What is the difference between Commercial and Professional License?

A professional license allows professionally qualified individuals (like Doctors, Consultants, Engineers etc..) to perform their area of expertise in Dubai.

A commercial license permits the Companies to carry out commercial activities such as trading, construction, renting etc. in UAE. The contribution of foreign investment in such companies should be limited to 49%.

Who shall be appointed a local service agent for a branch of a foreign company in Dubai/Abu Dhabi?

Only UAE nationals or companies 100% owned by UAE nationals may be appointed as local service agents.

Is it possible to open a branch office of a local company (UAE) in any other Emirate or same Emirate?

Yes, office with a same/similar type of activity can be opened in other Emirate or the same Emirate but different location as a branch. The activities in the license are subject to the approval from the Economic Development Office. For applying for setting up of a branch the incorporation documents of the parent company will be required.

Can I open a bank account for my new business started in UAE?

Yes, upon establishment of your new business we can assist you in the opening of a bank account with international & local banks as per your requirements.

Can I make amendments in the license in future?

Yes, We can help you with any changes you may require to make such as adding activities, shareholders etc... (subject to approval).

What does an Offshore Company mean?

The term offshore refers to the different jurisdictions which offer financial confidentiality and are typically characterized having bank secrecy laws, no tax on profits, revenues, interest, inheritance, capital gains, and income. For more details please contact us.

Would it be possible to open a bank account for an Offshore Company in UAE?

Yes, you can open a corporate bank account in UAE or anywhere in the world*in the name of an Offshore Company in the UAE. For more details please contact us. *Local laws applicable.

Can an offshore company have an office in UAE and obtain a visa?

No, offshore companies are barred from having an office and obtaining visas.

What does a Free Zone Company (UAE) mean?

Free Zone is a jurisdiction where a person of any nationality may own 100% of a Company. The company is also exempted from import and export duties and there is 100% repartition of capital and profits. For more details please contact us.

What are the major demerits of a Free Zone Company?

A Free Zone Company is not allowed to trade directly with the UAE local market. The Free Zone Company can undertake local business only through the locally appointed distributors. The customs duty of 5% would be levied for the local business.

How many visas/work permits can I obtain with a Free Zone Company?

The number of visas/work permits issued depends on the free zone jurisdiction the Company is registered and the office space which the company has leased.

Can a construction company have an office in the free zone?

Construction or any business activity which needs to be operated in the local market are not welcomed by the free zones.