5 Reasons to Start a Warehouse Business in Fujairah

by Zaara 06, Nov 2019

Located in the mountainous region of the UAE, Fujairah plays a significant role in adding scenic beauty along with a business contribution to the growth of the Emirates. The region of Fujairah is a port of call for every business activity, and provokes multiple business owners to come forward and start a business in the UAE. However, during the incorporation process, it has been seen clearly that maximum business investors face difficulty in finding the right warehouse for their business. To solve this issue, the Emirate of Fujairah has excelled in the business of providing readymade warehouses to business investors. This guide will help you to understand why starting a warehouse business in Fujairah turns out to be a profitable option.

1.Required by Various Businesses

When it comes to the corporate world, almost half of the population has got a notion that only the manufacturing industry involves a warehouse to store their goods. However, in reality, the scene is that every business entity ranging from a retail shop to a manufacturing business does require a warehouse to store their raw, semi-finished and finished goods, to maintain stock etc. Every company does need a warehouse, which enhances the warehouse industry to the next level. Business professionals have started investing in the warehouse business to fetch easy money, and if you have a plan in your idea bucket, you can go ahead with Fujairah.

2.The Flexibility of Free Zone

The second option why Fujairah becomes the flexible location for warehouse business is the presence of free zones. Just like other Emirates, Fujairah has got two free zones namely,

These free zones provide the flexibility to the business owners and investors to come forward and start a business in Fujairah, free of tax. The free zones act as one of the attracting features that grab the attention of the investors and provoke them to select UAE as their ultimate business destination.

3.Availability of Different Business Licenses

The United Arab Emirates have got a specific rule for business industries, and that is to obtain particular license pertaining to each sector. When it comes to establishing a business in Dubai, there are multiple licenses available pertaining to different industries, which you can view here. These licenses act as a legal permit to carry out business operations. Once you obtain the consent, you can quickly start your business operations.

4.Upcoming Expo 2020

The world is looking forward to Expo 2020 as a global partnership platform, and the event is expected to attract a count of 25 million tourists. According to the EY projections, the event is expected to fetch more than Dh 122.6 billion until 2031, which would have a tremendous impact in the UAE as well as the global economy. The manufacturing, retail, hotel industry etc. Are in the highlight that will be benefitted and would expand to the next level. As a result, the demand for warehouses will spike up.

5. Easy Business Set up Process

Many at times, the incorporation process turns out to be a tedious one. The UAE government is keen on attracting foreign investors to come forward and set up their business. To ease the process, the Government has laid several rules that will help the investors to set up their business at a faster rate.

In a nutshell, we can say that Fujairah stands as an ultimate ground for business seekers looking to invest in the warehouse business. Now proceeding ahead alone might turn to be a complicated process as it involves multiple legal proceedings. The smart and best move that most of the foreign investors prefer is to join hands with a business consultant who is well-versed with the business and legal proceedings and can guide at every step. Wondering whom to choose? Well, your guide is just below.

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