8 Tips To Select A Business Domain

by Zaara 24, Mar 2020

The dynamics of marketing has changed significantly with the majority of online searches happening on the internet; one of the most long-lasting and effective methods of reaching your potential customers is through a well-developed and maintained website. Whether you possess an existing business or have an idea for a startup, you need a robust online presence. Generally, the first thing your potential customer will do when searching out your product or service is to conduct a web search. If your website is relatively uncomplicated to find and navigate, you'll significantly increase your chances of a sale.

Several factors shall be seriously considered while brainstorming domain name ideas. We give you a quick rundown of eight tips below for selecting a great domain name for your business, and you'll be able to nail one that's effective and smart by following these simple steps.

1. Be Brandable

Your company's domain name shall sound like a brand as it is going to be the face of your company in the form of a URL.

You can go about with simplicity, novelty, and memorability. You need to avoid inserting hyphens, numbers, or anything else that makes it sound complicated and unnatural.

2. Make It Pronounceable

Your domain name must be easy to pronounce as it is something related to and called processing fluency: our brains can process information efficiently. The names which are easier to remember should be more likely to inspire positive associations.

Sometimes the domain name is too hard to figure out; hence, people routinely misspell, and all of that potential traffic is lost. Most people do not have the hour or desire to try multiple Google searches of possible spellings. Therefore they tend to give up searching for your brand's site quickly.

Make the domain name easy for your customers to find you.

3. Keep It Short, But Not Too Short

Simple and memorable are two aspects to keeping the domain name short. It is suggested not to opt for a too short domain name as it can have the opposite effect. You need to act a balance between both. Something brief would be the best choice.

Many think about using an acronym for their domain name in the pursuit of brevity. That is usually wise if your brand or product is regularly referred to by the initials. 

4. Go After, ".com"

Being unique isn't always better when it comes to extensions. ".com" is the most effortless extension to remember and is widely often used.

Go with other well-known extensions like ".org" or ".co" or ".net" if you can't get the ".com." Then plan to acquire ".com" in the future.

In search engine optimization (SEO), domain names have a long history. Over time, Google has adjusted for spammy SEO domain efforts, and it hasn't always been for the "best" reasons. A ".com" helps with brand identity and looks more authoritative. A ".com" is also a great SEO fodder.

5. Avoid Trademark Infringement & Confusion

The ideal domain name shouldn't be easily confused with the name of another site or brand, make sure to keep it distinctive. You don't need any lawsuits on your hands after all. You could be sued and forced to give up the domain if your domain name infringes on a trademark. You can scan to see if it violates any UAE trademarks before you register your domain name.

Please note: If people can confuse your name with another brand, so can search engines. Picking a name that's similar to another business can lead to your name's search engine results being cluttered up with trash links.

6. Make It Instantly Intuitive

The ideal domain name should provide users a good design of what your business is all about.

Additionally, immediate intuitiveness gives bonus points for memorability. When people can hold your site's notion just from the domain name, you can bet that it's going to stick in their minds. 

7. Use Keywords Sensibly

If your domain name has some keywords, it can be of great help. However, you shall be open to options and shouldn't bend to include exact match phrases to your domain name. It could be a disadvantage for your brand.

Advice to be noted: You shall avoid using generic phrases and keywords exclusively. They are not only hard to remember but also don't carry the same SEO benefit 

8. Append Or Modify If Necessary

The domain name should be catchy and provide a sense of your product or service as a whole. You can modify and play with the words to make it creative and unique for registration. You can also choose some social media tools for selecting domain extensions.

The most important task to establish your business online or offline is choosing a domain name. From a marketing attitude, you can create a lasting brand image with the right domain name. The domain name must be both customer and SEO friendly. You need to choose such a domain name that makes sense to your business. A reliable domain name separates you from the millions of get-rich-quick-scheme websites and adds professional credibility to your business.

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