8 Business Opportunities in DMCC Free Zone

by Zaara 25, Nov 2019

8 Business Opportunities in DMCC Free Zone

Stands as a global business podium, Dubai has been successfully positioned itself in the minds of investors and business owners to position itself as an ultimate investment opportunity. The Government of Emirates has been implementing various initiatives to encourage more investors to come forward and invest in the “City of Gold”. One of the eye-catching features that the UAE holds is the presence of tax-free zones, that provokes the business investors to take a call on business incorporation in the UAE. Dubai, the heart of UAE, has more than 30 free zones focusing on the different business sector.

The Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) stands as one of the fastest-growing free zones that hold boundless opportunities for business professionals to come forward and incorporate a business in Dubai. This guide will highlight the possible business opportunities that the region contains. If you are planning to start a business in DMCC, then this guide is for you.

Before we deep dive into the opportunities that DMCC holds, let’s get a gist of the free zone and then proceed.

A Glance at DMCC

Founded in 2002, and situated in the Jumeirah Lake Towers District, the DMCC serves to be home to more than 15,000 registered businesses in its premises. The region has segregated itself into multiple business sectors to clutch in more business options. The core focus of DMCC revolves around the fact of developing Dubai. The DMCC stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing free zones and thus stands out to be the first choice of business professionals. Now, let’s move ahead and look at the business opportunities that the region holds.

Business Opportunities in DMCC

The DMCC serves to be a platform for multiple business sectors. The region provides enormous business opportunities when it deals with:


Dubai is regarded as the “City of Gold”, and the idea of starting a gold business turns out to be a profitable option. The Gold industry stands as one of the most influential sectors in the UAE and attracts millions of investors every year. Gold Souq stands as one of the most known gold destinations in Dubai. The involvement of DMCC in the gold business has lifted the sector to its next level. The DMCC provides opportunities to the business investors who are seeking to invest in the gold business.  The DMCC serves the commodity trading operations of gold through Dubai Good Delivery Standard (DGD) for Gold. If you hold an idea of investing in the gold business, then DMCC is the best ground for you to execute your business plan.


As we have seen that the Gold industry has set its benchmark in Dubai, the Diamond industry is nowhere less. The DMCC provides equal opportunities for the professionals dealing in diamond business to start their company in Dubai. When it comes to trading, the DMCC carry out the diamond trading activities through the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE). To fetch in more opportunities into the sector, Dubai is on the way of conducting the 4thDubai Diamond Conference (DDC) to blend innovation and technology into the diamond sector. If you are looking forward to investing in the diamond business, then DMCC stands as the ultimate option.


The same applies when it comes to the pearl industry. Investing in the pearl industry serves to be a smart decision, and to cater the needs accordingly, the DMCC Free Zone provides flexible opportunities for the investors to come forward and invest in the Pearl Industry. Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE) is the organization that DMCC is in partner with in regards to carry out the pearl trading activities. The DMCC is providing the opportunity to the investors to come forward and invest in it. If you are looking for one, then grab it now by incorporating a business in DMCC.


The trading activities are not only confined to the precious metals but also covers tea in the list. The UAE stands as the largest exporter of tea, covering 60% share of the global market share. The region provides an end-to-end solution to the business owners to carry out the business operations that involve a blend of warehousing, blending and packaging. So, if you stand as a business professional dealing in the tea industry, then you can count Dubai as the next choice when it comes to business expansion.


The Middle East region has always been in love with coffee, and this has been targeted as a business segment by DMCC. The core aim is to establish Dubai as one of the global leading coffee supply chain destinations. The DMCC invites foreign owners to take the initiative to come forward and invest in the coffee business. To provide core business solutions, the region offers numerous facilities that include storage, processing, packaging and delivery. The coffee segment has been attracting millions of foreign investors in its count, which holds enormous growth. In case if you want to invest in the coffee business in Dubai, you can count on DMCC.


Spice is used all over the world when it comes to food. The spice industry stands as one of the key sectors that have been growing continuously over the years. On the global count, the spice gets used everywhere, ranging from household use to five-star hotels. Thus, there is a huge demand that needs to meet accordingly. Understanding the business opportunity, the DMCC has initiated their foot-step to cater to the needs and include the supply of spices as one of their core businesses. Investors who are seeking an opportunity to invest in the spice industry and start their business can grab the chance at the DMCC.   


As the growth of the hotel and restaurants are shooting up, the demand for the agricultural products will shoot upwards. We need to understand that the agriculture industry is the base of the delicious meals that we order every time. The demand for food products has been continuously increasing, and thus paves out more opportunities for the import and export business at a global front. The DMCC has got a significant ground for the agricultural industry, providing the best possible flexibilities to the investors. Are you worried about the financial scenario? Well, the DMCC Trade flow offers a complete solution to your query by imparting innovative trade finance options. If the agricultural sector is your business ground, then you can go ahead with DMCC.

8.Base Metals

Another flourishing and fast-growing market that the DMCC focuses on is the base metals. The real estate and construction industry have been continuously growing and builds a pathway for the construction materials and base metals. On the global front, the base metal industry holds a value of US$170 billion a year. Thus, you can understand the intensity of emerging business opportunities. The DMCC select the base metal sector as one of their primary focus and helps business owners to come forward and invest.

In a nutshell, you have now got a complete idea regarding the various business opportunities that the DMCC holds in its arena. Starting a company in the UAE turns out a smart and desirable option, and if you are dealing with any of the business areas mentioned above, then DMCC serves to be a favourable option. Now, to proceed ahead, it is recommended to take the help of a business consultant who can guide you accordingly at every step. Commitbiz Consultants, one of the best business consultants in the UAE has been helping clients to incorporate their business across the UAE. If you want to start a company in DMCC, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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