5 Essential B2C Marketing Strategies for you to Consider

by Zaara 18, Jun 2020

5 Essential B2C Marketing Strategies for you to Consider

Marketing is the process which features a company putting in creative efforts and pumping funds from their capital to create communication with their target customers and future potential customer base. Marketing did adequately often leads to the creation of a brand name for the business in the market. The benefits of a long-lasting brand image will be addressed in another one of our expert articles. This article is aimed at providing the reader with valuable insight into the various consumer outreach and marketing strategies that companies can utilize to communicate, inform and influence their target consumers to follow up on the purchase of their product. When marketing communication channels connect with consumers on a superior psychological level, then consumers automatically become brand ambassadors referring to the company's products or brand's services to their contacts. In this manner, consumers end up becoming involuntary purchase influencers for a company.

Why are Various Marketing Strategies Important?

Companies must research the market they plan to launch their product or service in, before deciding on the variety of approaches that can be taken to reach the customers. Thus, companies focus not only on marketing but also on the aspect of integrated marketing communication. Integrated marketing refers to the strategy wherein a company uses different channels of marketing to reach out to customers in the same market. Therefore, customers are bombarded with messages from the company in the form of advertisements and campaigns. And without prior realization, the customer is influenced to make a purchase.

Essential Marketing Strategies for B2C Companies

The following strategies have proven useful in the past for many globally widespread companies and budding organizations innovatively implement these strategies to attract modern customers. These strategies are –

1. Conventional Marketing Approach

The conventional, otherwise known as the traditional approach, prompt the marketers to use the most commonly utilized marketing distribution channel to reach customers. The strategy often includes a manufacturer, a wholesaler and a retailer who drive the products to different outlets for sale. This approach is backed by marketers that promote the product in these particular retail locations and shopping outlets via absolute cost-efficient yet restricted marketing communication strategies such as –

  • Print advertisements and packaging - in shopping outlets and retail stores to depict product availability.
  • Newspaper Advertisements – purchasing advertisement spaces in indigenous newspapers of a locality.
  • Distributions of Brochures and Pamphlets – by the sales team of a company in public spaces to promote the product.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing – it is the most traditional marketing strategy that marketers can use wherein promoters personally approach the general public of a locality and promote as well as create awareness about their product.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves connecting with customers on social media platforms where the scope for popularity and developing a fanbase is more. Almost all companies have social media handles where they advertise their campaigns and try to gain followers. Still, the variety and creativity of their campaigns determine who will be the game-changer in the market. The most popular social media marketing platforms are – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and various indigenous platforms that are unique to certain countries.

3. Media Content Broadcasting

Companies put in creative efforts towards creating media content such as advertisements but later end up spending an excess of capital on vague media broadcasting which yields fewer results in terms of converted customers. Therefore, companies need to allocate their financial resources in various channels with cost-efficient strategies to target the specific clients under focus. The multiple pathways that companies can use to allocate their advertisements and media content are –

  • Television broadcast during significant viewership timings.
  • YouTube advertisements on prominent channels which relate to the target market. YouTube also provides the feature of paid or featured ads.
  • Instagram TV to feature short clippings to targeted consumers.
  • Facebook Videos to reach out to vast consumers.
  • Audio or Video podcasts are promoting and advertising the product through digital influencers on popular platforms like Twitch.

4. Influencer and Brand Ambassador Marketing

Influencers are temporary ambassadors of a company on digital platforms where their popularity is prominent. Influencers are famous and young individuals on specific digital platforms that have a massive fan following either through their attractive appearances or specific talents that they portray to their audiences. Influencers are paid based on the number of promotions they conduct for a product or service or brand; therefore, they are not permanent brand ambassadors of a company.

Brand Ambassadors are long term representatives of a business which sign contracts with a company to stay exclusive to the company's brand for a specific time. Within this period, brand ambassadors like celebrities, renowned athletes and famous artists are expected to –

  • Appear in the brand’s advertisements
  • Promote the product on their social media handles
  • Use the product or service to create a likeness among the customer base to accept the same.
  • Attend press conferences and events for promoting the company.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes harnessing digital exposure tools to create awareness for a company and ensure brand management for a company. The objective behind this is to increase viewership or traffic on the company website and online platforms to display product portfolio and influence buying decisions for the products and services. The various digital marketing strategies that consultants advise companies to follow are –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay – per – click advertisements
  • Organic Search Rankings
  • Website Interlinking
  • Advertising on a relevant website’s inventory spaces
  • Affiliate marketing by uploading website links on popular website directories based on specific locations.

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