5 Reasons Why a Foreigner Must Invest in the UAE

by Zaara 09, Mar 2020

There are many exciting places to discover and live in; some are good to visit while others are better to invest in. Yes, we are talking about the United Arab Emirates. The world of the UAE is amazing with full of sunshine year-round, stunning beaches, enormous shopping malls, desert safaris, and breakthrough infrastructures like Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa.

The most developed industries in the UAE continue to remain the oil and gas and financial sectors. The banking sector has favourable rules for foreign investors, starting a business in the UAE. The real estate market also offers excellent investment possibility to foreign national as the government has created a very flexible supervisory environment for those purchasing properties in the Emirates. The other sectors offering investment possibilities are the services and agricultural ones which also benefit from special incentives schemes.

Why Invest in the UAE?

The Emirates is already known as a regional and global centre for business and with the approaching Expo 2020 which will be presented by Dubai, many opportunities for private investors are expected to be created. Foreign investors will have access to a substantial wide range of sectors, among which construction, retail, rental, and transport are expected to be some of the most successful. The logistics and tourism industry are also likely to expand during the next few years.

There are many investment opportunities in the UAE. Also, from the last few years, there has been an incredible rise in the number of investments made. While there are several reasons to invest in the Emirates, this thought occurs to all – why invest in the UAE? Today, we are going to look after the reasons why a foreigner must invest in the Emirates.

Here are the five reasons why a foreign investor must invest in the Emirates.

1.Investment Returns in Real Estate

There is an excellent window of opportunity for investors in the UAE market, where property prices are still comparatively low. The fascinating places of the Emirates of Dubai make it a New York of the Middle-East by comparing the high-end leisure amenities and business facilities they offer with offering an excellent location and cost.

2.Growing Tourism makes it a Stronger Economy

Dubai Expo 2020 is a major attraction currently as it is said to drive the economic growth of the UAE. Due to this, entrepreneurs and large businesses are rushing towards Dubai; this tends to cash in the revenue expected from visitors. The Expo area alone is expecting over 20 million tourists from all over the world, which is about to generate 8 million more visitors than what is now. According to the sources, the tourism sector added about 8.4% of GDP which is around 117.4 billion dirhams in the UAE economy.

3.Free Zones Dedicated to Foreigners

For investing in the UAE, foreigners have dedicated free zones, where 100% ownership is allowed unlike Mainland UAE. The free zones also provide the other number of advantages like zero corporate or personal tax, complete repatriation of capital and profits, no income tax, no currency restrictions, easy business incorporation and so much more.

4.Safety and Low Crime Rate

The UAE and especially Dubai is known to be a very safe country and city. It is frequently flaunted as the safest country in the world. A survey taken by the 12th International Symposium for Police Best Practices in the year 2019 said that over 96.1% of respondents felt safe walking on the roads at night. Besides this, the UAE is the 3rd country lease prone to any natural disasters according to a travel magazine that collated data based on information provided by the World Economic Fund, World Risk Report, and the Foreign Commonwealth Office’s assessment of terrorism risk levels.

5.Political Stability

Despite the regional tensions, the Emirate remains stable politically. The rulers of the country are incredibly proactive and involved in the daily governance. One may say that it is one of the safest countries in the MENA region to invest. The Emirates also carries essential financial and monetary stability. Its well-developed, sophisticated banking system features extensive credit amenities and ample liquidity.

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Which is the best place for foreigners to invest in the UAE for business?

All the free zones in the UAE as it have 100% ownership of the company.

What is the GDP growth rate in the UAE?

UAE’s GDP is expected to grow by 6.2% in 2022.

How many free zones are there in the UAE?

More than 40.

What is the country tariff range in the UAE?

0% - 5%.

What is the scenario of Foreign Direct Investment in the UAE?

11.24% growth has been noticed in 2020, worth AED 7.38 billion.