Babysitting and Day Care License Services in Dubai

Dubai is a platform for any business idea to start and progress. Dubai is becoming the place for people to pursue their dream of setting up a business or starting their career in an MNC. This makes it difficult for people to focus on their work and also on their children. This is where babysitters and daycare centers come in handy. But it becomes really tough for people to leave their children into the hands of a stranger, so finding the right babysitters or daycare in Dubai is an important decision.

Why Day Care or Babysitting Services in Dubai?

This is one of the most progressive and booming businesses in the world. Imagine you and your spouse are both working and busy in making an earning, but you have a child; who will take care of him/her while you are away? Well, here comes the job of babysitters and daycare centers. However, don’t mistake a babysitting business for a daycare, even though they are two sides of the same coin.

What is a Babysitting Service?

Babysitting is an act of taking care of someone else’s child or children while the parents are out or busy. Babysitting involves the babysitter going to the house of the client and taking care of the child or children.

What is a Day Care Service?

Daycare centers, on the other hand, are more structured. It is an organized place which provides all the requirements of the child or children like food, safety, education, and playing area. At the care-centre, parents leave their child or children and then head off to their work, to pick them up later.

Procedure to Start a Babysitting Business in Dubai

1. Conduct a Base Study

Babysitting business in Dubai is one of the most profitable businesses. But with great profits comes great responsibility. Babysitting business will bring in a lot of responsibility as you will be taking care of someone else’s kid. So, to start with, do a proper research as to what kind of license you would need. What is the age requirement to start babysitting business in Dubai? What is the kind of qualification required? What type of healthcare facilities are you going to provide? Do a research study on all these factors and create a business plan, which will be your step number 2.

2. Create a Business Plan

You must be thinking why a simple babysitting or daycare business requires a business plan? But the fact is, you must prepare well for all the future possibilities. To start, you should decide on a facility location, the locality you would be targeting, marketing strategy, talking to the business, medical facilities, educational structure, getting background information of the clients, etc. This information would help you set up your business in an organized way.

3. Locate Your Facility

Finding the right facility is the most important decision. The right location means it should have enough space for the children to play, eat, rest, an outdoor playground, storage space for toys and other equipment, easy transport facility, should be located in key residential areas, and, most importantly, should be baby-proof for all kinds of children.

4. Get a Business License

Babysitting business is a profession which requires a professional license in Dubai. Before granting a babysitting license in Dubai, the authorities will inspect your facility and your qualifications and documents, and will then approve the license. You need to get approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for a professional license in Dubai, and also from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in case of a daycare center.

5. Insure the Business

The most important step is to insure your business. Babysitting and daycare businesses are one of the riskiest, and uncertainties might occur. So having a proper insurance for your business as well as for the facility is called for.

6. Get Started

The final step would be to get started with the business. The first thing you would want to do is getting the necessary help you require to carry out the day-to-day operations. Hiring the right people with proper qualifications who can assist you is a very important step in starting a business in Dubai in the babysitting or daycare industry.

Tips for Starting Babysitting or Day Care Services in Dubai

  • Decide an age limit for the children you’d be catering to. The different age groups categorizations can be infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  • Decide the price for your service. Babysitters usually charge AED 35-40 on an average for an hour, but an advanced daycare can charge up to AED 60-80 for an hour. In the end, it all depends on the facilities and service you are providing.
  • You need to decide on the number of children you will be taking care of at a time, and you cannot do this alone so you need to hire the right people to assist you in it.
  • How many days a week will you be providing the babysitting service? This is the next tip you need to consider. You can also set up a weekly, monthly or annual plan for your clients.
  • The food and education being provided to the children are crucial for the business, and of utmost priority for the parents. You need to be specific and clear on what type of food you are going to provide the children and what meals you are going to cover. Will it be breakfast, lunch, and snacks or just lunch and snacks? Be mindful of the type of educational activities and games you are going to include in your service. What all will your clients’ children be learning in your daycare?
  • Keep a record of everything: the number of days you take care of the children, days of absence or leave, etc.
  • Have a proper security at your facility by hiring a professional security and set up surveillance cameras. Security is the premise of daycare and babysitting services.

If you are planning to start babysitting services in Dubai or thinking of starting a daycare in Dubai, then this is probably the right time to get started. Commitbiz can help you with the overall business strategy and the nitty-gritty. For any business-related queries or professional license related information, you can contact us – we’d be happy to be of help.