5 Reasons to Avail PRO Services in Dubai

by Zaara 18, Jul 2019


Dubai has got extreme entrepreneurial spirit which is driving entrepreneurs from all over the world to invest and start a business in Dubai. As per the reports last year, there were some near to quarter business registration and licensing transactions – up to 4.6% during the previous year. Hence, starting a company in Dubai can be an overwhelming decision. In the recent years due to the increasing number of requirements for company registration has led to an increase in demand in the PRO services as well as documents clearing services in Dubai.

What are PRO services?

PRO services in Dubai plays an important part in the successful running of the business. PRO services stands for Public Relations Officer. These agents handles all kinds of paperwork and documentation which are required by the ministries and authorities for labour cords, visa application, commercial approvals, trade licensing etc. PRO services helps the business owners hugely. These service providers saves time and energy of the company and helps in completing the formalities of the company smoothly and hassle free.

Companies require PRO services for many reasons some of these are provided below:

  • Information on company and branch
  • Application of resident and employment visa
  • Passport clearance
  • Obtaining labour and immigration cards
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • NOC and other approvals
  • Document notarization
  • Security passes
  • Renewal and update of annual license
  • Monitoring ministerial directives and instructions
  • Maintaining stamps

Reasons to Avail PRO Service

1.Time Saving

One of the important reason why most of the companies avail PRO services is that it saves their time and efforts. As there are a lot of hassle procedures involved in getting PRO approvals as well as other documentation. Relying on an experienced PRO service in Dubai can save you a lot of time which can then be utilised for generating ideas and implementing strategies for the business.

2.Money Saving

There are majorly two different parts for this. First is that it removes the business owners from lengthy and complex legal processes as well as long waiting for the approvals and verifications. Being a business owner and investor, it is a good idea to keep a clean and clear record with the Dubai authorities as well as regulatory agencies. In case of any delays in filling the documents or visits or not paying dues on time, these could lead to a severe negative impact on your business reputation.

3.Hassle free Business

One of the important reasons why PRO services in Dubai plays a major role in company’s success is that it definitely leads to hassle free business. A PRO service provider can sweep away all you aggravations by providing akin to the respective required services. In simple words, they will keep you updated on the progress of your company as well as a check on all the formalities which are to be complied with.

It is also good to know that the company you started with all the expectations and handwork is running transparent as well as fulfilling all the required obligations on time. This will certainly increase your reputation in terms of the company’s smooth running among all the other competitors in Dubai.

4.Improves Business Experience

Business investors and entrepreneurs work hard to save time and complete all the business formalities. But saving time is not everything. By getting the PRO service, you are essentially getting their expertise as well. So the question here is to do the process yourself or hire professionals to do the same? The answer is to outsource the PRO services for all your legal and administrative need and save hours and hours of process and let these experts add their business experience to yours by saving time and efforts.

5.Transparency in Business

A transparent business attract both customers as well as employees. Companies having transparent procedures tend to have higher goodwill. taking the help of transparent services lowers the risk of bad faith and increases transparency in the business. PRO services provide receipts and copies of government expenses as well as other charges and hence helps in maintaining transparency.

Above mentioned benefits and reasons for availing the PRO services are just a few aspects in reality the work of PRO services is very beneficial for any business in Dubai. Specially in a country wherein strict rules and procedures are provided for the business individuals.

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