5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas to Start in Dubai

by Zaara 05, Apr 2021

5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas to Start in Dubai

When people think of Dubai, the word ‘green’ doesn’t come to mind. Yet in both public and private sectors, a considerable amount of work is going on to turn the city into a more environmentally-friendly place. And given Dubai’s progress at most things it sets out to accomplish, you probably wouldn’t want to bet against it.

Dubai wants to present itself as a country that has invested in clean technologies and sustainable development. Due to which, the government is doing its best to support whatever green ideas come its way.

UAE - It’s Future toward Green Economy

A green business is one that exhibits a sustainable future. Green companies aspire to have a positive impact on the environment and their community. Providing a product or service that is eco friendly and dealing with the challenges that customers face with a product/service are the critical factors for success in the Green Business. This can be achieved in various ways and strategies, from recycling to promoting energy efficiency. The Government of Dubai is taking more new initiatives towards a cleaner and greener Dubai.

The UAE already has a roadmap in place for a green economy. The UAE Green Agenda 2015-2030 has five strategic aims, each supported by implementation-oriented programs:

  • A competitive knowledge economy (innovation and diversification);
  • Social development and quality of life (infrastructure and workforce);
  • Sustainable environment and valued natural resources;
  • Clean energy and climate action; and
  • Green life and sustainable resource use (efficiency and transport).

Not surprisingly, employment potential in many of these areas is significant. For example, IRENA estimates that renewable energy alone could generate close to 100,000 jobs in the UAE by 2030.

Let us now understand the different business ideas to support Dubai’s green economy initiative.

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas in Dubai for 2020

If you are an environmental enthusiast and an entrepreneur, then there are plenty of ways to combine your passion into a successful ecological business. Be it offering eco-friendly products or services to your customers.

1. Green Publisher

Content always has a considerable impact and reaches a wide range of audiences. If you want to spread awareness on environmental initiatives, you can work as a publisher for a green publication like a magazine, newsletter, etc.

2. Organic Gift Shop

You can also start an eco-friendly local organic gift shop that sells only organic products and uses natural and organic materials. The cost of setup for an Organic gift shop is low as compared to others. Customer’s today are moving more towards buying and using organic and eco-friendly products.

3. Sustainable Wedding Planner

Sustainable Wedding Planner professionals can help a couple decide on eco-friendly wedding choices by conducting the wedding event with a twist of sustainability on food and decor.

4. Fashion

For all you fashion lovers out there! This can be a perfect green business idea if you are building a sustainable future. An eco-friendly fashion business can be started where fashion designers can set up a clothing line that uses recycled materials in clothing items.

5. Organic Caterer

An organic catering business can be one of the best options to start a green business in Dubai. You can build a full-scale food operation that only specializes in organic and sustainable food options. Organic caterers help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finally, keeping them away from adulterated food.

These are a few business ideas that we could think of. Do you have any more such ideas? Are you implementing them in your business? Do let us know.

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