8 Steps You Need to Follow While Starting an E-Commerce Company in Ajman

by Zaara 19, Jul 2019

8 Steps You Need to Follow While Starting an E-Commerce Company in Ajman

In the present era e-commerce has the fastest growing rate between all the other industries. E-commerce services are buying and selling of products or services with just a click in the online market. Most of the companies are attracting a large number of customers online by providing services like supplying digital coupons, social media marketing and various targeted advertisements. Formation of e-commerce Company may seem easy but it can be quite a complicated process. For proving any e-commerce services, e-commerce Company must be established.

Benefits of E-Commerce Company

  • Its timeless availability
  • Its quick accessibility
  • Wide range of goods and services
  • Easy accessible nature

Ajman Free Zone also known as an “Entrepreneurs heaven” gives a wide range of opportunities to the new investors and entrepreneurs. It is  home to many foreign corporations and multiple investment companies. Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) has been termed as  sole regulatory authority for the free zone within the Emirates. It was initially inaugurated with the objective to invite foreign trade and other multi-million development projects.

Advantages to Start an E-Commerce Company in Ajman Freezone

  • Have good and strategic location for both small and big set ups.
  • Works as a bridge between eastern and western world, giving the best possibilities to the companies incorporating in AFZ.
  • Provides excellent accessibility to 2 international airports and 4 seaports.
  • Ajman port alone caters around 1000 and more vessels annually.
  • Exemption from both import and export duties.
  • Very low handling charges.
  • Reduction of all service charges or any other hidden charges.
  • Availability of workforce.
  • Cheap tariff prices.
  • Affordable lease prices.
  • Easy licensing procedures.
  • Land contract for 20 years, which can be renewed for another 20 years.
  • This land contracts are guaranteed for the total term of 40 years with renewal, with tax and customs free operations in the UAE.
  • Easy transfer of both capital and profits.
  • Exemption from other taxes as well as personal taxes.
  • Well structured infrastructure.
  • Easy low-cost labour.

8 Steps to Start an E-commerce business in Ajman

1.Determine the Type of Business Legal Entity

The first and most important thing is to determine the type of legal entity you are planning to set up.

2.Fill out  the Application Form

For initial approval, the company must fill out an application form. The application form shall be submitted to the Customer service centre in the municipality. The forms should be filled out carefully and diligently. The further process is dependent on this application form provided by the municipality.

3.Special Approval from the Municipality

If required further approvals from the municipality should be taken. Necessary documents should be given with approval from the municipality. Approval as to trade name and other details should be mentioned and verified documents to be submitted with the application.

4.Follow up with the Inspection Unit of Ajman

For verifying the given business location a follow up with inspection unit of Ajman should be made. The inspection unit will check and verify the location mentioned by the applicant where the business or the company is set up.

5.Approval for Trade Name, Business Register and other Documents

The applicant has to take approval for the Trade name which he has mentioned in the application. The details and verifying documents should be submitted along with the application. A business register should be maintained. Membership certificate should be issued and approved by the concerned authority.

6.Approval from the Ministry of Trade

Approvals to be taken from the Ministry of Trade, concerning the documents which are to be submitted and receipts to be given along with it. Receipts must be taken from the Ministry of Trade as acceptance into the register of Companies.

7.Registration Fees to be Submitted

The prescribed registration fees should be deposited with the application.  Fees should be submitted to the Customer Service Centre and receipt to be taken. It would take one day to obtain your license.

8.License for E-commerce

After all the necessary steps are taken, the ministry of trade can grant the e-commerce license. All the authority as to Ajman Free Zone is given to Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA). All the regulations and procedure of issuance of license are observed by AFZA. But to set up any ecommerce company we need to obtain E-commerce license only. Grant of this license validates the incorporation of the E-commerce business Company.

Ajman Free Zone: Authorises 4 types of license

  • Trading license
  • E-commerce license
  • Professional license
  • Industrial license

Above are the 8 steps to be followed for setting up any e-commerce company in the emirates of Ajman. Ajman Free Zone is the best place to get your business rolling.

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