10 Things to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant in Dubai

by Zaara 07, May 2020

“A lot of restaurants serve good food, but they don’t have very good service.”- Wolfgang Puck

Starting a restaurant business seems out to be one of the most comfortable money-making options. However, it is crucial to understand that serving the best food is not the only parameter that runs a food business. Multiple business parameters are to be considered before one initiate a restaurant business. Dubai, one of the vibrant and liveliest cities of the world, has been holding a sufficient ground for the restaurant business. Understanding the opportunities, it contains, the global business investors take a step forward to come and invest in the nation of the UAE. However, the idea of a restaurant business would fall at its place if all the possible parameters get streamlined and function appropriately.

This blog is here to depict the essentials that you should focus before incorporating a restaurant business in Dubai after obtaining the restaurant license. By following the necessary guidelines, you will be able to leverage your business profits largely. Let’s have a look at the parameters.

1.Business Location

Imagine if you prepare one of the best foods in the town, but then, the footfalls at your restaurant are comparatively way less. In such a scenario, it becomes tough to achieve a break-even point. Now, the existence of this scenario is mostly possible if your restaurant is placed in a remote location, and the customers are unaware of its existence.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to understand that location plays a crucial role in excelling the profit of a restaurant. Dubai provides multiple options like MainlandFree Zone and Offshore to the business professionals to start their business in. Make sure to have a proper understanding before you choose one.

2.Targeted Customers

It is essential to understand the target audience, their demands and requirements, and then take a step to match the request accordingly, which will help the business to grab more customers and grow gradually. So, it is essential to understand the psychology of targeted customers to uplift a business entity. When it comes to the restaurant business, make sure to follow the different cuisines that your target customers prefer, which will help you to focus on the areas where there exists a high demand.

3.Keep a Check on the Competitors

As you can see that the above point talks about focusing on the target customers, which is one of the strategies for business entities to excel. On the flip side, a business entity must also keep a check on the competitors available in a specific location. Keeping an eye on the competitors will help you to understand the strategies marked by them to excel their business. Some of the parameters when it comes to the restaurant business are:

  • Hygiene
  • Restaurant operation hours
  • Types of cuisine available
  • Marketing Channels
  • Quality of service provided etc.

Understanding the above points of competitors and then framing the same for your business will turn out to be profitable.


Another paramount concern that will have a significant impact on the growth of your business is the staff chosen. Be it a cook, waiter, cashier, manager; you need to make sure to select the right candidate for the right job, as they leave a significant mark in the minds of the customers. The region of Dubai also allows the flexibility to the business owners to proceed ahead with global hiring. This turns out to be beneficial in case you are planning to infuse multiple cuisines in your restaurant.

5.Clear Business Plan

A business framework or outline will help you to understand the flow of your business, which will help you to prioritize the tasks at hand. Drafting a business plan is essential for any business, as it will help you to get better clarity on a different scenario like financial and staff requirement, premise design, marketing strategies etc. A business plan turns out to be more practical and useful if it is carried out with the guidance of experts who are well-versed of the market scenario.

6.Clarity on Financial Front

Finance is regarded as the lifeblood of any business and thus, having clarity about the financial requirement is essential for any business. Maintaining the proper financial records from the initial stage is crucial as it will help you to keep a track on the cashflow.

In the restaurant business, there exists a significant investment at the initial stage as you need to deal with the purchases of raw materials, kitchen equipment etc. Being a business owner, you need to plan a specific budget that needs to be maintained adequately. This planning will help you to invest accordingly and avoid any unwanted expenses.


The ambience of a restaurant grabs the attention of a customer and creates an environment that holds them back. It is essential to understand that the interior decoration plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience, and paves out a way for your business to increase the footfall. Providing a pleasant environment will not only help you to get more customers but will also uplift the goodwill.

8.Required Equipment

It is essential to install the necessary kitchen equipment to avoid any hindrance or unwanted circumstances in business operations. Proper installation and management of the kitchen equipment will help the staff to carry out the activities in a smooth way.

9.Well-Structured Menu

The menu is one of the essentials that is a mandate for every restaurant business. The design, format and framework of a list should be appropriately drafted to provide accurate information to the customers.  While starting a restaurant business in Dubai, make sure to design your menu in a proper way that states the different cuisines along with relevant prices.

10.Customer Service

The restaurant business lies under the category of the service industry, and thus the quality of services provided to customers matters to a great extent. The experience gathered by a customer helps in enhancing the business through online and offline reviews. This paves out numerous ways for new customers to come forward and enter your restaurant.

As you can see that the implementation process of a restaurant business involves multiple steps that need strategic planning, it is recommended to proceed further with the help of professional experts. With the help of professional business consultants, you will be able to sort the incorporation process at a faster pace in an error-free way. Business founders or investors prefer to proceed ahead with professional advice because of the following reasons:

  • Faster incorporation process in an error-free way
  • Deadlines get assigned and are met effectively
  • Holds an answer for business queries
  • Strategic planning gets initiated and implemented
  • Better utilization of company finances
  • Provides better business opinion
  • Helps in building a business plan

You can see that a professional business expert acts as a boon to any business as they provide the best facilities in building your business foundation. Commitbiz business consultant is one of the top ten business consultants in Dubai who seeks to provide the best business incorporation services. Our team of experts are here to offer you the perfect strategies for your restaurant business with realistic and measurable objectives. If you hold any query, do have a word with our experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.