A Guide on How to Obtain Event Management License in Dubai

by Zaara 10, Sep 2019


Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities and the entertainment sector is just booming. Every year there are thousands of events taking place in Dubai, ranging from birthdays, parties, corporate get-together to exhibitions and summits. Dubai is only eight hours away from two-thirds of the global population which makes it a convenient location for international events.

Events have become so inclusive and extravagant that an individual alone cannot handle it. It includes catering, decoration, lighting, setting up location. These tasks seem too tedious, especially for people who have their own work to complete and cannot focus on their own event. This is where event managers come in and make the job easier. They handle the entire event making it easier for the organiser.  The Dubai World Trade Centre organises various events as well as exhibitions, all such exhibitions in Dubai is said to contribute around 3 Billion USD to the economy of Dubai. With the Dubai 2020 Expo set to kick start in October 2020, the event management industry is going to require a lot more players. Dubai, through this event, is expected to have over 25 million visitors and is expected to generate over 23 Billion USD in revenue to the emirate.

If an individual has knowledge of the legal formalities, then starting an event management company in Dubai is fairly simple.

Event Management License

In Dubai, for setting up any company or business, a license is a must. Using this license, one is free to organise and manage different kinds of activities as such hospitality management, promotions etc.

However, there are certain activities barred by the Government these are:

  • Civil/Construction related activities such as the building of stages,
  • Trading activities.
  • Training activities
  • Organising or sponsoring various event without proper approval
  • Activities covered by talent agencies
  • Spot or venue management activities.

Other than these activities which are non-permissible, there are activities which are classified as permissible activities. These are;

  • One can organize and manage as well as encourage events, award functions, product launches, seminars, conferences, conventions, meetings and such other business events.
  • One can start hotel reservations as well for the people attending such events.
  • Activities wherein selling and encouraging of tickets are permissible.

Easy Setup Procedure

An event management company can be established easily with proper approval and documentation process. Whether such type of company is to be set up in mainland or in a free zone, the process will be similar in both the categories. The said procedure is also direct. For the purpose of setting an event management company in a free zone; the very first step is to find the zone which matches the interest of your business. In Dubai, there are approx. 40 free zones and many of such free zones are home to many event management companies.in case of free zones, your application will be routed in less than a week and you can apply for the license directly to the DED. In case of setting up of event management company in the mainland, the process is much alike. Except for the direct application to DED.

The steps to obtain event management license are given below:

  1. Filling of the application form including the personal and professional details therein.
  1. After filling the details, one has to decide the business activities which are to be undertaken.
  1. Such activities are to be listed in the application.
  1. Such an application is to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  1. The above point is to be followed wherein the company is to be set up in the mainland. The free zones have different rules and regulations on the basis of the respective authority.
  1. After submission of all the documents with the application form, the DED will verify it.
  1. On approval from the DED, one is required to pay the fee.
  1. The license will be issued after a few days.


  • Event management business owners have flexibility in applying such n number of visas.
  • In case of free zones, there is a such no official requirement for office space but in the case of the mainland, office space is mandatory.
  • An event management license enables sponsor dependents to obtain visas as well.
  • Multiple shareholders in a company as allowed.
  • The cost of setting up an event management company in Dubai is low.
  • Corporate bank accounts are at ease to open.

Points to Be Noted

  • The sale and any kind of promotion of tickets for such events outside the free zones are subject to the guiding principles of the authorities such as DED, DM and DTCM.
  • Similarly, the sale and promotion of such tickets of events in other states or Emirates or countries are subject to the rules, bylaws and other such regulations of the relevant emirates or countries.
  • In case of any event withdraw; you will be fully and completely in charge of refunding such amount.in addition to this, the relevant authority has full right to verify and examine all or any of the activities, files, such as other affairs of any of the Licensee at any point of time.
  • All such regulations and guidelines in relation to the activities under the license shall be informed to all personnel, artists, employs and technicians. The harms arising from the activities of Licensee’s Dependents shall be borne by the Licensee himself.
  • The world ‘Festival’ can only be used with the approval of the authorities.
  • A License is required to secure the relevant approvals and agreements in relation to any property, information or document by the third parties.\
  • General public information shall be provided on any such website, tickets, posters, banners and any such leaflet or every such marketing material.

Your Advantage with Us

The procedure, legal formalities, various approvals from different departments are pretty complicated but of great essence. For such complicated procedural aspects, it is always advisable to appoint such experts who can help you in setting up an event management business or getting a license for such a business. We recommend our professional experts who can help you in setting up your business with ease. if you have any queries you can contact our professional team. We would be more than happy to help. Contact us.


What are the documents required for opening events companies in Dubai?

  • Passport of the business owner and other partners
  • Photograph
  • Three trade name alternatives
  • Office Ferrari for Mainland licensing
  • Authorization letter of the current sponsor.

How much time does it take to get an online license for an event company in Dubai?

 Less than 20 minutes.

What are the benefits of incorporating events companies in Dubai?

  • Visa options that are flexible
  • Demands for office space
  • Shareholders from different companies
  • Dependents of Sponsor
  • Setup is affordable.
  • Opening a business bank account is quick and straightforward.

Which activities are not permitted?

  • Performing any civil or construction work (e.g. building stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands, or extra construction work).
  • Buying and selling activities.
  • Training Exercises
  • Activities of a Talent Agency
  • Management of the venue.
  • Establish and support events that do not have the necessary approvals.

What are the activities granted under the event management license in Dubai?

  • Sales of the tickets
  • Giving hotel reservation 
  • Marketing of conventions, meetings, seminars etc.