Things to Know for Starting Cafeteria Business in Dubai

by Sweta Bose 10, Apr 2019

If we look at Dubai, we can see the establishment of a new cafeteria every day and the demand is steadily climbing. Thus, starting a cafeteria business in Dubai can be promising for many business investors.

However, it might be a smooth task to complete the setup process, but certainly, the real task of the business owners is the things that come along with the setup process. Let us see some of the things that are to be noted.

Let us Look at the Cafeteria Business in Dubai

Young entrepreneurs are eager to earn money by capitalizing on the flourishing food and beverage industry (F&B) in Dubai. The competition is increasing daily because there is a massive demand for cafeteria business in Dubai.

Obtaining a cafeteria license in Dubai is essential if you plan to open a restaurant or a cafeteria. Other than that, you need to obtain a food license. A food license will be obtained from the Food and Safety Department. Food Safety Requirements to Open a Dubai Cafeteria Business

Dubai cafeteria business, to ensure food safety, must obtain licenses such as:

  • Food consignment release license
  • Pork permit for handling and serving pork products
  • Vehicle permits for transporting food products

The government also imposes a special regulation on the import/export of food products. Also, the restaurant must be at least 50 meters from waste disposal facilities as they could lead to food contamination. At least 10 meters of the area around the restaurant should be kept clean at all times. Location Requirements for Opening a Cafe in Dubai

For opening a café in Dubai, you need to take a lot of things into consideration and one such is the location requirement.

  1. The location chosen to start the cafeteria must first of all be appropriate, providing space to keep all the equipment required to prepare the food.
  2. There must be enough space for the disposal of dirt and evacuation of smoke.
  3. The building must not provide any access to pests.
  4. The toilets and storage area must be separated from the kitchen
  5. The walls, floor and roof should be washable, non-absorbent and fireproof
  6. There should be a basin for washing utensils, a separate basin for cleaning vegetables, and a separate one for meat

Opening a cafe in Dubai is challenging due to much competition, but with the right planning and thorough execution, it can be a highly lucrative business. Many investors are looking to invest in this sector, so if you are keen on starting a cafeteria business in Dubai, this might be the right time. 

Cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai

Cost depends on the idea of the business. The larger your plan, the more capital you will need. It also is subject to various other factors:

  • The number of staff
  • The outlet and layout of the cafeteria
  • Interior of the kitchen and the cafe
  • The menu
  • The scale of your business

Knowing the cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai can be very subjective and shall leave an overwhelming reaction. Although getting returns from your investment on the cafeteria business is independent of mere luck in Dubai but bends more on a strategic approach towards running your cafeteria business.

Opening a Cafe in Dubai is Now Easy with Commitbiz

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Is opening a café in Dubai a profitable option?

Yes, Dubai is a land of tourism, so opening a café will be profitable.

Can foreigners start café in Dubai?

Yes, foreigners can start a cafeteria in Dubai.

Does a Dubai cafeteria need trade license?

No, you do not need a trade license.

Is opening a café in Dubai costly?

The budget depends on your plan and the scale of your business.