5 Most Preferred Areas For New Businesses In Dubai

by Zaara 10, Sep 2020

5 Most Preferred Areas For New Businesses In Dubai

There are approximately 600 million entrepreneurs in the world! That's a considerable number. I think we all have that entrepreneurial personality inside us. Yes, it's our latent potential. We all have our reasons which drive us towards this profession.

80% of business owners said, "I choose the entrepreneur form of business structure because I want to be my own master."  I know you found it, relatable!

To be a successful and bold business owner, you have to solve a puzzle. Are you wondering what kind of mystery it is? Well, it is about placing all the pieces of establishing a business.  

Don't worry. We have researched and come out with a solution! This article analyses and answers the foundation laying questions.

  1. Where to set up your business?
  2. Where in that specific country?

2.1 Top 5 areas in that city.

2.2 Best 2 out of five areas.

  1. Procedure/document required?

3.1) What is a business license?

3.2) Why do you need a business license.

4) Quick conclusion

1. Where to Set Up Your Business?

The location where you establish your business plays a crucial role in the success of your company. A survey revealed that UAE is a business-friendly country. It is blessed with the prime location of being surrounded by three major continents; Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has immensely helped business holders to reach a wider audience and establish a strong pillar of their brand awareness.

2. Where in that Specific Country?

UAE is a pool of resources, and you have to pick the most efficient and productive one. Drumrolls! Dubai is the king. Yes, it is a tourist preferred place. But that's not enough. So, let me reveal a secret!

Dubai's economy has identified the five most suitable areas for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. In total, 16,826 business licenses have been issued. It is indeed a motivator!

1. Top 5 Areas in Dubai

These 5 locations account for almost 43.70% of new licenses, which are issued in H1 2020.

  • AI Garhoud (15%)
  • Burj Khalifa (12%)
  • Qud AI Muteena 3 (6.5%)
  • Trade Centre 1 (5.2%)
  • Qud Metha (4.8%)

Top 5 Areas in Dubai

1. Best Two Out of Five Cities

Are you considering setting up Firm in Dubai? These two areas should be on your top preference.

3. AI Garhoud

It has commercial and residential complexes around its radius. Adding a feather, it is a handy spot from Dubai airport and city Centre Deira.

Entrepreneurs enjoy more comfortable access to avail/ possess a legal form of business licenses. As per a survey, the distribution of licenses was mainly for two sectors-

  • Professional Sector
  • Commercial Sector

Dubai economy issued 2,535 licenses out of 16,826 permits in AI Garhoud. Thus, it is considered a prominent location for business setup in Dubai.


Dubai is known for the Burj Khalifa being ranked under the list of tallest buildings in UAE. Being an excellent tourist point, it dominates the commercial sector. The professional industry accounts for 38.3%, and the dominating sector stands with 59.6%.

Two thousand twenty-two (2,022) licenses were issued to this area out of 16,826 by the Dubai economy.


The licenses issued in these two areas were critically analyzed. The report depicted the distribution of the issued license among various business structures.

It is crystal clear how these areas have been a supporting pillar and a catalyst for setting up a company in Dubai.


You must have read the terms- commercial and professional sector and their respective license. Does this make you perplexed? Let us untangle the strings of confusion.

1. Procedure / Document Required

1. What is a Business License?

A business trade license is a necessary document for business owners to possess to start with their business activities and operations.

It is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). It states and signifies that the authority has approved the firm to operate its activities in Dubai.

To expand your operations, you can also file for a business license in Dubai which permits allowance across the UAE. You can go through the procedures of the respective Economic Department of the Emirates.

2. Why is License so Crucial?

You must have the question of, 'what is the need for this legal procedure and document? '

It is good to be curious and dig into the 'why' of everything. Following are the benefits of possessing the license-

  1. A business trade license acts as an identity card for your business enterprise.
  2. You get permission to be accountable for commercial activities.
  3. It signifies that your firm fulfills social obligation. They do so by ensuring procedural safety measures. Thus, you adopt business operations activities that don't hamper public health.
  4. We have a surprise for you! Alas! You, as a firm, can participate in effective governmental measures.

3. Quick Conclusion

As per the reports, Dubai ranks 11th in the list of ‘Ease of doing business.’ One of the benefit-driven factors of why to start a business in Dubai, is how it has grown and developed as a Forex and Derivative hub.

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What types of business can be done in Dubai?

  • Mainland
  • Free Zone business
  • Offshore business

What is the penalty amount for not renewing a trade license in Dubai?

AED 200 each month.

What is a free zone?

A free zone is a business entity in Dubai where the owners can enjoy 100% ownership of their business and other benefits.

Do I need to live in Dubai if I open a business there?


How long does it take to open a business in Dubai?

It depends on the type of business formation; however, it usually takes 3-8 weeks.

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