6 Benefits of Starting an IT Business in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Nov 2019

The IT industry has been performing as a catalyst for every business segment. Be it personal or professional use; technology has created a strong dependency on the minds of the people. Ranging from a small business to a multi-national company, every business is looked as an incomplete without the involvement of the technology. Now, this continuous dependency has created a huge market when it comes to the tech-freaks. Dubai stands as one of the most profitable destinations when it comes to business incorporation.

The region turns out to be a podium for every business segment, and thus, it turns out to be a perfect destination for the IT business. Now, if you are planning to start an IT business in Dubai, you should be aware of the benefits that you can avail. This blog will provide you with a complete idea on the benefits of incorporating an IT business in the heart of UAE. Let’s have a look.

1.Dubai- The next tech-hub

Dubai has been growing continuously in the technology domain, with a blend of AI and Robotics. To leverage the tech-industry, dedicated zones like Dubai Internet CityDubai Techno Park, has been built that has been a dedicated platform for the newbies and experienced business professionals in the tech industry. These zones stand as the free zones available in Dubai, which has got tax exemption. Recently, another step has been taken by the Etisalat Telecommunication Group by introducing 5G in the Dubai region. This step will turn out to be profitable for the business entities dealing in all segments.

2.A business Podium

Business investors prefer to select Dubai as the ultimate business ground because of the numerous benefits that it provides to the worldwide business investors. The land of Dubai has turned out to be a favourable ground for entrepreneurs, established business owners, freelancers, dedicated professionals etc. If you have a business idea in your favourite domain, you can blindly count on Dubai to execute your business and give it a proper existence.

3.Grabs the Right Talent

Dubai is an ultimate destination that serves as a home to millions of foreign expats. After starting a business in Dubai, you don’t have to burden yourself to get the required employees. The region provides complete flexibility to the business owners to hire worldwide employees. Most of the freelancers choose Dubai as the perfect platform to work as a freelancer. You do have numerous options in your hand to hire the best talent to grow your business.

4.Upcoming Expo 2020

The year 2020 is much awaited by the worldwide business professionals to attend the Dubai World Expo 2020, which is going to get held for a period of six months. The event is expected to grab the attention of 25 million investors and is looked forward as a business collaboration platform. Multiple business partnerships are expected, that will significantly increase the global GDP. Thus, incorporating a business in Dubai at this point turns out to be a smart option.

5.International Market

Dubai stands as an excellent option if you are looking forward to giving international exposure to your business. Once you enter the Dubai market to hold a grip for your business, you end up joining the global market, where you can target a much larger audience for your business. Even though you deal with B2B or B2C business, you will hold numerous opportunities in your hand to fetch in more revenue.

6.Easy Expansion

After you have got a firm ground on your tech business in Dubai, you can expand it to the other Emirates, and also to the neighbouring countries like Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Setting up a business in Dubai provides you with multiple dimensions of expansion, with a diverse count of audience. According to research conducted by IDC, the global technology market is expected to hold a value of $5 Trillion by the end of 2019. So, you can get a gist of the opportunities that the world holds for the tech industry.

In a nutshell, we have seen the benefits that leverage IT professionals to start a business in Dubai. If you are a professional who has is well-experienced with the IT industry, or even a college graduate who has got an out of the box idea regarding IT field, and want to start a business, Dubai is the perfect ground for you. However, it is to be noted that the moment you decide to incorporate your business in the region, it would involve certain legal aspects which needs to be cleared. The initial stage of a business entity involves multiple steps, which you need to clear accordingly.

The best option is to have a word with a business consultant who can hep you with the incorporation process effectively. At Commitbiz, our business experts take care of your business needs and provides tailored solutions effectively. If you hold a query, do speak to our advisors. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.