7 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Investment Park

by Zaara 30, Sep 2019

One of the fastest-growing cities of the world Dubai has been accepted as a global business platform by millions of foreign expats. The region has been continuously progressing and has topped in the eyes of business owners. Starting a business in Dubai has turned out to be an easy way after the incorporation of Dubai Investment Park, founded in 2004, which covers a total area of 560 million square feet. This article talks about the core seven reasons which need to be looked at while investing in Dubai.

1.Multiple Business Options

The region of Dubai Investment Park grabs the attention of international investors as it serves to be one-roof for various business solutions. The Dubai Investment Park serves to be home to a wide range of industries covering Food and Beverage, Building Materials, Furniture, Plastic, Printing and Press, Construction, Pharmaceutical etc. You can see that it serves the business establishment benefits to multiple business domains.

If you are interested or involved in any of the business industry mentioned above, then you can rely on the Dubai Investment Park to set up your business in Dubai.

2.Robust Connectivity

Connectivity plays a vital role when it comes to business entities. The business activities require vast connectivity, and Dubai holds a perfect solution for this. It excels in all possible connectivity, be it waterways, airways, or roadways, which becomes very easy for the business owners to carry out the business activities effectively and smoothly.

The Dubai Investment Park has got effective connectivity when it comes to providing facilities to the business owners and industries established in the area. Since the DIP holds numerous business zones, which you will come across later in this article, the zone focuses on providing useful network connections to ease the business processes.

3.Strategic Location

The Dubai Investment Park is strategically located near the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Production City etc. which turns out to be way beneficial for the business investors and owners. Considering the overall location, Dubai turns out to be the ultimate gateway to expand businesses into the international market. The UAE shares its borders with the neighbouring countries like Oman, Bahrain and Qatar that opens up multiple opportunities to the companies to take a step forward and expand in other zones. Incorporating a business in Oman turns out to be equally beneficial when considered under the expansion process.

4.Easy Availability of Business License

The moment you decide to set up your business in the Dubai Investment Park, you need to make sure that you hold the respective business licenses required to carry out the activities. The business licenses in Dubai are issued by the Department of Economic Development, one of the Government Authorities of the UAE. The respective authority grants numerous business licenses. You can get a complete list here.

5.Availability of Numerous Business Zones

As mentioned above, the DIP serves to be home to multiple business industries, and the region has got dedicated areas to serve the best to their respective clients. Some of the available zones that you can find in the DIP are stated below:

a.Industrial Zone

Focusing on the industrial sector, the DIP has got a dedicated industrial zone for complex industries. Every possible aspect like the robust network connectivity, infrastructure and outstanding facilities have been in-built to give the best possible experience to the clients to ease their business activities.

Sixty-percent of the total area is dedicated to the industrial zone, which covers more than 1,100 leased plots. Utmost care has been taken in the supply of adequate water and electricity, modern cooling plants, waste management and recycling activities so that the businesses set up over there can find all possible needs under the same roof.

b.Light and Medium Industries

Another ground where the Dubai Investment Park focuses is uplifting the light and medium industries. Dedicated complexes covering an area of 500-1000 square meters have been built for the businesses dealing with sectors that includes perfumes, light manufacturing, soaps, furniture, marble and the packaging materials. The DIP has taken a step forward and to create an eco-friendly environment. In case if you are dealing with the above industries, and planning to start a business with minimal capital, then you can count on the DIP.

c.High Tech industries

Adequate spaces have been built to boost the high-tech sectors to leverage the tech industry to the next level. Activities like high-grade light manufacturing and industrial activities can be carried out in these zones in a hassle-free way.

d.Warehouse Zone

Customized and extensive warehouses are made available at the Dubai Investment Park to deliver substantial facilities when it comes to business activities. It provides a significant house for storing of goods and raw materials and also is well-equipped with massive logistic solutions, which helps in the smooth flow of products and services. One of the significant benefits when it comes to DIP is that it is located close to Jebel Ali Free Zone, which stands as one of the major free zones in Dubai. Close attention has been given to build a well-framed network to ease the business processes and activities accordingly.

e.Commercial Zone

Another diversion that turns out to fetch massive revenue for the Dubai Investments Park is the availability of the commercial zone, which occupies 8% of the total area. The commercial zone has been positioned as one of the premier business parks, which provides tailored solutions to the retail shops, showrooms, offices etc. The DIP has got perfect office solutions for the businesses of every type. The retail industry is expected to shoot high by the end of 2020 and turns out to be one of the booming markets. In case if you are planning to start a retail business in Dubai, you can go ahead with the Dubai Investment Park as an ideal location for your business.

f.Residential Zone

Covering an area of ¼ of the total area of Dubai Investments Park, the residential zone stands as the best performing zone where more than 97% of the ground has already been leased. High-quality, environment-friendly and well-structured residential plots have been planned, which seems to be an ideal solution for the owners. The residents have got a wide range of solutions ranging from different styles of villas to townhouses, apartments etc. that infuses international standards in terms of design and quality.

Considering its future, the residential zone has got any plans in its bucket. The multi-development phase has been spread over an area of 3,200 hectors. The residential zone turns up to be a perfect business ground for business owners dealing in the real estate sector.

The above-stated zones highlight the opportunities that the region holds for the business investors and entrepreneurs. Be it an experienced professional, or even a newbie, you can find your business ground in DIP.

6.No Tax Burden

Another relieving feature that Dubai holds in its lap for the business owners is the freedom of tax. Yes! Business owners do not need to pay personal or income tax that turns out to be a significant relief. However, recently, the UAE has implemented VAT @5%, which needs to be borne by the business entities. The benefit of not paying any extra cost on the personal earnings grabs the attention of international investors, provoking them to incorporate their business in UAE.

7.Expo 2020

The upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to be a huge game-changer that would boost Dubai’s economy to a great extent. An estimated count of 25 billion visitors is expected, which would enhance the economy’s GDP to a great extent.  This turns out to be an emerging opportunity for business investors who are planning to set up business in Dubai. Every business sector will be holding its potential to scale-up in the industry. Being a business owner, if you are planning to start a business in Dubai, then this is the best time to give a kick-start. To know more about how the Dubai Expo 2020 is going to change the world, click here.

It can be stated that Dubai is on the edge of transforming itself into the world’s global commercial hub. The move of Expo 2020 will bring out enormous change for business owners and industrialist dealing in different industries. One of the smart steps that you can make by being a business owner is to set up your business in the “City OF Gold”. This would turn out to be an excellent opportunity for your business to get international exposure. To start with, it would be better if you can get in touch with a business consultant who can help you in incorporating the complete business process. At Commitbiz, our experts are well-versed with the incorporation policies and can assist you to set up your company in a hassle-free way. To speak to our experts, contact us today-we’d be glad to help.


How many zones are there in Dubai Investment Park, and what are their names?

There are three zones in DIP. They are,

  • Residential Zone

  • Business Zone 

  • Industrial Zone

Where is Dubai Investment Park located?

Dubai Investment Park is located close to Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Whether Dubai Investment Park a freezone?


What type of license is required to open a DIP company?

A trade license is required to open a DIP company.

Is a local sponsor required to set up a DIP company?