6 Steps to Register for Trademark in the UAE 2019

by Zaara 29, Apr 2019

6 Steps to Register for Trademark in the UAE 2019

One of the most essential works you need to perform before setting up a company in the UAE, or anywhere for that matter, is to investigate the competitors and the business environment. Chances are that you may find businesses similar to yours which deliver similar kind of goods or services. In such a case you will need to showcase the distinct qualities of your business and try to differentiate your business so that it is better able to attract its customers.

You can easily do this with a brand or a logo of your choice which will make your business easily recognisable and will also attract customers. However, if your company gets the traction you anticipated people will start imitating your brand and this can hamper the goodwill of the business. Thus, you will have to protect the brand so that no one else can utilize the brand without your express permission.

In recent times, the fast-growing countries like the UAE have been in need of trademark registration services. This is because of the inflow of all the business and the competition in the local markets. This blog article will inform you as to how can you better protect your business in the face of all the competition.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, a word or a group of words that represent a company or a product. Since it is legally registered, no other business can copy it or use it for their own purpose without explicit permission. The recognisability of the mark helps in distinguishing the product or service from other competitors. Ministry of Economy is the competent authority that oversees all the trademark registrations in the UAE.


Steps for Trademark Registration in the UAE

Registering the trademark for your company may take a bit of time but it is necessary to protect the company from imitators. The following steps will give a detailed overview of the trademark registering process:

1.Enquire about Current Trademarks

Before registering a trademark, the first step is to search if the trademark we want is already in use or not. This can be found out by doing a search online. If it is found to be in use by a different business entity, the particular trademark cannot be used by you. Only after choosing the appropriate trademark the procedure of registering a trademark begins.

2.Fill out the Application

The application to register a trademark needs to be downloaded and then filled in. The form can be downloaded online from their e-services website. You would require the following documents while filing for registration:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Trading License
  • Contact Details of Applicant
  • A Sample of Trademark Design
  • ID or Passport of Person who will Sign the Application
  • List of Goods and Services to be Protected

3.Pay the Required Amount

After acquiring the necessary documents, you will be required to pay a trademark registration fee. This payment can be done online in the e-services portal of the Ministry of Economy. The total estimated cost of registering a trademark in the UAE is around $10,437. You may need to incur some extra legal costs or an extra translation fee. 

4.Evaluation by the Ministry

After the payment is done, the MOE will evaluate your application. Any problem such as unfilled query, or any improper answer will result in the rejection of your trademark application. If your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal and then make the necessary changes in the application. If there are no problems in your application, then you will receive approval for the trademark within 30 days. 

5.Publishing in Newspaper

After giving you the approval the Ministry will publish the document in two different national newspapers. It is to be noted that the cost of publishing the announcement in the two newspapers will be borne by the applicant. If anyone has any objections to the trademark they can voice their complaint under thirty days of publishing the application.

6.Final Registration

If there is no complaint against the trademark in the specified time, the Ministry of Economy would provide you with a certificate of registration. This would include the registration number, date of the application, name of the business and the owner’s name, your trademark and the description of your product, goods and services that are categorised under it.

These are the six steps that need to be followed by you to get your trademark registered. Once the trademark is registered, it would be valid for a period of ten years which can be further renewed after payment of a specified amount. We also need to keep in mind that this registration process would only protect your trademark in the UAE and not outside the country. Trademarks are only a part of a larger umbrella group called Intellectual Property Rights.

The above-mentioned process may look simple enough but even a single mistake in the application process can result in the rejection of the trademark. Thus it would be beneficial to hire the service of a firm that would ensure that your application has all the relevant information needed. If you are looking for such a firm, then look no further as our advisors at Commitbiz can help you in this matter. We will take care of all the problems you face by providing customized solutions for your business. In case of any query on the various services we provide do contact us – we’d be happy to help.