5 Tips to Grow Your Cafeteria Business in Dubai

by Zaara 22, Jul 2019

5 Tips to Grow Your Cafeteria Business in Dubai

Starting a cafeteria in mainland Dubai can be a promising venture for many business investors as well as entrepreneurs. Especially the young entrepreneurs who are eager to earn money by capitalizing on the flourishing food and beverage industry (F&B) in Dubai. If we look at the overall cafeteria business in Dubai, we can see them as with the establishment of every new cafeteria the demand is steadily climbing.

Provided that there is a massive demand for the cafeteria business in Dubai and particularly in F&B industry, the competition for the cafeteria business is increasing day by day but is it that easy to start a cafe in Dubai? It might be a smooth task to complete the setup process, but certainly, the real task of the business owners comes after the setup. The critical factor for every kind of business is to prepare a market plan and jot down your odds as well as favourable results.

Research is the Key

In this era, wherein the consumers are assertive about their choices, your competitors can quickly gulp you and your business if you are going to provide mediocre food and services. Everyone in Dubai wants to be at the top, be it in any sector. Hence t is required to have a thorough market research in relation to all the competitors which are providing similar services as that of yours. Proper research regarding cafeteria license in Dubai undertaken by you will also be helpful to get a hand on your legal aspects.

Market research can be helpful and beneficial to your business because it actually depends on you knowledge, technicalities and your opportunities and thus enables you to gather intelligence about every aspect. And hence, after which you can easily strategize your cafeteria and your food items.

Right Space

No doubt your menu is an essential part of your cafeteria business, but the location plays a major role for any business to flourish, especially a café or a restaurant. Henceforth a proper location can make your business either visible or invisible to the public. Choose a location wherein you can attract people according to your menu. Strategize by ascertaining the following:

  • Is your cafeteria location commercial or residential?
  • Does it draw a crowd as per your expectations?
  • Does the location give your business the potential growth?
  • Does it suit your budget?

All these above-mentioned questions should be planned appropriately. These questions will give an overall idea about the type of location that you are searching for. The budget should be an essential factor for your cafeteria as you would never want to go beyond that and face a financial issue.


The success of every business is related to the type of workforce they employ. Similar to choosing the right space for your cafeteria, you should be careful about the kind of employees you hire. Employees serve as the backbone of a cafeteria. Proper time should be taken in analyzing the appropriate employee for the business. For ensuring about t required tasks and their fulfilment on time, one can provide for the clear job description, code of conduct as well as training materials. One important point to be noted here is that employee handbook should be provided as a part of the initial preparation for the employees to know regarding the work that they are expected to do.

Apart from hiring the employees with proper care, a crucial aspect which most of the cafeteria owners misses out is that handling staff is very critical. The employees should be trained with the latest market practices. A business owner should have a good relationship with the employee wherein trust is an important factor. Every cafeteria wants to provide the customers with a perfect combination of positive and cosy experience.

Monitoring the Cash Flows

Cash flows should be checked at a proper period of time regularly. Cash flows provide you with the gist of all your incomes and expenditures and that whether you are perfectly spending the right amount of money at the right place. In case of a cafeteria, it is pretty easy to go over the budget, but then spending a lot on unnecessary items would result in huge loss.

Following things are advisable to carry out if you're all ready to go over budget:

  • Plan an advertisement
  • Host events or celebrations.
  • Invite music groups or bands to perform.


Compliance involves the checking or ensuring that respective regulations are been followed in business. In the case of cafeteria, one is required to prepare proper accounts as described by the DED. Follow up in relation to a license will also be required from time to time. One should not miss that after the expiry of a license, it is required to apply for the renewal on time; otherwise, huge penalties would be imposed. Proper compliance of a cafeteria would undoubtedly avoid any issues with the authority and possibilities of penalties and fines.


As provided, it can be easy to open a cafeteria business in Dubai even with massive demand in the market, but certainly, it is not easy to survive therein. To survive proper strategies are required to grow your cafeteria business in Dubai. At Commitbiz, we help our clients in setting up a cafeteria business in Dubai as well as strategizing the proper procedure for ultimately avoiding any legal issues. Contact us for further assistance.

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