5 Reasons to Start an IT Business in Abu Dhabi

by Zaara 19, Nov 2019

5 Reasons to Start an IT Business in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is situated on the Mainland Persian Gulf. Known as the oil and gas destination, the Government of Emirates have taken numerous steps to leverage the business sectors and widen the scope. Covering an area almost 972km2, the Emirate stands as the second most populated destination. The technology industry has extended its possibilities in all possible business sectors, and that makes it today as an inseparable parameter. The demand for the IT business has been continuously growing, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi also serves to be a well-suited destination for the IT Business. If you are a tech freak and want to expand your technology business, then you can count on Abu Dhabi.

This guide will give you a complete idea on the core reasons as to why start an IT business in the region.

1.Growing Demand for IT Sector

The 21st century has changed the complete working style of business entities as the growth of technology has been continuously shooting up, rolling all the possible business sectors that are possible in its way. If you see at today’s present world, every activity taken by an individual, deals with technology. Numerous software has been built to carry out multiple business activities dealing in different departments.

2.Well-suited Business Destination

The region serves to possess a favourable business climate that allows the business investors to come forward and establish their business according to the favourable business entity type.  Once you plan to establish a company in Abu Dhabi, you have got a wide range of choice to select the best entity type according to the business needs.

3.Close to Heart of UAE-Dubai

Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities of the world, is hardly 140km from Abu Dhabi. This provides the flexibility for the business owners to come forward and start their business in the region, as they can expand it later. By incorporating your tech company in the area of Abu Dhabi, you have a golden opportunity to stretch it in Dubai as well.

4.Upcoming Expo 2020

The entire world is waiting for the upcoming Expo 2020, which is looked upon as an ultimate destination of business collaboration. The event is expected to attract more than 25 million visitors, which will leverage the business opportunities for multiple sectors. If you start your tech business at this point of time, the chance of you getting collaborated with the foreign nation increases to a great extent.

5.Easy Availability of Business License

It is essential to understand that the establishment of any business in the UAE is only possible if you have a dedicated license to carry out particular business activities. The Government of UAE has made it flexible enough for the business owners to come forward and obtain the required permit. To get a clear idea on the different types of licenses, click here.

Thus, you have seen the possibilities that provoke a foreign investor to come forward and start an IT business in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Now, starting a business in an unknown destination turns out to be complicated of you don’t have a helping hand by your side. To start it on your own, you need to have clarity regarding the legal proceedings of a particular region. While incorporating your tech business in Abu Dhabi, the best way to carry out the activity in a hassle-free way is to have a word with a business consultant. Subject matter experts stand as experienced professionals who can carry out the activities in a secure way.

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