6 Essential Traits for Women to Become Successful Entrepreneurs

by Zaara 18, Sep 2020

The 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report found that 66% of the global business owners are male, yet female entrepreneurs were found to be more successful than their male equivalents. In fact, 89% of women running a company expect profits to grow over the next 12 months. So what does to take for these women to become successful entrepreneurs?

Establishing a successful business does not happen overnight. The entrepreneurial venture requires countless hours of hard work, dedication, and passion. In today's world, women with different backgrounds have proven time and again that being a successful businessperson is possible. Their success stories have shown how a simple dream can be comprehended and turned into an enormous success. For those of you who are also hopeful to flourish as an entrepreneur, there are so many things that you can learn from these amazing women.

We have listed down six traits a woman must have to become a successful entrepreneur. Keep reading.

1.Take Risks

J. K Rowling once said, "Be willing to fail." A good businessperson is one who knows when to take a planned risk and the possible opportunities/pitfalls involved. Your decision to take up an opportunity to expand or change could be the difference between success and failure. If you're extremely conservative and cautious at times, you could just miss one of the most significant breaks of your life. History shows that successful female entrepreneurs are those who like a bit of adventure and are eager to take a chance to make it big.

2.Leverage your Strength and Improve your Weakness

All successful female entrepreneurs are mindful of their strengths and how to leverage them. When working in an area that highlights your strengths, you are likely to feel more productive and confident in your work. However, it is also essential to be aware of your weaknesses and what can be done to improve in those areas. It may be tempting to avoid these areas altogether, but acknowledging that they need improvement is the first step towards becoming a more seasoned businesswoman.

3.Adapt to the Requirements of Time

In this extremely competitive world where trends continue to change, you must always adjust to changing times. Successful businesses continue to flourish and thrive since they know what the people need and what the market needs. When you familiarize to the necessities of the time, your business can provide what the people are looking for.

4.Stop Procrastinating

When you need to act, you need to act.  Businesspersons who procrastinate and delay decisions or actions are entrepreneurs who usually don't stick around for too long.  Yes, you need to seriously consider and discuss your decisions and actions before taking them, but once you're decided then delaying isn't going to get you results.  Taking definite and confident decisions in the nick of time is a common habit of up-and-coming businesswomen.

5.Stay Organized

We're using so many appliances to help us work and sometimes like our minds, and they get cluttered too.  It is an effort to clean up and organize the information and data on your phone, laptop, and tab regularly.  But if you can do it every week, the boost in your output and efficiency is worth all the trouble.  It helps you focus on what's essential and pull out information faster without too much stressful searching.

Developing traits/habits happens over some time. You can't wake up tomorrow, say "I'm going to stop being a control freak," and expect it to happen instantly. Instead, you need to make small changes daily that lead to real behavioural changes over time. Brave women entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington take failure in their stride and believe that "……..failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of success".

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