant paperwork to go along with your application. It will contain the documents below:

  • Name reservation and initial approval from the appropriate commercial authority
  • Application form (you can type all fields)
  • Project of Registration
  • Colour passport copies of all of the Institute's shareholders
  • Coloured passport copy of the Institute Director/Manager
  • Public signature of a notary for each shareholder and the manager
  • CV director/manager
  • The manager's certification certificates
  • Undertaking by the manager attesting to the full-time management of the training institute, including the planned operating hours
  • Course list List
  • If one of the investors is corporate, then include the parent company's board resolution announcing the institution's establishment in Dubai / certificate of good standing.

In addition to this documentation relating to the institute itself if you operate from the premises, you will also need to provide copies of your trade licence, a tenancy contract, and if applicable, an environmental health and safety certificate.

5. Submit your Application

It is essential to submit your application online through the KHDA e-services portal. As part of your application process, you will also need to pay any relevant fees.

Final approval may be delivered for smaller operations in a matter of days, depending on the submission, or if you are a larger outfit, you can have a long wait.

How to Apply for KHDA Approval in Dubai?

It may be an essential procedure to apply for KHDA approval. The exact steps you need to take will vary depending on the type of coaching or education you are hoping to provide. It is where working with a specialist in corporate formation removes the headache and offers real peace of mind. You may have access to a market that is hungry to be bold once you are registered and come upon it.

How Can We Help?

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What is the responsibility of KHDA?

The KHDA must guarantee that Dubai's higher-education institutions are founded and operated following our legislation and to the highest quality standards.


What are the requirements for a private school opening in Dubai?

  • According to the corresponding executive rule, the school's site must be acceptable for the needed activities.

  • The school structure should be suitable for teaching and training purposes and meet all health, safety, and security requirements.

  • The school's activities must be restricted to educational and training activities.

Which authority is responsible for the educational institute registration in Dubai?

Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

Do I need a local sponsor to open a private school in Dubai?

Yes, if it is on the mainland.

If I open a training institute in Dubai, do I need approval from the KHDA?


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