10 Steps to Opening a Child Care Centre in the UAE

by Zaara 15, Feb 2019

10 Steps to Opening a Child Care Centre in the UAE

The Emirati economy has been continuously booming in several domains. The concept of Emiratisation has opened multiple gateways in different business domains. In 2018, the Emiratisation in UAE had accelerated to 200% for both men and women. Now, this turns out to be challenging for women dealing with their newborn babies. To solve this issue, and head on towards Dubai Women Establishment, the UAE Government has initiated the step of introducing child-care.

The primary strategy behind the initiative is to help women to improvise their ability of excellence in respective areas and to take a stand in the leadership position. Creation of a favourable environment especially focused on mothers will make an essential contribution to the economy.

Being an investor or an entrepreneur, you hold the best resource that would contribute significantly to the Emirati economy. To start a business in the UAE related to the child-care development, this is all you need to know.

Areas to be Taken Care While Setting Up a Child-Care Center

  1. Administration
  2. Building and Equipment
  3. Organisation
  4. Safety Measures
  5. Transparent relationship with parents

The Process of Establishing a Child Care Centre in UAE

To initiate the process of setting up a child care business, you need to abide by the following steps accordingly.

1.Business Plan

No matter how small your business is, initiating the process of building a business plan takes the first seat. A well-researched business plan presenting all the possible financial figures and initiatives can help you to understand your business needs and take necessary steps. Apart from this, a business plan gives a clear piece of information to all the possible queries in the present, as well as the future.

2.Obtain a Business License

To start a child care business, one of the essentials that you need to have is a business license. In the UAE, multiple business licenses are offered based on the nature of the business. When it comes to the child care centre, it does require an exclusive license by the Emirati Government to stand as a separate business entity. The policies and procedures should comply with the conditions of Municipality, Directorate of Civil Defence, and the Public Health Department.

3.Choose the Best Location

To make your business run, you need to choose a perfect location. Selecting an area which lacks the target market, won’t be beneficial for the business in terms of awareness, as well as competition. The very idea of establishing a child care centre makes it very important to choose the best location wisely. In UAE, you have got multiple options to build a business namely mainland, free zone, offshore.


Once you have decided the best location, the next step is hiring the right professionals who can understand your business and its requirements. Hiring the right employees will boost your business growth, and that is what you need to take the utmost care during the hiring process.

5.Invest in Equipment

A child care centre is expected to have the necessary equipment that will help the child to grow and learn. Placement of proper equipment to build trust in the minds of parents that will ultimately provoke them to leave their child in a learning environment.

6.Drafting a Child Care Manual

A childcare manual needs to be developed for every business entity dealing in this domain.  Drafting this document will help parents to have an overall idea regarding the centre and would build up trust. Now, it is to be kept in mind that the report must include:

  • General Childcare Objectives
  • Childcare Programme
  • Application form  including the necessary details of the child and parents
  • Staff records
  • Care and Learning Activities
  • Safety and Security Measures
  • Nutrition
  • Application and Employment Contract
  • Children’s Attendance Register
  • Daily Staff Register

7.Health Care

Since your centre will be dealing with children, so it becomes essential to take appropriate measures to prevent any disease from being spread. Proper nutrition is also to be provided in adequate quantities to meet nutritional needs.

8.Activity Planning

In the next step, you need to plan the activities that would be carried out in the premise. A well-structured plan will not only provide the children’s to grow, but also will play a very crucial role in building your business to the next level.

9.Insure your business

There is no definite time for accidents, and they do happen. It’s always preferable to take precautions beforehand. Being a business owner of the child care centre, it becomes your responsibility to take a few safety steps. Maintain insurance against all possible risks (flood, theft, fire), accidents covering children and third party liability.

10.Hire a Consultant

All the points stated above becomes easy to execute if you do have a helping hand. Understanding the legal laws is one of the crucial aspects of any business, and a consultant can help you with that. Our subject matter experts are well-versed with the Emirati laws. They will initiate the process by understanding your business requirements, and cater to them accordingly. To have a word, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


1. Do I need a visa for staying in the UAE if I open a childcare centre?

Yes, you need to have a visa.

2. Does one need a corporate bank account to establish a child care centre?


3. Can I have 100% ownership over my childcare centre business?

 Yes, because it is in the free zone.

4. What is minimum balance required in the bank account to open a corporate bank account?

AED 10,000 to AED 150,000.

5. What kind of license is suitable for the childcare centre?

Professional license.

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