5 Factors to Look Before Choosing a Business Consultant

by Zaara 09, Mar 2020

The ground of Dubai is one of the significant examples of transformation. Regarded as the heart of the UAE, the Emirate of Dubai was known as the ultimate ground for oil investments. With tireless efforts and strategic planning, the region has established itself as a booming business ground. Today, Dubai has positioned itself in the mind of business investors as one of the most profitable business platforms. With the increasing number of business entities, the demand for business consultants has equally spiked.  Getting in touch with a business consultant stands as a feasible option as the legal proceedings are handled in an effective and hassle-free way.

However, before starting a business in Dubai, a business owner must be careful enough in selecting the business partner. Specific parameters need to be analyzed before finalizing the business advisor. This guide is meant to outline the necessary considerations that you should consider and will help you to select the best advisor for your business.  Let’s deep dive and understand the essentials.


The authentication of a business consultant and the services provided can be figured out if they hold relevant certifications. In Dubai, the different free zones like Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) etc. provides approval to business consultants as authenticated ones. It is recommended to proceed ahead with certified business consultants as the certifications mark the quality of services and also you can be assured that you have invested in the right way.


The customers of a business entity are the face of a business which can give you an honest review regarding the quality of services that has been provided. It is imperative to have a look at the company testimonials, which will provide you with a clear idea regarding the work process of a business entity. This will help you to identify the insights of a business entity and be cautious at an initial stage.

3.Pricing and Specialties

Pricing is one of the critical factors that every business investor looks forward before finalizing their commitment to a professional consultant. Be careful in getting a clear idea regarding the price that gets charged and also keep an eye on the services provided along with it.

Also, make sure to get a clear idea regarding the business specialities that the consultant provides. Knowing their KPIs will help you to understand where you are proceeding in the correct path or not. In today’s world, numerous business consultants provide multiple services in the form of packages. However, before finalizing one, make sure to cross-check your demands and the supplies that will be provided.

4.State Your Goals

You should be very clear in stating your business requirements which will help the business consultant to understand the needs. Some of the essential tasks are like the number of shareholders, the business entity that you would be preferable with should be clear at the initial stage. After discussing with your professional business partner, you can decide accordingly or make any alterations if required. It is to be noted that any miscommunication might turn out to be an obstruction in the incorporation process. So, be clear to state your goals in a precise manner.

5.Understand their Approach

Once you have clearly put your thoughts, one of the critical aspects that you should measure is to understand their approach towards the stated goal. This will help you to know how they perceive your business requirements, and whether you are comfortable in dealing with the same or not.

Benefits of Choosing A Business Consultant

Availing professional business consulting services can turn out to be a boon for your business. Once you join hands with a business consultant, you get to avail the following benefits:

  • Company incorporation tasks are handled effectively
  • Time and resources can be utilized in a better way
  • Market insights can be known at ease and implemented
  • Tasks will be carried out in a professional manner
  • Help business owner in building budget and financial planning

How Can Commitbiz Help?

Since its inception, the core motive was to provide hassle-free business incorporation services to the business owners and investors. At Commitbiz, our business experts have got a clear idea regarding the essential services required for a business entity to incorporate and grow. We closely work with RAKEZ, JAFZA, DIFC and is one of the reputed business consultants in UAE.  Apart from the incorporation and attainment of business license, we are also specialized in providing the core pillars like Audit, Accounting, IP and legal services that help us to stand as one of the best business consultants in the UAE.

Our business experts take the utmost initiative to understand the business requirements and provide tailored solutions effectively suiting business needs. In case you hold any query or want to proceed forward regarding your company incorporation, do have a word with our business advisors. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.