6 Steps to Start a Company in Sharjah in 2024

by Zaara 10, Jan 2020

Many dreams of being an entrepreneur and having their own business. The United Arab Emirates is one such place where every entrepreneur’s dreams come true. It’s a heaven for every investor, and the government adds more power in the investment scenario. Starting a company requires struggle, but if the policies and guidelines are pro-business then things can surely come out to be way better than you think. By doing so, one can put all their efforts and focus on corporate policy rather than spending their time and effort into the registration and incorporation process.

Sharjah brings lots of opportunities for new businesses and business people. The presence of cultural and historical presence in Sharjah charm to the people which make the businesspersons start their business here. Being the Emirate with entree to ports in the Arabian Gulf’s eastern and western coasts, entrance to the Indian Ocean and straight connections to North Africa, many investors are attracted to Sharjah. Foreign investors have the possibility of opening different types of companies Sharjah, like limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, subsidiaries, and a branch office.

Easy Steps for Business Setup in Sharjah

Sharjah is home to a huge number of businesses in the UAE and has the number of companies have set up here from scratch, or several companies have expanded in this area in the form of regional centres. However, to officially start a business in Sharjah, one must go through a few steps. They are:

1. Register a Trade Name

A trade name must be registered in Sharjah with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Remember that, while selecting a name for your business, check the list of names which are already registered. So that your business name is not the same as any established business name.

2. Determines the Business Activity and Legal Form

Finalizing the business activity is necessary because you need to get the license in the final step depending on what your operations are. A legal form can be an LLC, Sole proprietorship, Joint Stock company, Shareholding company, etc.

3. Get an Initial Approval

Initial approval is also taken from DED Sharjah. The support is a letter which allows one to go forward with the registration process for your company in Sharjah. This step is mandatory during the registration process in the UAE.

4. Approvals and Permits

Once you apply for business registration after getting the initial support, the next step is to get the commercial lease approval from Commercial Protection section in Sharjah. After this, if your business activity requires you to take special permits, then you should go ahead with it.

5. Gather All Documents

While submitting the registration, you must attach required documents with the application. The papers are:

  • Verification of trade name reservation
  • Check for primary approval for the activities
  • Passport copies of the manager and shareholders
  • Personal information of business owners
  • Personal information of the manager
  • Documents of a lease agreement with complete details
  • Attested Power of Attorney of the legal representative
  • Pre-approval of third parties on some activities

6. Other Legalities

The process doesn’t stop just here. After you get the Certificate of Incorporation and Business License, sign a lease contract. After which submit a labor card application to hire employees, open a bank account for your business, etc.

Sharjah provides an exceptional setting for doing business and represents an alternative to company registration in Dubai with the same benefits. The businesses and Sharjah from zero corporate tax and no import and export taxes.

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