How to Start a Small Cafeteria in Dubai?

by Zaara 22, Jul 2019

Considering the statistical figures in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly one of the largest and fastest-growing economies. The restaurant and small cafeteria sector, particularly in Dubai, has seen immense growth over the past few years.

Knowing this, every entrepreneur who wants to invest in the Food and beverage industry has a constant query on how to start a Small cafeteria in Dubai

Here are some critical points that must be nurtured before starting your venture. Paying attention to these aspects can be fruitful. 

How to Start a Small cafeteria in Dubai?

To be frank, the size and scale of your cafeteria do not change much of the process. The only thing it can change is the cost of setting up. However, if you are a budding entrepreneur and how to open a cafeteria in Dubai is a constant question in your mind, we are here to help you.

This detailed process will help with the things to know for starting a cafeteria business in Dubai.

 1. Choice of Location

When it comes to the cafeteria, location is the major aspect. Choose the best location that can pull in potential customers. 

 2. Get the License

Be it a big or a small cafeteria in Dubai; you need a cafeteria license to start. Make sure you get the external permits and approval also.

 3. Cafeteria’s Lease Agreement

Proper negotiation serves well for the times to come. Do read through and understand the tenancy contracts you are about to sign. 

Please clarify that if your tenancy terms support your new venture, you will need that support throughout the tenancy period, so you better start right.

 4. Collaborate With Local Service Agent (LSA)

You may need to appoint a local service agent, depending on the legal structure of your business. This will help with the smooth initiation and running of your business.

 5. Standard Operating Systems

Since you wish to start a small cafeteria in Dubai, this is a crucial notch. Ensure that your food business is run professionally with a common direction for staff, management and owner. 

Daily tasks are formalized into procedures which leads to sync among the staff. Also, customers come back for consistency and efficiency in products and services.

 6. Concept and Menu

Imagine you want to start a small cafeteria in Dubai— and wouldn’t want to experiment but rather be mundane. It is not going to work that way. 

The consumer surveys repeatedly show that they will return to their favorite place for a combination of good food, excellent service and a unique place. 

 7. Investment in Construction and Equipment

Whether a hotel business in Dubai or a small cafeteria, overspending during the initial stages can be fatal. Allocate your budget, keeping in mind that your production and service win consumers, and your ambiance keeps them comfortably coming back for more.

 8. Capitalization

Since you want to start a small cafeteria in Dubai, capital is the most crucial aspect. You need to know where to spend and how to spend. Ensure you have sufficient funds and working capital incorporated as contingency funds in your plans.

 9. A Well Organized and Implemented Accounting System 

An excellent accounting system that addresses the core activities the food business should incorporate:

  • Purchasing system
  • Handling orders accounts
  • Production accounts
  • Waste accounts
  • Part-time hours handling
  • Fixed cost management
  • Variable cost management
  • Prime costs of the cafeteria

 10. Trained Cafeteria staff

When you realize and believe that your staff and management are the ambassadors of your business, you will not want to take a chance by ignoring the crucial importance of pieces of training and motivational growth of your key personnel.  A well-motivated team that receives regular training and growth opportunities can be your best asset.

Worry Not; Commitbiz Will Guide You on How to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai

Congratulation on wanting to open a cafeteria in Dubai. It is one of the thriving ventures that is simultaneously challenging due to the high competition it faces. With the correct direction in planning and execution, one can ace the game.

If you are searching for answers for how to open a cafeteria in Dubai, then contact us. We are there to cater to your every query and help you along the way to a rewarding business.


Can you start a small cafeteria in Dubai with a minimum budget?

Starting a cafeteria demands a little more from your pocket. There are many more, from licenses, other permits, and set up to operational costs.

To open a cafeteria in Dubai, do you need external approvals?

Yes, for construction plans, from the food safety department etc.

Is a license mandatory to start a small cafeteria in Dubai?

Yes, big or small, you need a license.

Is starting a small cafeteria in Dubai a good option?

Yes, Dubai’s food and beverage industry is booming and starting a small-scale business in this sector will be rewarding.