10 Advantages of Low-cost Business Set Up in Dubai

10 Advantages of Low-cost Business Set Up in Dubai

by Zaara 07, Feb 2020

With constant increasing international investors and ease at starting up a business and favorable Government policy in Dubai, it makes the state a promising place for businesses to outgrow. It acts as a beehive for investors and entrepreneurs in a fast-growing economy. One must be thinking that only big and high-cost businesses can only survive in such Countries but the Government also lays down attractive schemes for people who want to set up a low-cost business. 

Let us have a look, on what are the advantages you can have on setting up a low-cost business in Dubai

1. Government Aid

Dubai Government encourages foreign investors to invest and set up both small- and large-scale operations, by laying down attractive schemes. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), includes all sorts of areas and sub-areas where you can choose what kind of business you want to set up in Dubai.

2. Tax Management

You will be glad to know that the Dubai Government provides various tax schemes, there is no income tax for both foreigners and for locals in free zones and on the mainland in all the Emirates, including Dubai and there are no corporate taxes in the UAE at all.

3. Expanding Economy

As we all are aware of Dubai growing bigger and faster on the terms of economy, it is like a cakewalk for new investors who are planning to set up a low-cost business to set up in such places, with an economic growth rate at 4.2% estimationcoming with an add on of huge profit margin and no Government interference in the financial earning of these companies.

4. Infrastructure

Dubai has been ranked 3rd for infrastructure investment with an eye-catching infrastructure with all the modern conveniences and well-planned receptiveness by land, air or sea. So, you need not have to agonize about how your small - scale business will cope up in such a fast and competitive environment.

5. Availability of Human Resource

Lack a human resource for your company, you can easily find people from all over the world, easily hirable from a person working at lower position to a higher position, for your business, you name it you get it.

6.  Minimal Paperwork

You’ll be exhilarated to know that the Dubai Government also provides hassle-free and convenient legal procedures or no paper works for businesses, with a minimum amount of time spent on registration and licensing, we at Commitbiz provide such services with the transparent transaction.

7. No Capital Requirement

Dubai is a center for people from all over the world with diversified mixed cultures so anyone who is looking to build up a low-cost business in Dubai, need no capital required to set his own business in Dubai.

8. Continuous Growing Market 

For a small-scale business, the market matters a lot so if you want to run a low-cost business, the first thing will be the market and how fast it is growing. Dubai has a growing and flourishing market, so you don't have to worry about low-cost businesses making a profit, with a constantly growing market your profit will only rise with the time.

9. Geographical Access

As there are different zones and GCC alliance, the geographical access in these countries becomes easier, so you can enter all these geographical areas depending upon the kind of business you want to run.

10. No office space requirement

In Dubai, to set up a business you can also opt to have no office space and run it virtually, which saves a lot of money and you can have the complete ownership of the company that you are going to set up.

Starting up a low-cost business holds many benefits, and it can be prepared right if it’s made following all the parameters. Everything is easy if there is a consultant to guide you, we at Commitbiz helps you step by step on how you can set up your business hassle-free in Dubai, with our expertise in the different subject matter you can set up as a prosperous business efficiently. For further guidance by our expert, contact us.

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