9 Reasons to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai

by Zaara 17, Jun 2019

9 Reasons to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai

Tourism has been one of the remarkable business sectors in the Middle East region. Centered at the heart of UAE, Dubai ranks among one of the top visited cities in the world. Be it for a business purpose, or a leisure experience, individuals, worldwide prefer to choose Dubai among the top five destinations. Amazing events, conferences held in the region becomes an attention-grabbing factor that provokes the tourists to come forward and gather a different experience. This ideology of the part lifts the tourism industry to its next level.

According to research, events like Expo 2020 is likely to be a game-changer in the tourism industry, as it is projected to hit 25 million visitors, contributing an amount of Dh 122.6 billion. Campaigns have been set at an international level to inspire every business entrepreneur, investor and owner to come forward and gather experience. This turns out to be a perfect lift to the tourism industry and paves out multiple ways for business owners who want to set up their business in UAE. This article talks about nine reasons that will help you to understand and get a clear picture of how starting a business in Dubai, in the Tourism sector will turn out to be a perfect choice.

1.Home of Millions of Expats

The heart of the UAE, Dubai, is home to millions of foreign expats and has been remarked as one of the biggest multi-cultural cities in the world. The population of Dubai stands dynamic, and the community uses multiple transport options. Once you set up a tourism business, you can provide services for all the possible means like roadways, airways, waterways etc. This will not only increase the business profit but will also increase the range of customers in different domains.

2.Worldwide Tourist Hub

Dubai falls under the category of world’s most visited cities by tourists. Iconic landmarks and events like Dubai Shopping etc. attracts millions of tourists frequently. The region can be termed as an evergreen tourist destination, paving out ways for investors who want to start a business in Dubai, dealing with the Tourism sector.

3.Tax-Free Scenario

Paying out the income tax turns out to be one of the most crucial parts for any businessman. However, the scenario in Dubai is exceptionally different; wherein there exists a tax-free scenario. Business owners are free of paying taxes, and that turns out to be one of the eye-catching factors that most of the owners come forward to initiate their business process.

4.Easy Availability of Tourism License

Specific businesses in Dubai needs to hold a specific license, which acts as a legal permit to carry out business operations. Entering into the Tourism domain, the tourism business demands a tourism license that will be approved by the Department of Tourism Authority of Dubai. The process of obtaining a tour guide license turns out to be an easy process, especially if it carried out with the help of a business consultant. To know more on tourism license, click here.

5.Growth of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is one growing sector that has leveraged the tourism industry. The region turns out to be an ideal destination for patients who are seeking international treatments. Dubai provokes business owners who are into the medical sector, and has got a separate zone named Dubai Healthcare City to boost the medical business.

6.Growth of Marine Tourism

Marine tourism is another the evolving ground in the Tourism sector, and Dubai is heading on its way of establishing itself as a Marine Tourist Spot. Visitors usually opt for a Dubai Ferry to grab an experience for the same.

7.A Centre for MICE

Being an international centre and a strategic bridge, Dubai is commonly chosen as a destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions of reknowned companies. We can say that this increases the growth possibilities of the tourism sector to the next level, paving out new opportunities for the business owners and investors.

8.Visa Services

Deciding to visit Dubai, be it for business or even leisure purpose, the availability of a visa is an natural process. To avail one, you need to make sure that you keep your essentials handy. Once you have decided to inaugurate your tourism business foundation in Dubai, you will need an investor visa to initiate the process. Moreover, you can also take a step forward and provide visas to your respective clients. On the business front, if you are keen to hire international employees, then your company is expected to provide an employment visa.

9.Easy Availability of Office Space

When it comes to a business establishment, you need not worry about physical space. Dubai takes multiple initiatives to help business owners to set up their business. On the parallel view, it also takes care of the business centres to ease the setup process. You can easily avail the office space rental services, and the process turns out to be much easier if you take the help of a business consultant.

The above-mentioned points make it a clear way for us to understand how tourism business can turn out to be profitable. Starting a business in a foreign land might seem to be complicated initially. The process involves multiple layers of legal involvement, which might turn out to be an issue if you don’t have a clear idea regarding the legal proceedings. To carry out the same in a hassle-free way, business owners prefer to choose professional consultants who can help them in the proceedings. Commitbiz, a premier business consultant in Dubai, stands here to help you in this process. Our business experts hold industry experience and provide tailored solutions to the respective clients, which makes us one of the best business consultants in Dubai. Understanding your business and providing effective solutions for its establishment turns out to be our ultimate goal. To have a word with our experts, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.

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